Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 876


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“Don’t worry, Charizard will not lose.”

Luo Chen’s gaze at this time was also looked towards Charizard in the sky.

Then he grabbed his chest with his hand, and through his clothes, he could find that Luo Chen was holding a pearl.

“Do you want to use the power of Mega Evolution?”

Luo Chen is holding the Key Stone in his hand, and he is also thinking about it at this time.

If you use Mega Evolution now, the secret of Mega Evolution will definitely be announced in the world.

When the time comes, there will definitely be things that are unpredictable to him, and when the time comes, even he himself can be affected.

So, if you want to announce the secrets of Mega Evolution, you must first inform them of the chairperson of Thousand City Alliance.

In this case, Thousand City Alliance can also make sufficient preparations to minimize the impression of Mega Evolution and obtain sufficient benefits.

As Luo Chen was thinking, Charizard in the air suddenly let out a roar, and slowly shook the head to Luo Chen.

Although the power of Assist Mega Evolution can defeat this Guzzlord relatively easily, it can also do it without relying on Mega Evolution!

After making this roar at Luo Chen, the wings behind Charizard slammed into the sky, and while staying in the air, it seemed to turn into a round of golden sun.

After that, the scorching sun suddenly fell from the sky, and a long flame tail was pulled out behind him, like a comet falling to the ground!

“This move is…”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen suddenly clenched his fists, some guessing what Charizard was going to do.

“Flare Blitz?”

“It seems Charizard is planning to do his best!”

“In this case, use the strongest Dark Pulse!”

Dill watched Charizard rushing down in the air and guessed that this was Charizard’s strongest move.

As long as this move can be blocked, then he will win the battle.

roar roar roar!

Guzzlord growled, all the power within the body gathered in his mouth.

Suddenly, an Energy Ball filled with Guzzlord’s entire mouth was condensed and shot out into the air.

In the air, Charizard stared at Dark Pulse soaring to the sky, his eyes condensed again.

Immediately afterwards, Charizard suddenly fanned his wings and stepped his feet in the air.


The explosive Ember appeared in Charizard’s silhouette, increasing his speed again.

At this moment, Charizard unexpectedly displayed an extremely strong similar to an explosive Step, constantly performing Speed ​​Boost on himself.


Next moment, the Fireball formed by Charizard falling from the air directly collided with Dark Pulse.

After a short stalemate, Charizard’s silhouette pierced through Dark Pulse like a sharp sword, covered with scattered flames, Charizard continued to hit Guzzlord.

“hmph, what an attack of this level is!”

Seeing Charizard’s embarrassed look after the Dark Pulse breakthrough, Dill’s eyes showed a smile.

After that, he watched Charizard’s silhouette hit Guzzlord, his face was very calm.

But next moment, his eyes suddenly widened.

I saw that after Charizard collided with Guzzlord, Golden’s flame suddenly exploded in the field.


In the sky-shaking rumbling sound, a golden pillar of fire rushed straight to the sky, directly submerging Guzzlord and Charizard in it.

“Blast Burn.”

At this moment, Luo Chen also slowly spit out these words, and suddenly sighed.

This pillar of fire that rushes to the sky is exactly the Blast Burn move exclusive to Fire Type Royal Sanjia. The formidable power is comparable to the Mega tactics such as Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.

Only now, Charizard is completely using Blast Burn as an Explosion move, so as to bring out the most feared formidable power!

“Could it really be Explosion?”

“Charizard must have fallen after using this trick, but what happened to Guzzlord?”

Looking at the golden flames in the field gradually dissipating in the air, everyone looked towards the field.

Slowly, the smoke disappeared.

At this time, what appeared in front of the audience was a large pit with a diameter of several dozen meters.

In this big pit, the silhouette of Charizard, which was lifted out by the explosion, fell on the edge of the big pit, and in the center of the explosion, the silhouette of Guzzlord was standing, and his whole body was completely dark.


Looking at the motionless Guzzlord standing in the field, Dill yelled anxiously.

Afterwards, I saw Guzzlord’s silhouette shaking in place and crashing to the ground.

“Guzzlord is down too!!!”

“It’s really exciting, this battle is a draw!”

After seeing this scene, the whole audience was boiling, Charizard’s last Explosion, formidable power is really too terrifying!

“Thank you, Charizard, come back and rest.”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen’s face also showed a gentle color, and he took out the Poké Ball and took Charizard back.

Now, Charizard can be said to be the strongest Pokemon he has left without Assist Mega Evolution.

If Charizard also falls under Guzzlord’s hands, relying on the remaining Pokemon, it is really difficult to fight Guzzlord who has passed Beast Boost twice.

Now, with Charizard’s nearly self-harming Normal Blast Burn, he finally succeeded in defeating Guzzlord.

At this time, looking towards Dill, whose face turned pale, Luo Chen also knew that the victory of the game this time belonged to him.

Actually, judging from these battles, Dill’s strength is not strong. His record is completely supported by a Darkrai. Even if it is his other Trump Card Dark Absol, his strength can only be regarded as Elite’s midstream level only.

In the next battle, Luo Chen’s conjecture was also confirmed, just like the original Oni Elite could rely on Strength to wear three at the beginning, in the Meilu Mehta he sent Under the attack, Deere’s remaining three Pokemon not at all were supported as long as they were defeated. The other three Pokemon, Darkrai and Guzzlord are not at the same level!

“Damn it, obviously it’s a bit close.”

“If Guzzlord does not fall, I will be the winner of this battle!”

On the other side, Dill’s fists were clenched tightly, and various expressions were constantly changing in his eyes, and finally turned into a vicious look.

Sure enough, his current strength is still too weak, which reminds him of his silhouette that Struggle is moving forward along the way.

Until that time, he met the Pokemon that changed his destiny, and acquired the two Pokemons, Darkrai and Guzzlord.

Now, it seems that it is time to make a choice, in the dark world within the realm, he will definitely become the king of everything!

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