Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 883


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In the Icefield City area, this is the third time Luo Chen has come here.

When he first came to the Icefield City area, Melttan evolved into Meltane.

When he came here for the second time, he successfully subdued the ice pillar Regice.

And this third time I came here for a secret place in Snow Mountain that was just discovered in the area of ​​Icefield City.

According to the description of the first batch of Pokemon Rangers who entered the mysterious Snow Mountain secret realm, there is a Snow Mountain in this secret realm that soars into the sky.

And these Trainers who entered the secret of Snow Mountain were naturally exploring immediately, but the difficulty of climbing made them a little surprised.

This Snow Mountain seems to have no end to Normal. They crawled under Pokemon’s Help for a whole day without reaching the top of Tommy.

And, as they continued to advance, the Pokemon they encountered on Snow Mountain became stronger and stronger, and finally even Wild Pokemon that was close to Elite Level appeared.

And this also forced them to go back the same way, terminating the exploration of the mystery this time.

After returning to Alliance, they also reported this information to Alliance immediately.

If you want to explore the mystery of this level, only Elite Level Trainer will be able to pass.

Therefore, after the understood situation, Xu Hao Champion also directly stopped the exploration task and handed it over to the world team to complete the exploration.

A Snow Mountain mystery with a certain degree of difficulty to explore. Isn’t this the best place for the world team to practice? !

Also, since there is a this mode of team competition in the world game, the cooperation between players is extremely important.

The dangerous field survival trial is the best way to promote mutual understanding. In the field battle, constantly improve team cooperation.

“Is this the secret place of the special Snow Mountain?”

The entire group stood at the foot of Snow Mountain, looking up at Snow Mountain inserted into the sky, feeling a little shocked in my heart.

According to the news of the previous exploration team, the height of this Snow Mountain may even surpass the most peak of the real world, Mount Everest, which shows how high this Snow Mountain is.

“Everyone pay attention to safety.”

“In addition to the possibility of Pokemon, you should also pay attention to the natural disasters that may occur at any time in the exploration of secrets.”

“Especially this kind of Snow Mountain mystery, if you encounter Avalanche once, even with the protection of Pokemon, it is equally dangerous.”

At the foot of the mountain, the entire group also started to check their climbing equipment, and everyone was standing next to a Pokemon at this time.

Jiang Zhelin is a Dragon Type Elite. At this time, a Noivern and a Dragonite are standing beside him.

It seems that Noivern should be the team’s scout, and Dragonite is the defensive core, and he can also ride Dragonite to speed up the movement.

After their unanimous discussion, they plan to ride Flying Pokemon to a higher position first, and then switch to walking forward after Flying Pokemon can’t move forward. This will save a lot of time.

Hearing the reminder from Captain Jiang Zhelin, all the players are nodded, and they are also checking their own equipment.

Behind the team, two Pokemons, Lucario and Flygon, stood beside Luo Chen.

Lucario is naturally a scout, and its Aura Force can’t stop even a whistling wind and snow.

Flygon is the defensive core. With its airflow control skills, it can completely control these whistling winds and snow, so that it can safely shuttle through Snow Mountain.

Soon, the entire group was ready, and riding Flying Pokemon began to fly towards Snow Mountain.

“hu, it’s cold.”

“This secret of Snow Mountain is even colder than we believe.”

“It seems that the flying distance of our Flying mount is shorter than we thought.”

With the continuous upward flying, the wind and snow are constantly strengthening, and the Ice Type energy is also rising rapidly.

Wen Xiaochuan Vice Captain is now riding on a huge Skarmory, looking towards everything in the surrounding white mist.

“Be careful, a group of Piloswine are here!”

At this moment, Luo Chen at the back of the team suddenly opened the mouth and said, leaving the others in a daze.

Jiang Zhelin Captain also looked towards Noivern next to him, but Noivern was also confused at this moment.

Obviously, through his sonic ability, Noivern not at all can find something abnormal.

“roar roar.”

But not long after, Noivern suddenly cried out.

At this time, under its sound wave detection, a group of Piloswine was also found approaching.

“There are indeed!”

Guo Lun Elite was also a little surprised at this time.

He is naturally not surprised by a group of Piloswine, but Luo Chen’s Lucario actually understood these Piloswine before Noivern.

From the time of Noivern’s reaction, this time point is much earlier.

Be aware that this Noivern is not the main force of Jiang Zhelin’s Captain, but is completely breed from the perspective of detection.

But even so, Noivern’s detection ability is not as good as Lucario’s, so how strong is this Lucario’s detection ability!

hong long long.

Amidst everyone’s surprised eyes, a group of Piloswine silhouettes ran past.

But these Piloswines who are far away also feel the strength of the enemy in front of them, not at all approaching, leaving far away.

“A group of professional-level Piloswine, the Pokemon behind them are getting stronger and stronger.”

Jiang Zhelin’s gaze stayed on Lucario’s body for a while, then looked towards Piloswine, which was far away.

In the next time, they also continued to fly towards the top of Snow Mountain, but in the whipping wind and snow, the flying ability of several Pokemon was greatly weakened.

“Blizzard here is very strong, it seems we can only walk.”

Wen Xiaochuan also spoke as he looked at Skarmory, who was getting more and more difficult to fly under him.

“It should be able to support for a while.”

Luo Chen feels the howling wind and snow, and also opened the mouth and said.

After that, I saw the Flygon under him suddenly flying to the front of the team.

Under Flygon’s ability to control the airflow, the surrounding wind and snow suddenly calmed down, making the other Flying Pokemon loose.

At this time, Flygon, by the strength of oneself, suppressed Blizzard in nature.

“The ability to control airflow?”

Wen Xiaochuan recalled the scene of Flygon controlling the desert in that battle, slightly nodded.

In this trial, Luo Chen should have been the one to be taken care of, but now they are the seniors who are being taken care of, whether it is Lucario or Flygon.

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