Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 878


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“Night Shade, lava demon!”

With Luo Chen’s whisper, all the lava turned into a ghost image in midair.

In that terrifying body, this time is also full of extremely terrifying energy fluctuations.

In this brief moment, the power of Charizard, Entei, and Victini are all concentrated on Chandelure.

Take the Flash Fire Characteristic Trait as the guide, mobilize the power of lava, and use lava as the carrier. At this time, Chandelure inherits the infinite energy of Victini!

When there was no way to directly use Victini to bless unlimited energy, Luo Chen actually let Victini transfer power to Chandelure in this way.

At this time, after inheriting the power of his partner, Chandelure turned into a terrifying matchless lava demon, just like a lava demon from hell descended on the world Normal.

“What is this!”

“Damn it, Guzzlord, hurry up!”

Looking at the lava demon in the field, Dill’s face changed.

Guzzlord did not dare to neglect at this moment, and there was a terrifying energy in his mouth.

Dark Pulse was used again, terrifying energy raged in the field, rippling waves in the air.

On the opposite side, the lava demon clenched his fists and simply punched out to Dark Pulse.


A roar sounded.

I saw the horrible Dark Pulse energy explode, and the energy swept across the field.

Under this move Dark Pulse, the lava hand of the lava demon was directly broken, turning into countless lava and rolling down.

Bah, baah, baah.

Suddenly, a burst of blue smoke appeared on Ground.


“Directly explodes this monster into waste!”

Seeing this, Dill waved his fist excitedly.

But next moment, in his unbelievable gaze, the lava on the lava demon’s body was flowing, and a big hand was condense again, which looked intact.

The lava demon at this time is completely an immortal monster. If you cannot directly hit the Chandelure wrapped in the lava body, there is no way to cause damage to the lava demon.


next moment, the lava demon let out a long roar.

Then he saw his hands raised above his head and began to gather strength.

Under the control of the lava devil, the flowing lava on Ground suddenly gathered between his hands and turned into a Fireball.


Immediately afterwards, the lava demon threw the lava Fireball out, making a whistling sound in the air.


In mid-air, Dark Pulse and Lava Fireball collided together, causing a violent explosion.

Then I saw the two attacks cancel each other out in mid-air and disappear into the air!

“It was actually blocked.”

Dill’s face changed again, but before he could think more, the lava demon in the distance had already rushed up.

Looking like that, I actually have to have a frontal close fight with Guzzlord.

Let Guzzlord fight a demon with a lava body?

Dill’s heart trembled when he thought of this scene.

Everyone knows that a lava demon with an immortal body, this Close Combat is completely impossible to fight!

But at this time, Guzzlord is no longer allowed to choose.

Looking at the enemy rushing up, Guzzlord directly used the heavy shock.


The two silhouettes collide in the field.

I saw the lava demon’s body was hit, and his chest collapsed directly.

At the same time, the lava splashed from the lava demon’s body, directly sticking to Guzzlord’s body.

Bah, baah.

There was a sound of corrosion, and the scales of Guzzlord’s skin were directly corroded by lava.

“Guzzlord, run away quickly.”

At the same time, Dill’s anxious voice sounded.

The audience saw this with their eyes widened, watching the lava demon’s silhouette hugging Guzzlord, causing the lava to engulf Guzzlord.

At this time, their joking guess at first came true, and Guzzlord in the field was really swallowed by lava.

Moreover, this lava still contains the power of Charizard, Entei and Victini, and it contains unlimited energy.

Bah, baah.

In the field, Guzzlord is still struggling struggling.


Next moment, Guzzlord’s body exudes waves of waves.

Immediately afterwards, the horrible Dark Pulse suddenly spread, blasting away the lava that was wrapped around him.


With another roar, Dark Pulse pushed the lava towards all directions.

During this process, the silhouette of Chandelure hidden in the lava was also blasted away at the same time, falling softly to the ground.

After using the lava Fiend Form, Chandelure, who was not much left within the body, was instantly killed by Guzzlord!

“It’s over, Chandelure is still no match for Guzzlord!”

After watching this scene, the hearts of the audience sank, and their gazes looking towards Guzzlord felt helpless.

The strength of this Pokemon is too terrifying a bit, it has completely exceeded the limit that ordinary Elite can withstand.

“Captain, this Guzzlord…”

At this time, at the rear of the sports field, five young people about 30 years old were standing.

Looking at Guzzlord who was still standing in the field, a young man drowned.

Are all the players in the Elite Exchange Tournament so strong now?

“In the case of one-to-one, I am not sure of confrontation.”

After groaning, the young man called Captain opened the mouth and said, with jealousy in his eyes.

“Does even Captain say the same?”

When the other people saw this, their hearts sank.

The Deere in the field is really too strong. It is estimated that even the Captain of the Burning Sun Alliance world team is not so strong, right?

“Well, it is really strong.”

“However, he seems to be strong only with this Pokemon.”

“And if it is 6V6, Luo Chen will not necessarily lose.”

At this moment, the young man called Captain continued to open the mouth and said.

Other people looked towards Captain in self-study with some surprises, and don’t know what it means.

And just as they were thinking, there was a sudden noisy sound in the field.

When they looked towards the field again, their eyes widened slightly.

At this time, the invincible Guzzlord also fell!


Looking up and down Guzzlord, they were a little hard to understand.

They have already judged just now that this Guzzlord is not at all serious except for some burns.

And now Guzzlord’s fall is really sudden!

“Destiny Bond moves.”

“Chandelure had already used Destiny Bond moves before he fell.”

The young man called Captain said, making everyone realize.

Under normal circumstances, Destiny Bond’s moves may not be useful to Guzzlord, but after successive injuries, especially after being burned by the attack of the lava demon, Guzzlord finally couldn’t bear Destiny Bond’s damage and fell down!

speaking of which, although the lava demon was terrifying in the whole battle, this Destiny Bond move is the final killer!


Seeing Guzzlord falling down in the field, Dill was anxious.

But no matter what he called, Guzzlord was not standing up.

“It looks like I won.”

Luo Chen sighed softly. This battle was really hard.

If there is no flame hidden in the earth left by Charizard, if there is no lava made by Entei, if there is no infinite energy transmitted by Victini through the lava, if there is no Destiny Bond move at the end of Chandelure, then this battle will definitely be lost. It’s him.

Just a Guzzlord forced him into a desperate situation, which also made Luo Chen suddenly silent.

Now his power… seems to be just that!

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