Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 881


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“Now, Luo Chen, please release the Pokemon participating in this Terri World Tournament.”

“And during this period of time, I will assign you specific positions based on your Pokemon and areas of expertise.”

After hearing Xu Hao Champion’s words, Luo Chen immediately nodded, and then came to the instrument that released Pokemon.

Thinking about it, he put all the Poké Balls of the Pokemon participating in this time on the instrument, and with the flash of rays of light, one Pokemon appeared.

These Pokemons are Sandslash, Cacturne, Staying King, Meilu Mehta, Flygon, Charizard, Lucario, Shuckle, Rhyperior, Magmar, Chandelure, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Kommo-o, Regirock, Regice, Victini, Entei A total of eighteen Pokemons.

“This is…Regirock, Regice, Entei, and Victini.”

Looking at the four Legendary Pokemon Pokemon that appeared in Luo Chen’s lineup, even though they had received the news early, they still looked surprised.

It is difficult for an average person to conquer a Legendary Pokemon, but Luo Chen now has four in his hands, which is really too strong.

Of course, they were just a little surprised. After their strength reached their level, the strength of these ordinary Legendary Pokemons actually didn’t have much to worry about.

Although they are inferior in Life Level, their Pokemons are all Elite Levels at this time, and they are not inferior to these ordinary Legendary Pokemons. Some Pokemons have even surpassed them in strength.

“Victini, this kind of Pokemon can lend its power to teammates.”

“In this way, Luo Chen is your most suitable battle for doubles, triples, and all-round combat.”

“In these types of battles, any of your Pokemon plus Victini will be able to display super combat effectiveness.”

Xu Hao Champion’s gaze stayed on Victini for a while, and then he suggested to Luo Chen.

Luo Chen groaned when he saw this.

Afterwards, he thought for a while and said: “Xu Hao Teacher, if possible, I don’t want to rely on Victini’s power.”

“Every time Victini uses infinite energy, it is at the expense of life energy. I don’t want this ability to be used too much.”

“Also, these friends of mine have been preparing for the world game for a long time, and they are all powerful Pokemon who can stand alone.”

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Xu Hao Champion thought for a while, his eyes stayed on Victini for a while, and nodded: “Victini can be our hole card. Before that, you can arrange other Pokemon lineups. “

“Ok, I will work hard.”

Luo Chen nodded, his eyes also met his Pokemon and smiled.

“Bini, Bini.”

Victini also jumped onto Luo Chen’s shoulder at this time, waving his hand to cheer.

“Don’t worry, Victini.”

“Even if you can’t participate in the war, but Sandslash’s strength has grown, you have a credit.”

Luo Chen touched Victini on his shoulder, and said with a slight smile in his heart.

During this period, in order to enable his Pokemon strength to complete the breakthrough, Victini has urged a lot of infinite energy.

And that’s the case, it also consumed a lot of Victini’s life energy, so Luo Chen didn’t want Victini to use unlimited energy too much.

According to his calculations, Victini’s power can only be used once in a week, so that it will not burden its body. It will cause Victini to feel fatigued twice, and it will cause Victini to be exhausted three times. hurt.

Therefore, in the tight battle environment of the world game, Victini’s power still has to be used carefully and used in the most reasonable place!

“Luo Chen, we also saw some of your singles strength in the Elite Exchange Tournament.”

“Next, you will show your ability in doubles and triples. This may be the best combat mode for you.”

Xu Hao Champion swept over these Pokemons of Luo Chen, and he groaned in his heart.

Luo Chen’s Pokemon has an obvious feature, that is, it is built around the Sandstorm team and the Sunny Day team.

With Tyranitar as the core, it is perfectly possible to form a Sandstorm team with several other Pokemons. Even a team formation of six Pokemons is very easy to form.

In addition, the Sunny Day team formed with Entei and Charizard as the core is also able to exert a strong battle strength. The Chandelure in the last game of the game is also fresh in his memory.

“Well, for doubles… let Tyranitar and Flygon.”

Luo Chen nodded, also sent two Pokemon, Tyranitar and Flygon.

“Guo Lun, it’s up to you to fight Luo Chen this time.”

Xu Hao Champion faces Guo Lundao. He is the main player who specializes in doubles.

“hu, this battle is impossible to lose.”

Guo Lun Elite took a deep breath and felt that his pressure was also very great.

If he loses this battle, how can he be a full member?

Are you going to let me Luo Chen directly to play on the bench?

“Luo Chen, be careful.”

“The Pokemon I sent this time are two of them.”

As the Poké Ball was thrown out, two Arcanines appeared in the field.

“Luo Chen, let you make the move first.”

Guo Lun Elite has a serious expression on his face.

“Okay, Tyranitar, Flygon, Sandstorm!”

Luo Chen nodded, directly ordered, and immediately saw two Pokemon’s bodies showing that sand and dust appeared.

“Arcanine go!”

After Luo Chen ordered, Guo Lun Elite also opened the mouth and said at the same time.

After that, I saw two Arcanines running together very tacitly, wrapped in flames.

In the process of running, the flames of the two Arcanines suddenly pulled each other, and then they melted into one.

Suddenly, I saw two Arcanines like fuse together. The monstrous flames wrapped the two Pokemon together and turned them into a running flame dog, and the silhouette quickly galloped across the field.

“This is…Flash Fire Characteristic Trait!”

“The two Arcanines turned out to be Flash Fire Characteristic Trait, and at this time, the two Arcanines have completely mastered the balance of the two Flash Fire Characteristic Traits, exerting the power of one plus one greater than two!”

“And, this speed should be Extrreme Speed, right?”

“Two Arcanines use Extrreme Speed ​​together, and the speed they support far exceeds the speed of Extrreme Speed ​​itself.”

“In addition to fusing the flame energy between the two through Flash Fire Characteristic Trait, even Extrreme Speed ​​is also fused!”

Looking at the flash of fire in front of him, Luo Chen’s eyes were surprised.

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