Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 879


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“It’s over. Didn’t expect the final winner is still Luo Chen.”

As Dill’s last Pokemon was defeated by Entei, some other Alliance missions shook their heads.

In this battle, Deere can be said to be the initiative that has always occupied the scene.

Until Guzzlord fell, Deere’s other Pokemon breed shortage problems were immediately highlighted.

On Luo Chen’s side, although the individual’s battle strength is not as good as Guzzlord’s, the other Pokemon’s battle strengths are very balanced.

“It is indeed a pity.”

“If Deere’s other Pokemon’s strengths can also be improved.”

“Even if he can’t reach the Absol level, as long as it is a normal level, he will win.”

The audience is also discussing spiritedly, although the battle is over at this time, they are still recalling the previous battle.

Although Luo Chen won the game this time, everyone was talking about Dill at this time.

If Deere’s other Pokemon can also grow up, he is still very hopeful that he will be the strongest in the world.

“hu, finally won.”

“But although I won, I still have a long way to go.”

Luo Chen also took a deep breath at this time, and in his heart he also made a plan to continue to improve himself before the world game.


“Luo Chen, you said that Deere is very suspicious?”

In the office of the speaker, Luo Chen also expressed his doubts.

“That’s right, my Lucario is very sensitive to life energy.”

“The Darkrai opposite, it contains an evil Death Power.”

“In addition, in the Darkness Domain of Darkrai, Darkrai displayed an ability to capture life energy and petrify Pokemon.”

“According to the ancient book, this ability is very similar to the legendary Mega Legendary Pokemon Yveltal. I suspect that Dill had been in contact with God of Death Yveltal.”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, the speaker’s eyes narrowed. The legendary Mega Legendary Pokemon Yveltal represents the Pokemon of death, destruction and destruction.

Like other Mega Legendary Pokemons, they are actually good. Pokemons like Regigigas can even become human friends to protect humans.

But God of Death Yveltal, this is a Pokemon that is destined to bring destruction, destruction and death to the world. If this Pokemon is born, it will be fatal to the destruction of the world.

“There is also the Guzzlord. The Guzzlord we obtained earlier is from the Dark Council.”

“I very much doubt the connection between this Deere and the Dark Council, if Yveltal has a relationship with the Dark Council…”

When Luo Chen said this, he paused, and the look of the speaker on the opposite side was also startled, just like Groudon who was resurrected by the Dark Council. The purpose of these Dark Council guys is to bring to the world dark.

“I understood, I will send someone to investigate this Deere.”

“However, judging from the reaction of the Burning Sun Alliance, they value this Deere very much.”

“If we can’t grasp any substantive evidence, we still can’t do anything with this Deere.”

The speaker groaned and opened the mouth and said. As the leader of the Alliance, he needs to consider more.

If you do it without knowing everything, it may cause a fight between the two Alliances.

“Well, I understood.”

Luo Chen nodded, now he has already given Alliance a wake-up call, and then he believes Alliance will take care of it.

Unfortunately, he is now an Alliance Elite, and he is under the control of the Alliance. It is difficult to leave Thousand City Alliance at all.

Otherwise, he would like to visit Burning Sun Alliance. If God of Death Yveltal appears in Burning Sun Alliance, does that mean God of Life Xerneas might also be in Burning Sun Alliance?

If you can find Xerneas, it will be of great significance to Luo Chen who has mastered Mega Evolution.

“After all, I am still not strong enough.”

Thinking of this, Luo Chen also took a deep breath.

Because of Yveltal, he felt a sense of crisis in his heart at this time.

After all, his strength is too weak. If he can have the power to suppress Yveltal, he will no longer be afraid of the damage Yveltal may bring.

“Luo Chen, you don’t need to worry about this first.”

“Next, the world competition will start soon. After this Elite exchange competition, you have enough to join the Alliance team.”

“At the same time, our Thousand City Alliance will do our best to help you grow, so as to help us Thousand City Alliance win the glory of the first alliance.”

“At the same time, allocating world resources through the results of the world competition is also the most important purpose of the world competition.”

“In the next period of time, although the secret realm continues to merge with the real world, countless crises are bound to appear.”

“Only by increasing the strength of Alliance can we protect our country and people.”

took a deep breath, the speaker also said meaningfully that the annual world competition is very important for every Alliance.

And this is also one of the main reasons why each Alliance will spare no effort to breed a powerful Trainer. In this world, crises will come at any time, and only by becoming stronger can they cope with all disasters.


After leaving the office of the big speaker, Luo Chen walked outside.

“Luo Chen, you did good in this time’s Elite exchange contest.”

At this moment, five people suddenly came in front of Luo Chen.

These five people were exactly the five people who were watching the game behind the audience at the Phoenix Pokemon Stadium.

At the same time, they also represent the identities of the members of the Thousand City Alliance world, and initially decided five official members.

“Jiang Zhelin Elite, Wen Xiaochuan Elite, Guo Lun Elite, Zhou Fei Elite and Zhang Wei Elite.”

Looking at the five people who appeared in front of him, Luo Chen recognized them all, and these five people were all Elite who ranked in the top 20 and were under 30 years old!

Especially Jiang Zhelin, who is the Captain of the world team, ranked fifth in the Elite ranking, behind the Elite Four, and is the well-deserved Number One Person of the Thousand City Alliance this generation.

“You can call me Jiang Captain in the future, and welcome to join the Thousand City Alliance world team.”

Jiang Zhelin Elite looked at Luo Chen nodded, smiled and stretched out his hand, expressing welcome.

After watching the previous battle, Captain Jiang Zhelin at this time also fully recognized Luo Chen’s strength.

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