Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 874


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The sand ball stood in the center of the field, and the atmosphere was a bit quiet and terrible for a while.

Gradually, yellow sand suddenly flowed above the sand ball, like a funnel, and the sand continued to flow down, revealing the silhouette of two Pokemon.

The tall silhouette of Totem Sandslash appeared first, and then the silhouette of Absol appeared in front of everyone.

It’s just that, at this time, Absol had obviously lost the combat capability and was caught by Sandslash with a claw.

After the sand ball disappeared completely and turned into sand on the ground, Sandslash casually threw Absol to the side of the field.

No matter what happens in the dark and yellow sand, this battle is Sandslash’s final victory!

At this moment, the whole audience fell into silence and turned into an uproar.

This Totem Sandslash is really too strong, completely refreshing their view of the weak and small family of Sandslash.

“Good job, Sandslash.”

Looking at his starter Pokemon grow to this step, Luo Chen also smiled knowingly.

After stepping into Elite Level and possessing Totem aura, Sandslash is relatively powerful in Elite Level Pokemon.

At this time, Sandslash looks like a real Totem Normal. The oppression force brought by the huge size makes the silhouette of Deere on the opposite side take a step back.

After realizing that he was shocked, Dill clenched his fist tightly, and suddenly became a little angry.

“The battle is far from over!”

With a low growl, a Poké Ball appeared again in Dill’s hand.

“Do you want to continue fighting? I’ll be with you.”

Looking at the Poké Ball in Dill’s hand, Luo Chen took a deep breath.

Now, he can basically confirm that Deere is related to Yveltal.

If you want to know more, maybe you can get the answer from the other four Pokemon in Dill’s hands.

“My next Pokemon is it!”

Dill slowly put out a breath while the Poké Ball in his hand opened.

With a roar, I saw a huge monster appear in the field.

“What is this Pokemon?!”

Looking at the Pokemon who appeared in the field, the audience was puzzled.

“It turned out to be Guzzlord!”

At this time, Luo Chen was also surprised. It was Ultra Beast Guzzlord who appeared in the field!

“Why, Deere owns Guzzlord!”

After seeing the appearance of this Pokemon clearly, Luo Chen became confused again.

Looking at Pokemon like Ultra Beast, Luo Chen has already encountered several of them, and one of them is Guzzlord!

However, almost all of his Ultra Beast were obtained from members of the Dark Council, and the Alola Secret Realm that he took out in the depths of the Pacific Ocean was also occupied by the Dark Council, and Ultra Beast was a kind of Pokemon appearing in Alola Region.

Now, seeing that Dill actually has a Guzzlord in his hands, he couldn’t help but doubt Dill’s identity.

Is this Deere like the Gym Leader Chi Lin back then, and is also a member of the Dark Council?

The original Gym Leader Chi Lin was lurking in Thousand City Alliance in order to conquer Victini and use it as an energy source to revive Groudon.

And the current Deere is also related to Mega Legendary Pokemon Yveltal, which is why Luo Chen naturally connects the two.

If this Dier is really a member of the Dark Council, and he has Yveltal information in his hands, then things are very tricky.

The Dark Council organization has always wanted to occupy the entire world and plunge the world into a dark rule. If they successfully master the power of Yveltal, the world may really be in chaos!

“The second Guzzlord.”

Meanwhile, members of the Thousand City Alliance also set their sights on Guzzlord.

Involved, some people also frowned one after another, and looked towards Dier with some doubts.

Could it be that Guzzlord’s Ultra Beast, like the Normal Pokemon, can be subdued by normal people?

Just when the audience was all talking about the Pokemon, which had never appeared in the field, the battle in the field began.

“Sandslash, high-speed Rollout.”

Keeping the state of Totem’s aura, Sandslash’s silhouette quickly rolled out.

“Heavy strike!”

On the other side, the Guzzlord on the other side also moved.

Its sturdy legs moved, causing the whole Ground to tremble.

Steel type energy envelops the whole body, and rams directly into Sandslash with a terrifying power.

Guzzlord this kind of Pokemon is as tall as five meters in size, and its weight is astonishing, close to a meal.

Moreover, the heavy impact is still a move where the heavier the weight, the greater the formidable power. At this time, the formidable power is used by Guzzlord, and the formidable power has reached an extremely terrifying level.


In the field, two equally huge silhouette tackles came together.

Just like a fire star hitting Earth Normal, the terrifying impact instantly spreads to all directions.

crack crack.

Under this collision, the whole Ground was overwhelmed and began to shatter.

Gradually, the two deadlocked silhouettes on the court stopped.

This is the first time that Sandslash’s high-speed Rollout moves were blocked frontally after becoming Totem Pokemon.

“Use arm hammer!”

At the same time, Dill drove again.

I heard a roar from Guzzlord, and all his strength gathered.

The normal-like tentacles on his side waved, wrapped in Fighting Type energy.

The two tentacles intertwined fiercely and spurred them out, directly facing the Sandslash in front of them.


Sandslash hardened the hammer, and the silhouette suddenly sank.

Immediately afterwards, another tentacle of Guzzlord smashed down, directly smashing the silhouette of Sandslash to the ground!


Luo Chen’s eyes shrank, did not expect this Guzzlord to be so strong.

Although the previous battle with Absol caused Sandslash to consume a lot of energy, he did not expect to be defeated so easily.

The strength of this Guzzlord surpassed the Guzzlord that he brought back to Alliance before. It is obvious that this Guzzlord has been well trained, and the training time is not short.

“It seems that this Guzzlord has been completely subdued by this Deere. It is not the kind of Pokemon that the Dark Council distributes to the members below.” Luo Chen was speculated in his heart, and at the same time, he was puzzled again in his heart. Does it have anything to do with Dark Council?

Although he found that the Dark Council holds a large amount of Ultra Beast as the main battle strength, it does not mean that only the Dark Council can have Ultra Beast. Ordinary persons are also likely to subdue Ultra Beast.

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