Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 877


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“Mega Evolution…… Even Mega Evolution, it may not be able to beat Guzzlord.”

Luo Chen pondered, his right hand flicked over a string of Poké Balls on his waist, thinking about countermeasures.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to admit defeat?”

On the other side, Dill seemed to reveal his nature at this time, unscrupulously taunted.

“Give up, how is this possible?!”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, and then his hand rested on a Poké Ball.

As the Poké Ball was thrown out, a fierce flame suddenly rose in the field.

Among the flames, Entei’s silhouette slowly walked out, and the sacred white flame surrounded him.

“Is the next Pokemon Entei?”

Looking at Pokemon sent by Luo Chen, the smile on Dill’s face narrowed.

Then, under his command, Guzzlord took a deep breath fiercely, and the terrifying energy condensed in his mouth.

“Dark Pulse!”

Once again, Guzzlord used his signature attack.

This move comes from Guzzlord use, and the horrible energy fluctuations are constantly oscillating.

Entei saw this, Sacred Fire was also condense in his mouth, and the white inflammation turned into a pillar of fire and spewed out.

The two attacks collided in the field, and Dark Pulse was like a normal black hole that swallowed everything, consuming the power of Baiyan.

But just like Charizard’s Sunfire, Entei’s Baiyan can’t help but Guzzlord’s Dark Pulse.

“Can’t even Legendary Pokemon Entei work?”

“Is this Guzzlord also a Legendary Pokemon?”

Looking at the result of the battle in the field, the audience is also discussing spiritedly at this time.

In their view, Legendary Pokemon is already an incarnation of power, but it still loses to Guzzlord.

That Guzzlord is obviously also a Pokemon of the same Life Level.

“Luo Chen……”

Off the court, those who knew Luo Chen were all worried at this time.

With Entei losing to Guzzlord, they really couldn’t think of a way to win.

In the field, the Guzzlord, standing like a hill Normal, really gave people a very strong oppression.

“Is there really no way?”

Wen Cheng’s fist was clenched tightly at this time.

Seriously, it was the first time that he saw Luo Chen so weak.

No matter how he directs, he cannot change the result of Entei’s suppression by Guzzlord.

This is the suppression of strength, and I am completely powerless to change anything!

“This time, the winner has been divided.”

The opposite Dill smiled with a win-winner.


Victini watched his companion fall into a disadvantage and clenched his fists.

“Victini, this time may really depend on your strength.”

At this moment, Luo Chen also suddenly said to Victini, and at the same time took a deep breath.

It seems that I can only give it a try.

“Bini, Bini.”

When he heard Luo Chen’s words, Victini was stunned for a moment, then nodded hard.

Although I don’t know what Luo Chen is going to do, he trusts Luo Chen completely unconditionally.

“Okay, then go on.”

“Entei, inspire the last power left by Charizard!!”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Entei’s silhouette stopped in place and slammed on Ground.

“The power left by Charizard?”

After hearing what Luo Chen said, everyone was stunned.

Charizard has lost the combat capability, is there anything left?

hong long long!

next moment, Entei gave the answer.

When Entei stepped on, the whole Ground suddenly shook.

Immediately afterwards, I saw that the big pit blasted by Charizard’s Blast Burn suddenly ejected a flame.

While these flames are spitting out, you can see bursts of lava suddenly flowing out of the big pit, and terrifying heat is permeating the field.

Entei is called Volcano Pokemon, and it is said to have the ability to control Volcano’s eruption.

And now, Entei at this time actually created a Volcano eruption scene in the field through the flame energy that Charizard had blasted into the earth before! ! !

“Is Volcano erupting?”

“Entei’s ability is really amazing.”

“If it is in the secret realm of Volcano, Entei is estimated to be able to exert a very strong combat effectiveness.”

“But on the field, what is the use of Entei’s pool of lava?”

After seeing Entei’s ability to display, Dill’s eyes first showed Shiny, and then taunted.

This question is probably everyone’s question at this time. Is Entei going to swallow Guzzlord through these lavas?

But this pool of lava in the field was impossible!

“What do I want to do, you will understood later!”

“Come back, Entei, and I’ll beg you, Victini.”

Looking at the lava pool in the field, Luo Chen took out the Poké Ball to take Entei back, and then sent Victini.

“Bini, Bini.”

After Victini came out, he grinned at Guzzlord immediately.

“Victini, inject energy into lava!”

Luo Chen opened the mouth and said immediately after dispatching Victini.

“Inject energy into lava?”

“Does this Luo Chen really want to drown Guzzlord with lava?”

At this time, the audience looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what Luo Chen’s plan was.

next moment, I saw Victini spew out flames from his mouth, and put his infinite energy within the body into the lava pool with all his strength.

gu lu lu.

Suddenly, the lava was tossed.

Under the power of infinite energy, the lava pool began to riot.

During this process, the Guzzlord on the opposite side would naturally not watch, and the Dark Pulse use directly smashed Victini out.

“Come back, Victini, you did a great job.”

Looking at the same time that Victini’s silhouette was blown away, Luo Chen took out the Poké Ball and put the latter away.

“In the end, it’s you.”

Looking at the boiling lava pool in the field, Luo Chen exhaled and took out the last Poké Ball.

Now, Luo Chen has sent five Pokemons, and this one is the last Pokemon he can send.

As can be seen from the Entei and Victini sent by Luo Chen, he seems to be preparing something.

All of this depends on the last Pokemon, and the outcome is in one fell swoop.

“Come on, Chandelure!”

In the solemn gaze of everyone, Luo Chen threw the last Poké Ball.

Purple flames rose in the field, and Chandelure’s silhouette appeared directly on the lava pool.

next moment, I saw the lava pool full of unlimited energy surging continuously.

“What is he going to do?”

Almost at the same time, this thought came to everyone’s mind.

Immediately afterwards, everyone was stared wide-eyed almost simultaneously.

In midair, Chandelure’s silhouette plunged into the lava.


The lava surged, and the whole lava pool seemed to come alive to Normal, and the whole Levitate was alive.


  1. author change the previous ch;

    “Do you want to use this power?”

    Luo Chen’s gaze at this time also looked at the fire-breathing dragon in the air.

    Then he grabbed his chest with his hand, and through his clothes, he could find that Luo Chen was holding a bead.

    “Super evolutionary power…”

    Luo Chen was holding the keystone in his hand, and he was thinking in his heart at this time.

    If super evolution is used now, the secret of super evolution will definitely be revealed to the world.

    At that time, there will be things that even him cannot predict, and even he himself can be affected.

    Therefore, if you want to announce the secret of super evolution, you must first inform them of the Grand Speaker of the Wanli Alliance.

    In this case, the Wanli Alliance can also be fully prepared to minimize the impression of super evolution and obtain enough benefits.

    As Luo Chen thought about it, the fire-breathing dragon in the air suddenly let out a roar, and shook his head slowly at Luo Chen.

    Although it can defeat the evil eater relatively easily with the help of the power of super evolution, it can also do it without relying on super evolution!

    After making this roar at Luo Chen, the wings behind the fire-breathing dragon slammed into the sky directly, and when it stayed in the air, it seemed to turn into a round of golden sun.

    Afterwards, this scorching sun suddenly fell from the sky, and a long flame tail was pulled out behind him, like a comet falling to the earth!

    “This trick is…” After

    seeing this scene, Luo Chen suddenly squeezed his fists, some guessing what the fire-breathing dragon was going to do.

    “Is it flashing to charge?”

    “It seems that the fire-breathing dragon is going to do its best!”

    “In this case, use the strongest wave of evil!”

    Dier looked at the fire-breathing dragon rushing down in the air and guessed that this was the strongest move of the fire-breathing dragon.

    As long as he can block this move, he will win the battle.

    Ho Ho Ho!

    The evil eater roared, all the power in his body gathered in his mouth. Suddenly, an energy ball filled with the mouth of the king of bad eater was condensed and shot out into the air. In the air, the fire-breathing dragon watched the waves of evil soaring, his eyes condensed again. Immediately afterwards, the fire-breathing dragon suddenly staggered its wings and stepped on its feet in the air. boom! The explosion sparks appeared in the silhouette of the fire-breathing dragon, causing it to increase its speed again. At this moment, the fire-breathing dragon unexpectedly displayed an extremely strong force similar to a burst step, continuously accelerating itself. boom! The next moment, the fireball formed by the fire-breathing dragon falling from the air directly collided with the wave of evil. After a short stalemate, the figure of the fire-breathing dragon pierced through the wave of evil like a sharp sword, covered with scattered flames, and the fire-breathing dragon continued to hit the evil eater. “Hmph, what an attack of this level is!” Looking at the embarrassed look of the fire-breathing dragon after breaking through the wave of evil, Dill’s eyes showed a smile. After that, he watched the fire-breathing dragon hit the king of evil eaters like this, his face was very calm. But the next moment, his eyes suddenly widened. I saw that after the fire-breathing dragon collided with the evil eater, the golden flames suddenly exploded in the field. boom! Amidst the thunderous roar of the sky, a golden pillar of fire rushed into the sky, directly submerging the evil eater and the fire-breathing dragon.

    “Explosive flames.”

    At this moment, Luo Chen also slowly spit out these words, and suddenly sighed.

    This pillar of fire that rushed straight into the sky was exactly the explosive flames of the fire attribute Yusanjia, and its power was comparable to the super masters of destroying death light and ultimate impact.

    Only now, the fire-breathing dragon is completely using the explosive flames as a big blast technique, and thus exerts its most feared power!

    “Could it really be a big bang, right?”

    “After using this trick, the fire-breathing dragon must have fallen down, but what happened to the evil eater?”

    Everyone looked at the golden flames gradually dissipating in the air. They all looked hard at the field.

    Gradually, the smoke dissipated.

    What appeared in front of the audience at this time was a large pit with a diameter of tens of meters.

    In this big pit, the figure of the fire-breathing dragon that was lifted out by the explosion fell on the edge of the big pit, and in the very center of the explosion, the figure of the evil eater was standing, and his whole body was completely dark.

    “Has the Bad Eater been defeated?” The

    audience was all silent when looking at the Bad Eater who was motionless in the field.

    “Chuck, cluck…”

    When the audience was silent, Dill suddenly burst into laughter, breaking the silence.

    “Lost? I lied to you.”

    “It’s just an attack of this level, how can I defeat my evil eater.” After

    stopping his laughter, Dill grinned and looked at the opposite with interest. Luo Chen.


    At this moment, a swallowing sound suddenly sounded.

    Along with this sound of swallowing, a faint breath of darkness suddenly appeared on the body of the evil eater.

    Under the influence of this dark aura, the burnt marks on the body of the evil eater disappeared instantly, and his body suddenly recovered.

    “Recovered, amazing resilience!” After

    seeing this scene, the audience suddenly took a breath.

    “Is this… swallowing the move?”

    Luo Chen’s expression also became gloomy as he watched the actions of the Bad Eating King.

    The effect of swallowing moves is to swallow the accumulated power to restore one’s physical strength. The more accumulated, the greater the recovery.

    And now, it was precisely by relying on this move that the evil eater regained his strength.

    “In addition, after the victory of the Beast King, the alien beast promotion feature was not activated. It seems that the Beast King used the energy raised by the alien beast as the energy required for swallowing moves.” Luo Chen took a deep breath, too. Some guessed the reason why the evil eater would recover quickly.

    “So… what are you going to do?”

    Dill on the opposite side looked at Luo Chen, grinning, and his face showed a win-winner expression. UU reading http://www.uukanshu. com

    “Huh? What should Luo Chen do?”

    Now almost everyone is looking at Luo Chen.

    Now the elves sent by Luo Chen are Lucario, Mountain King and Fire-breathing Dragon.

    Among them, the fire-breathing dragon and the mountain king have lost their combat effectiveness, and Lucario has not much combat effectiveness.

    Under this circumstance, can Luo Chen send any elves to defeat the evil eater in front of him?

    “What should I do?”

    At this time, Luo Chen was also thinking about this issue.

    Now Lucario and the fire-breathing dragon can be said to be the strongest power in his hand.

    Unless it shows the power of super evolution.

    Otherwise, no elf can defeat Lucario who masters the power of the waveguide and the fire-breathing dragon who masters the fire of the sun.

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