Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 884


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However, this situation did not last long. The next place was where the expedition stopped.

Here is the territory of the ice bear clan. These brutal guys will expel all the Pokemon who invaded their territory.

Therefore, after they arrive here, their experience will really begin, and after this, there must be a stronger Rival waiting for them.

“If you’re here, I’ll beg you.”

After everyone put away their Flying mounts, Luo Chen also threw the Poké Ball.

Afterwards, I saw the silhouette of Mamoswine appearing in the field, the wind and snow roared, Mamoswine completely motionless.

This time, when he knew he was going to the secret world of Snow Mountain, he also brought Mamoswine with him as it should be by rights.

Although Mamoswine’s current strength is still relatively weak, in these snowy areas, it is undoubtedly the most perfect transportation attack.

Mamoswine’s body is very huge, fully capable of allowing a group of six people to ride forward on its back.

“This is Mamoswine.”

“It really deserves to be Grandmaster Lu Chen.”

At this time, they also thought of another identity of Luo Chen, and couldn’t help but sigh.

Luo Chen is so young that Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster and Alliance Elite are the only ones in the history of Alliance.

“Let’s go, let’s go through here quickly.”

roar roar roar.

After Mamoswine came out, she also seemed very excited.

It can naturally feel the huge Ice Type energy contained in this place, and breathe greedily.

At the same time, Mamoswine also took steps, leaving each and everyone big pit in the snow.

Mamoswine’s pace is extremely stable, step by step toward the higher snow Mountain.

roar roar roar.

Not very long, there was a sudden roar in the distance.

Then they saw a white silhouette like a polar bear appearing in their sight.

“It is the Beartic group.”

“It looks like there are more than 20, of which the leading Beartic is Quasi Elite Level, and the other Beartic are also Professional Peak.”

Soon, Jiang Zhelin Captain made a judgment, and a Poké Ball appeared in the hands of all five of them.

Before Luo Chen joined the team, the five of them had already started the team match. At this time, the five also directly took out their team formation.

Along with the flashing of five white lights, five Fire Type Pokemon appeared in the field.

Although it is in the secret world of Snow Mountain, five Elite Level Fire Type Pokemon appeared together, which immediately increased the temperature in the field.

There was no suspense in the next battle. Although they faced more than 20 powerful ice bears, under the attack of five Fire Type Pokemon, the battle ended very quickly.

This is the power of the teamfighting system. Not to mention that there are more than 20 Pokemons that have not even reached Elite Level. Even if these Pokemons have reached Elite Level, relying on a complete teamfighting system, it is not without victory. Possible.

At the beginning, Luo Chen once showed the strong team battle lineup, relying on the Sandstorm team, he can even defeat hundreds of Ekans.

So, under the powerful attack of the five Pokemon, their team also moved forward in an orderly manner.

During this period, although several waves of Pokemon came to obstruct, they were all defeated by Sheer Force by the five-man team battle system.

During this period, Luo Chen also released Chandelure to participate in the battle. His own infinite Substitute and Flame Shade skills were highly affirmed by everyone, making this set of Fire Type Pokemon as The core team has played a stronger combat effectiveness!

Afterwards, a group of six people also began to demonstrate other team battle systems, and they all played well.

Luo Chen, who is very good at the team battle system, can be well integrated into the team battle every time. On several occasions, his Pokemon even played a core role in leading everything, which also made Jiang Zhelin Captain Contemplation appeared on his face.

Judging from the current situation, Luo Chen can also fully join their team battle system, and can completely become the core of the team battle.

This action also made the other four people feel tight, and suddenly felt a sense of crisis from Luo Chen.

If this continues, their starting position seems to be a little bit out of guarantee!

And this also became the motivation for their training, commanding their Pokemon to show stronger power in the battle.

“Look, the top of the mountain is coming!”

At this moment, Guo Lun Elite’s excited voice sounded.

After fighting for a long time, they are finally going to top Tommy.

“The final dash, let’s go!”

Jiang Zhelin Captain is also sighed in relief, speeding up the pace of progress.

“This is…Pokemon ruins?”

After reaching the top of the mountain, everyone was shocked by the scene before them.

On the top of this towering mountain, there is a huge platform on which there are three towering stone pillars, which are scattered in three directions.

“Look, there is a sculpture on the stone pillar, which seems to have some Pokemon image.”

At this moment, Wen Xiaochuan came to a stone pillar and gently stroked the depiction on it.

“This is…Paluchya!”

Luo Chen also leaned forward, and after seeing this portrayal, Luo Chen’s eyes suddenly widened.

This stone pillar depicts the Mega Legendary Pokemon Pokemon who controls the space!

“Could it be…”

Luo Chen expression changed slightly.

Without any hesitation, Luo Chen asked Lucario to launch Teleport.

When it reappears, Luo Chen has already come to another stone pillar.

“This stone pillar also has… Dialga!”

Looking at the carving on the stone pillar, Luo Chen was shocked again.

Dialga is the Legendary Pokémon who masters time, and its status is equal to Palkémon, the god of space.

At the corner of his mouth, he also couldn’t help but looked towards the last stone pillar.

If his guess is correct, the Pokemon portrayed on the stone pillar is very likely Giratina!

After having this guess, Lucario used Teleport again to come to the last stone pillar.

As Luo Chen guessed, this stone pillar depicts the owner of the antimatter world, Giratina!

“so that’s how it is.”

“If I guessed correctly, this should be the top of Mt. Coronet.”

Luo Chen took a deep breath and looked around, the ruins platform was very quiet at this time.

At the same time, there is another name here, and that is Spear Pillar!

In the legend, Arceus created Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina here.

Meanwhile, in the Sinnoh legend, Sinnoh Region was created here!

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