Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 882


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While Luo Chen was thinking, the flame giant rushed to Tyranitar.

The whistling Sandstorm did not hinder Tyranitar at all at this time, and it just slammed away.

The heat wave rolled on the flame giant, and Tyranitar was caught off guard by being hit and flying out, completely swallowed by the flames.


At this time, Luo Chen’s voice came out slowly, but it was already too late.

“Go on, hit the flames at Flygon use!”

At the same time, Guo Lun Elite opened the mouth and said again, and saw the silhouettes of the two Arcanines stop, and the two spiral fire pillars spit out, intertwined in the air, and turned into double spiral fire pillars into the air. Flygon.

huhuhu ~

In the air, Flygon’s wings stretched slightly.

When the heat wave caused by the flames rushed to the face, Flygon’s silhouette shook lightly and directly avoided the two flames.

The silhouette stopped in midair, and Flygon’s gaze looked towards the other side of the venue, where smoke and dust splashed.

After the smoke has cleared, Tyranitar’s silhouette is revealed.

Only at this time, under the sneak attack of two Arcanines, double Flash Fire Characteristic Trait and double Extrreme Speed, they were directly killed by a trick.

Suddenly, the scene turned into a situation where two Arcanines were fighting against Flygon.

“Really strong cooperation.”

Seeing this scene, Luo Chen exclaimed again.

Tyranitar is also a breakthrough to Elite Level Pokemon at any rate, and is skilled in defense, so it was so easily killed!

The cooperation of these two Arcanines is really too tacit, and they have demonstrated their strength far beyond their own. They are indeed Pokemon who are official members of the world team.

“Well, this battle is here first.”

Xu Hao Champion next to him also shook his head slightly, guessing what Guo Lun thought.

But he himself wanted to let Luo Chen show the cooperation of two Pokemons. In this encounter, one was killed in seconds. How to show it?

Of course, this can’t say anything about Guo Lun. After all, everyone wants face. This is indeed something he owes.

“Luo Chen, let’s try three dozens.”

“This time, I will be your Rival.”

After hearing what Xu Hao Champion said, Luo Chen nodded.

After thinking for a while, he dispatched a combination of Sandslash, Flygon and Garchomp.

Of these three Pokemons, although Tyranitar does not have the Sand Stream Characteristic Trait enabled, the three Pokemons are very proficient in the use of Sandstorm moves.

At the beginning of the battle, the three Pokemons displayed Sandstorm together. When combined, they will definitely not be inferior to Tyranitar.

In the howling Sandstorm, Sandslash directly opened the Sand Rush Characteristic Trait, Garchomp opened the Sand Veil Characteristic Trait, and the last Flygon controlled the airflow to control the three fighting against the Xu Hao Champion in the desert. Type Pokemon launches an attack.

Because the three Pokemons in front of the understood were all Champion-level Pokemons, Flygon did not leave any hands, and directly controlled Sandstorm to transform into a Sandstorm dragon, blasting directly to the opposite side!

“so that’s how it is, it seems that you have already used this Sandstorm body shape very well.”

Looking at the abilities of the three Pokemons in the field, Xu Hao Champion still appreciates them very much.

Luo Chen’s performance is already much better than Guo Lun’s original performance, and the future can be expected!

After the next time, Luo Chen also continuously combined the Pokemon in his hands, and they all showed good results.

The combination of Charizard and Chandelure directly created a terrifying scorching sun in the air, and let Chandelure blend into it to launch an attack. That terrifying destructive power, even Xu Hao’s Champion-level Pokemon felt the danger, choose To avoid.

“It’s just the first time that I have shown such a strong ability. How do I feel that my team’s identity is a bit dangerous?”

Looking at Luo Chen constantly letting his Pokemon fight together, Guo Lun Elite and the others were also secretly surprised.

In this way, several official teammates have also become harder under the threat of Luo Chen. I am afraid that if they are compared by Luo Chen’s younger generation, their face will be lost.

Luo Chen sees this, naturally he will not slacken himself, assisting with the resources provided by Alliance, to maximize the strength of his Pokemon.

Nowadays, with the exception of Shuckle, a Pokemon who is not good at fighting, all his Pokemon’s own strengths have entered the Elite Level. If you add the Peak Level skills developed by themselves, their current strength is undoubtedly already Very strong.

Among them, Mega Lucario’s demonstrated strength also surprised everyone.

If in a one-to-one situation, apart from Jiang Zhelin, no one would dare to say that his Pokemon can win.

Fortunately, there is only one Lucario in Luo Chen’s hand that is very powerful. Other flavors like Sunfire Charizard are still within their acceptable range.

Of course, they didn’t know that Charizard was still in control of Mega Evolution. If they knew Charizard’s power in Mega Evolution, they wouldn’t think so in their hearts.

“Mega Evolution…”

“If there is an opportunity, it seems you can use it.”

During the training process, Luo Chen also had this idea in his mind.

Now, the research process of his Life Transition Laboratory has been very good, and many uses of life energy have been discovered.

Next, what Luo Chen has to wait for is an opportunity, an opportunity to explain the emergence of Mega Evolution.

It is conceivable that if Mega Evolution, a cross-age discovery, comes out, it will surely cause a storm across the world.

“But…not in a hurry.”

Luo Chen also has a general plan in his heart at this time.

Because Mega Evolution has many restrictions, in addition to the corresponding Key Stone and Mega Evolution stone, there are also many requirements for Trainer and Pokemon.

The connection between Trainer and Pokemon, Luo Chen imagines that these Peak Level Trainers can do it, but it is very difficult for Trainer to communicate with Key Stone through its own power.

This is also the primary problem that the Life Transition Laboratory has to solve after the launch of Mega Evolution. Only in this way can Mega Evolution be popularized.

“That’s good, in the process of research, it is also an opportunity for me to strengthen myself.”

“If you want to come, after the launch of Mega Evolution, the entire Alliance will be crazy. When the time comes, the resource is not just a random application!”

Luo Chen was elated in his mind, and the legendary resources in the Alliance treasure house appeared in his mind.

After Pokemon’s strength has reached Elite Level, it is very difficult to break through with its own strength. At this time, it is time to assist legendary resources.

Relying on the research of Mega Evolution to obtain legendary resources, this will be the first thing he will do next!

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