Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 873


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“This Totem Sandslash.”

“I remember that it is best at Rapid Spin combo skills.”

“If the Rapid Spin is displayed in this size, then the formidable power……”

While the audience was discussing Totem Pokemon, some people who knew Luo Chen looked towards Sandslash.

“The battle has begun, Absol use Sucker Punch!”

Dill at this time had already lost the calmness he had before, and ordered loudly.

Absol saw this, and Dark Type energy appeared on his body, and the silhouette disappeared in a flash.

“Sandslash, turn round and use Gyro Ball at the same time!”

Luo Chen’s voice sounded simultaneously.

I saw the silhouette of Sandslash hugged into a ball fiercely, used to change the ball, and at the same time doing two things at the same time, the Steel type energy was spread all over the body, spinning at high speed on the spot.

I used Gyro Ball with the body shape of Sandslash, and the terrifying body shape immediately caused a strong wind in the entire venue.

Sand Twister on Ground, countless sand and dust gathered towards Gyro Ball under the traction of Gyro Ball.


Suddenly, the two collided.

Absol has poured all energy into the sickle at this time, fiercely cut it out!

Stab, stab.

When Absol’s horns were cut in Gyro Ball, one after another Ember was instantly wiped out.

Afterwards, Absol felt a terrifying counter-shock force from the Gyro Ball and directly bounced its silhouette fiercely.


“Absol’s attack was directly bounced back!”

Seeing this scene, the audience was a little shocked.

Sandslash in this state, defensive power is really too terrifying!

“Sandslash, high-speed Rollout!”

At the same time that Absol silhouette was shot by Gyro Ball, Luo Chen also opened the mouth and said.

After that, I saw Sandslash’s silhouette maintaining the posture of holding the ball, and the silhouette quickly rotated in place.

In this brief moment, Sandslash doing two things at the same time, the Rapid Spin move and the Rollout move are used at the same time, and the sideways Rollout technique is used to make Sandslash’s Rollout move changed to left and right Rollout instead of front and rear Rollout.

At the same time, under the action of Rapid Spin, the formidable power of Rollout moves quickly superimposed, reaching Peak in an instant.

At the same time, Sandslash’s silhouette moved and slammed into Absol. The three-meter-high silhouette gave people an incomparable oppression!

“Absol, use Foul Play!”

When Sandslash’s silhouette approached quickly, Deere ordered.


Absol stabilized his figure, staring directly at Sandslash.

In an instant, a very terrifying Dark Type energy fluctuation emerged from its body, faintly connecting itself with Sandslash.

Next moment, I saw the Dark Type energy fluctuations on Absol’s body suddenly burst out, turning into a dark shadow and wrapping Absol in it.

At the same time, Sandslash’s attack also hit the Dark Shadow, and the two were directly deadlocked in place.


In the violent collision, the dark shadow exploded directly.

At the same time, the silhouette of Sandslash high-speed Rollout was also stopped by Sheer Force, and the silhouette was directly bounced off by the aftermath of the explosion.


The audience condensed their gazes when they saw this, and their gazes looked towards the two Pokemons facing each other again in the field.

“It turned out to be a Foul Play move.”

Luo Chen’s eyes are also narrowed.

The function of the Foul Play move is to use Rival’s power to attack. Rival who is fighting with him, the higher his attack, the greater the damage.

Before, Absol used this move to gain power against Sandslash, but looking at Absol’s appearance, the consumption of this move is also very scary.

“hu, didn’t expect so strong.”

“In this case, you can only use that trick!”

Seeing that his Absol is not Rival at all, Deere took a deep breath and said: “Disaster, come!”

As Dill’s silhouette fell, Absol also roared in a low voice, still exuding a burst of black air.

Under this black air, the whole air shuddered involuntarily, the earth began to vibrate at the same time, and the sky also changed color for a while.

It looks like a real disaster has come to the world, and Absol is the origin of all these disasters.

“This breath…is here again!”

“Absol is called the Pokemon that can sense disasters.”

“Then what does this scene represent, will the god Yveltal really come?”

Looking at the changes in Absol, Luo Chen thought of a lot for a while.

Afterwards, his gaze also condensed. Yveltal represents destruction, death, and destruction. Among all Mega Legendary Pokemon, Yveltal’s disaster to the world is completely devastating.

This is a Pokemon that was born entirely for destruction and destruction, and it is still very different from other Mega Legendary Pokemon.

“Sandslash, Totem aura!”

After making a decision in his heart, Luo Chen intends to end the battle as soon as possible.

Afterwards, no matter what, he will talk to this Dill. If he accidentally came into contact with Yveltal, then maybe this hidden danger can be solved before this Mega Legendary Pokemon is born.


In Luo Chen’s thoughts, it only took a moment.

In the field, two Pokemon activated their special ability at the same time and started to improve their strength.

On the one hand, Absol’s body was enveloped by a dark aura, and as the silhouette stepped, the power of darkness was drifting behind him.

On Sandslash’s side, after using Totem’s aura, its unintentionally exuding horror power seemed to be real, causing the air to be rippled.

At the same time, Sandslash stepped on Ground with one foot, and Sandstorm suddenly spawned under its feet, completely enveloping its silhouette in Sandstorm.

“Absol, Diablo Slash!”

“Sandslash, high-speed Rollout Sandstorm!”

At the same time, the silhouettes of the two Pokemon quickly collided.

In the center of the venue, darkness descends on one side, and yellow sand rolls on the other, directly dividing the whole sky into two!

bang bang bang!

The collision of the two energies made everyone secretly surprised.

The two Pokemons were originally Elite Levels. At this time, after completing the explosion, the Life Level was upgraded again.

“Sandstorm is also a kind of natural disaster, and my Absol is the incarnation of natural disaster!”

Looking at the Sandstorm roaring in the field that occupied half of the sky, Dill’s voice was a little bit exhausted.

As soon as his voice fell, he saw the Sandstorm in the field suddenly start to vibrate.

But before Deere’s face showed joy, he saw Sandstorm turn around suddenly and swallow everything.

At this moment, the darkness disappeared with the yellow sand, and in the center of the field, a sand ball appeared at this moment, directly enclosing the silhouettes of Absol and Sandslash.

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