Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 872


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Next moment, Mega Lucario makes a fist, and under the Power-Up Punch move, all the boosting power turns into Fighting Type energy and is wrapped in the fist.

With one foot on the Ground, Mega Lucario used the Extrreme Speed ​​again, and the silhouette disappeared instantly.

This time, Mega Lucario not at all attacked from the flanks, but chose a frontal confrontation thoroughly!

Darkrai on the opposite side looked at Lucario who rushed over, his pupils shrinking.

Due to the Darkness Domain, Deere at this time has no idea what happened in Dao Field.

Without the command of Trainer, Darkrai made his own judgment and started to condense Dark Pulse in his hands.

With the use of Dark Pulse, all the Dark Type energy contained in the Darkness Domain converges into the Energy Ball formed by the Dark Pulse at hand.

Faced with the aggressive Lucario on the opposite side, Darkrai also displayed his strongest power to fight against.


With the collision of two Pokemon, the terrifying energy fluctuations swept the audience instantly!

At this time, everyone in the field is staring at the Darkness Domain in the field.

Because of the Darkness Domain, no one knows the current situation on the battlefield. They can’t help but listen carefully to the movement in the field and want to distinguish the situation in the field.


Abruptly, a roar came out suddenly.

Immediately afterwards, the whole site changed again.

In the strong wind scattering the last clouds, the darkness enveloped in the field suddenly began to twist and then disappear!

“What happened?”

“How did the battle go?”

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but stand on tiptoe, staring at the court.


Suddenly, an audience member exclaimed and saw the silhouette of Lucario standing.

At this time, Lucario looked very tired, standing still panting violently.

Afterwards, the audience still checked the silhouette of Darkrai and explored the scene. They finally found Darkrai lying on the ground like rags in a corner of the field.

“Lucario actually won!”

Looking at the scene in the field, the audience was surprised again.

This is the Darkness Domain of Darkrai. Back then, Darkrai relied on this 1V6Oni Elite!

Now, in the head-on battle, Lucario has won!

“Is it just a terrible victory?”

“If it weren’t for Lucario’s heavy damage to Darkrai before, this last collision is really hard to say.”

Luo Chen looked at Lucario, who couldn’t even maintain the state of Mega Evolution at this time, and was secretly surprised by Darkrai’s strength.

“Did you lose?”

On the other side, Dill frowned.

His gaze looked towards Luo Chen on the opposite side, and his face slowly became gloomy.

Originally, after sending Darkrai out, he felt that the Champion himself was already in good shape.

After all, in the previous battle with Oni Elite of the Liberty Alliance, Darkrai won very easily.

But now, with Darkrai’s defeat, all his plans have been disrupted.

“No, this time I must win the Champion.”

“Only in this way can I have more say in Burning Sun Alliance, so as to pave the way for the next plan.”

took a deep breath, Dill’s gaze looked towards Luo Chen again, and after putting the Darkrai away, another Poké Ball appeared in his hand.

Along with the white light flickering, I saw a Pokemon with black hair and red sickle-shaped horns appearing in the field.

“This is…Absol?! And it’s Shiny’s Absol!”

Looking at the Pokemon appearing in the field, Luo Chen was also a little surprised.

In the case of Normal, the normal Absol has white hair and blue horns.

Although Normal rumored that Absol is a disaster beast, in fact Absol is a kind Pokemon with a sense of justice.

But the Absol in front of him, the aura exuding from his body at this time gave people a kind of evil feeling, with the black hair and scarlet horns, it was like a real disaster beast Normal.

“This Absol is abnormal.”

As the Trainer who owns Absol, Luo Chen can see the difference between the opposite Absol at a glance.

“Are you affected by Yveltal again?”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, making a guess in his heart.

Pokemon, who originally predicted disaster, seems to have gained the power of disaster at this time.

This involuntarily made Luo Chen think of his Absol, which had absorbed a lot of dark energy.

At the beginning, Absol burst into a dark form with the power of within the body, which really made him startled.

Now this Absol may also have a similar ability, but this Absol seems to have sunk into the darkness.

“No matter what, as the opposite, there is only battle.”

Luo Chen took a deep breath and also took out the Poké Ball and put away Absol.

After that, the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out, and the huge size of Totem Sandslash appeared in the field.

It was also Shiny Pokemon, and Sandslash couldn’t help but looked towards Absol on the opposite side.

“It’s another Totem Pokemon!”

“Wait, this Shiny Sandslash, according to the data, should be Luo Chen’s Starter Pokemon.”

“But it is stated in the information that this Sandslash is just a normal Pokemon, not a Totem Pokemon!”

“It is said that Thousand City Alliance possesses the ability to make Totem Pokemon, it seems to be true!”

You can see a lot of information from Totem Sandslash, and this information shocks everyone’s hearts.

Totem Pokemon, to a certain extent, is not inferior and an evolution. It has greatly improved Pokemon’s Life Level.

If they can obtain the ability to create Totem Pokemon artificially, they can completely increase their Peak Level battle strength strength in a short time!

“It seems to have been discovered.”

“In fact, there is no need to hide it.”

“Although Totem Pokemon is very strong, it is also very difficult to make Totem Pokemon.”

“Only when the same Totem Pokemon is found, can we try to artificial Totem Pokemon.”

“Moreover, the Totem Pokemon obtained through this method is just empty. If you want to have a Totem aura, you must have the ability of Sparkling Stone and be granted by special means.”

The members of the Thousand City Alliance are also observing the situation in the field at this time, looking towards Totem Sandslash.

Therefore, it is also time for them to announce the research results of Totem Pokemon. When the time comes, the whole academic world will definitely have Earthquake again!

Of course, they will not hand over the extraction technology of Totem potion. This can be said to be the core technology of Totem Pokemon!

Other Alliance Trainers want to get Totem Pokemon, even if they bring the Totem Pokemon corresponding to their own Pokemon to Thousand City Alliance.

If you can exchange this Totem Pokemon, Thousand City Alliance welcomes trainers from other Alliances.

In this way, Thousand City Alliance can get a Totem Pokemon, and when the time comes, it can also improve the strength of the Trainer whose Alliance has the corresponding Pokemon.

And the Trainer who brought Totem Pokemon to Thousand City Alliance can also turn his Pokemon into Totem Pokemon. This is a win-win business!

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