Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 880


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“Thank you.”

Luo Chen also smiled and shook hands with his future Captain.

The Elite exchange competition at this time is a qualification assessment for Luo Chen, and what Luo Chen completed is undoubtedly perfect.

“didn’t expect, the first world team substitute, will be a 21-year-old Elite.”

“Why do I suddenly feel that I am getting a lot older? Time really is not forgiving.”

At this moment, Wen Xiaochuan Elite, dressed as a nobleman, also stepped forward to say hello, and he was also Vice Captain of the world team.

After this, the other three official members also stepped forward to greet each other, and each introduced themselves.

“Welcome again to join the world team.”

“Next, go back to the training ground with us.”

“Our instructor has already been waiting there at this time.”

Jiang Zhelin stepped forward to patted Luo Chen’s shoulder, and the entire group left the Alliance headquarters and walked towards the world competition training hall.

When Luo Chen and the others entered the training hall, they saw a person cross-legged in the middle of the field.

After seeing Luo Chen and them, this person also opened his eyes, and at the same time the silhouette stood up.

“Xu Hao Teacher.”

Looking at the silhouette in the field, Jiang Zhelin and the others all say good things.

“Xu Hao Champion!”

“Fighting-type Champ Xu Hao, one of the current four Champions of Thousand City Alliance!”

Luo Chen also recognized the identity of everyone in front of him at this time. As Champion, he does have the qualifications to be a world team instructor.

Immediately afterwards, Luo Chen also hurriedly said hello. In the next time, he will also accept the other’s teaching.

“You are Luo Chen, right.”

“The Elite exchange competition at this time performed well.”

Xu Hao Champion also turned his attention to Luo Chen at this time, smiling nodded.

Since the Elite Exchange Tournament at this time was the reason for the qualification test of Luo Chen world, he, the instructor, naturally understood the whole process.

Seriously, the fighting style of that Lucario by Luo Chen really surprised him, the Alliance Champion.

But in the next game, if your teammates all lose, then even if the five-person team game wins in the end, you can only get the guaranteed 6 points. In the end, there is still only a failure. Even the final game of the five-man team game has been decided without having to play.

A person’s strength is not considered strong, only the strength of a team is considered strong, and this is also the best way to show the strength of an Alliance.

“so that’s how it is.”

Luo Chen is also nodded at this point. It seems that going alone is not enough.

“Luo Chen, are you understood now?”

“Singles, doubles, triples and all-hands, these all are the focus of our next training.”

“Although there will be dedicated players in each game to play targeted, but the arena is changing rapidly and there are many unexpected situations.”

“The simplest of these is Pokemon’s consumption and injury issues, so my requirement is that each player must train in two positions, so that it can be supplemented in time in emergencies.”

“The team Integral Points game only has 15 points in total, so every game is vital!”

Xu Hao Champion continued to talk, and at the same time introduced Luo Chen to the positions of the five people.

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