Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 875


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“No matter what, this matter must be clarified.”

“Before this, you must defeat this Dir first.”

“If he is a member of the Dark Council, it is even more impossible for him to get this Champion.”

“In addition to the rich rewards provided by Alliance, if he wins Champion, then his prestige in Alliance will be completely different.”

“When the time comes, if the Burning Sun Alliance guarantees, there is really no way to take this Deere.”

“After all, guessing is always guessing. Whether it is Yveltal or Ultra Beast or Dark Council, these cannot be used as evidence to persuade each other.”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, took out the Poké Ball and took the Sandslash back, then looked towards Guzzlord.

At this time, after Guzzlord successfully defeated Sandslash, the Beast Boost Characteristic Trait on his body was also activated, which greatly improved Guzzlord’s physical fitness in all aspects.

“It looks like it’s up to you.”

After thinking for a while, Luo Chen’s Poké Ball was thrown out, and Charizard’s silhouette appeared.

In the face of Guzzlord, the evil and dragon double attribute Ultra Beast, Luo Chen directly sent the strongest Pokemon to fight.

Guzzlord, who owns the Beast Boost Characteristic Trait, can be said to be the strongest challenger Pokemon, and possesses the more powerful Berserker Attribute.

If Ultra Beast cannot be defeated in another battle, then they can continue to grow stronger through the Beast Boost Characteristic Trait.


After Charizard appeared, his gaze immediately fell on Guzzlord.

Guzzlord passed the Beast Boost Characteristic Trait once, and the energy fluctuations emitted from the body at this time are very terrifying.

Even Charizard, his pupils shrank involuntarily at this time, and his face showed fear.

“Charizard, spare no effort!”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Charizard was nodded, and flames started to burn on his body.

Almost instantaneously, Charizard displayed the form of sunny fire. The power of Sunny Day activated the Solar Power Characteristic Trait and began to continuously improve Charizard’s power.

“Dark Pulse!”

On the other side, Deere also opened the mouth and said.

With a roar, Guzzlord opened his big mouth, which took up almost half of his body.

Dark Type energy surged through Guzzlord’s body and turned into a huge Energy Ball.


There was another roar, and the one-meter Dark Pulse was directly blasted out.

The horrible energy oscillated in the air, rippling waves in the air, spreading towards Charizard in the air.

At the same time, Charizard in the air also displayed the Flamethrower. With the double increase of the fire of sunny day and Solar Power, this pillar of fire is also extremely strong.

In mid-air, Dark Pulse and Flamethrower collided.

Then I saw Dark Pulse rotating slowly, like a grinding disc, directly shattering Flamethrower’s pillar of fire, directly suppressing the pillar of fire and pushing it towards Charizard in the air.

Charizard’s face changed again when he saw this scene, and his wings suddenly rose directly into the sky, avoiding the attack of Dark Pulse.


In the air, Dark Pulse exploded, and the terrifying dark wave spread to all around, swallowing the entire sky.

After the energy of Dark Pulse dissipated, the blue sky was exposed, but the white clouds were all shaken away by the energy of Dark Pulse.

“What a horrible Dark Pulse.”

Everyone off the court was a little shocked at this time.

If you just look at formidable power, Guzzlord’s Dark Pulse at this time, I’m afraid it has reached Peak Level!

At this time when everyone’s Elite’s main force has just reached Elite Level, Guzzlord’s horrible attack shocked all Elite’s hearts. At this time, Guzzlord was completely beyond their ability to fight!

“Charizard, Sunfire form.”

Behind this scene, Charizard didn’t dare to hide his power anymore, and immediately opened the Sunfire form.

In its within the body, the power of Sunny Day’s moves was completely mobilized, and the power of the sun and flames merged with the Flame Power to completely mobilize the power of Sunny Day that represents the Attribute of Fire and Grass.

The sun and flames merge with Flame Power and instantly turn into golden flames. Starting from Charizard’s tail, golden flames envelops his whole body in it.

In the golden flames, Charizard suddenly became sacred, which formed a sharp contrast with the evil wave Guzzlord on the Ground.

“Have the last power burst out?”

“How long can you maintain this extreme ability to stimulate Solar Power Characteristic Trait?!”

“Guzzlord, continue to use Dark Pulse!”

Dill on the opposite side was coldly snorted and said, and Guzzlord attacked again.

“Charizard, Sunfire!”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen is also ordered.

Suddenly, golden flames poured down Charizard.


The two attacks of Jin and Ann collided in mid-air.

Compared with the previous Dark Pulse that directly suppressed Flamethrower, the two were deadlocked in the air this time.

Charizard’s Sunfire not at all has the advantage when all his power has exploded.

“Hey, is this the only power to burst?”

“If there is only this, then I will win this battle!”

Dill, who was across from him, burst out laughing when he saw this.

His Guzzlord has the ability to swallow all power. After swallowing the power of that mysterious Pokemon, the power of Guzzlord at this time is already close to the Champion level!

Although Charizard on the opposite side can contend with Guzzlord for a short time with full outburst, but that is only temporary. Over time, Charizard’s power will weaken and he will be able to win the battle.

Immediately after defeating Charizard, Guzzlord’s power was able to increase again. In this case, not only this battle, but the victory of this normal game, he won!

“Charizard is at a disadvantage!”

“This Charizard is Luo Chen’s strongest Pokemon besides Lucario, right?”

“If this Charizard also loses, it is estimated that Luo Chen’s other Pokemon will be difficult to defeat this Guzzlord.”

The audience of Thousand City Alliance off the field also raised their hearts at this time. The current situation is very bad for Luo Chen.

“Bini, Bini.”

Victini, who was watching the game on Luo Chen’s shoulder, was worried at this time.

If it can lend its power to Charizard, then Charizard will definitely win.

But it’s in the game now, it can’t help out, which makes Victini a little anxious.

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