Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 885


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“Is it really Spear Pillar?”

Luo Chen glanced back and forth on the three stone pillars.

At the same time, Lucario is also looking at the surrounding situation through Aura Force.

And when Lucario’s Aura Force came into contact with the stone pillar portraying Giratina, Aura Force violently agitated.

“Lucario, what’s wrong?”

Feeling Lucario’s abnormality, Luo Chen also asked immediately.


Lucario still has some doubts on his face at this time.

After thinking for a while, Lucario connects himself with Luo Chen’s Inner Force through Aura Force.

Looking at Lucario’s Aura Force, Luo Chen also looked at the surrounding situation.

When he glanced at Giratina’s stone pillar, Luo Chen also felt abnormal, and his gaze stayed on the Giratina carved on the stone pillar.

Suddenly, Luo Chen felt a trance in his own mind. Behind his consciousness, the Giratina portrayed on the stone pillar seemed to come alive to Normal, and his eyes met him.

“Be careful, everyone!”

At this moment, Jiang Zhelin Captain’s voice suddenly sounded.

This voice also awakened Luo Chen from the trance and opened his eyes.

Next moment, Luo Chen was also suddenly stunned.

I saw a huge black shadow in the center of the huge platform.

The black shadow spread out its huge wings, and its whole body continuously burrowed out of the void.

With the arrival of this silhouette, a breath of incomparable terror suddenly appeared in the field, and a feeling of depression emerged spontaneously.

“What monster is this, is it Pokemon?”

Looking at the black shadows that appeared, the group of six quickly got together.

“Should this be…Giratina?”

Looking at the dark shadows gradually condensing, Luo Chen’s face changed slightly, thinking of the image that had appeared in his mind before.

At this moment, the black shadow in the sky also completely emerged from the void, revealing its original appearance.

The silhouette that appears looks like a dragon, the whole body is gray, and it has two large ghost-like wings. The body has a golden half ring from the back around the neck, and the black and red stripes are horizontally distributed on the front of the neck, under the body. With six sturdy legs and golden claws at the ends, the whole body exudes a terrifying power.

“What Pokemon is this!”

Jiang Zhelin and the others don’t seem to know Pokemon like Giratina, and they are all shocked at this time.

From the body of this Pokemon, they can feel the power of the latter very intuitively. This is a terrifying existence that reaches the legendary Life Level!

“It is the Charon dragon Giratina, the legendary Mega Legendary Pokemon.”

Luo Chen’s mouth slowly spit out Giratina’s message, which shocked everyone present.

Mega Legendary Pokemon?

This is completely impossible confrontation!


After coming out of the void, Giratina let out a roar directly in her mouth.

Suddenly, an oppression that seemed to be exerted emanated from Giratina’s body, causing everyone’s body to be shocked. Seeing this, the Pokemon next to them quickly resisted.

Faced with the creature in front of her, Giratina directly used her own oppressive force Characteristic Trait, as if it turned into a Gravity field, even with the protection of Pokemon, it still suppressed everyone’s silhouette.

“Quickly leave here.”

Feeling the horrible energy fluctuations around, the entire group immediately made a judgment.

In front of Mega Legendary Pokemon, they are absolutely impossible to resist!

“Come out, Alakazam, Teleport.”

immediately, Wen Xiaochuan released Alakazam, and under the influence of Teleport, the entire group instantly disappeared in place.

“hu, finally left that place.”

“Let’s leave the secret of Snow Mountain and inform Alliance of Giratina’s news.”

After reappearing, the entire group came to the mountainside of Snow Mountain.

Immediately, everyone also released Flying Pokemon, planning to leave Snow Mountain by riding.

This Snow Mountain at this time is really too high, even if Alakazam used Teleport with all his strength, he still didn’t leave too far.

Next, they can only rely on Flying Pokemon to hurry out of the secret realm.


But not long after their silhouette appeared, a roar suddenly appeared in the void.

After that, they saw a black shadow emerge from the void and turned into Giratina’s silhouette again.

This time, Giratina appeared very quickly. She burst out of the void in an instant, and at the same time, a breath came out from her mouth.

“Be careful.”

Jiang Zhelin whispered.

The Dragonite beside him reacted quickly and stood in front of everyone.


As the wings continued to stir up, a Twister appeared.


Giratina’s breath blasted on Twister.

In an instant, Dragonite’s Twister was directly breathed away, and the Dragonite’s silhouette was blown out.

“Alakazam, please do it again.”

Wen Xiaochuan saw that Dragonite successfully blocked the attack, and said to Alakazam.

Just when Alakazam Sheer Force launched Teleport, it suddenly became apparent that the entire space was frozen.

The invisible Dark Force blocked this space, and the space channel was shattered by Sheer Force!

“No, Giratina’s spatial knowledge is too strong for Teleport to activate.”

Seeing that Alakazam’s Teleport moves failed, Wen Xiaochuan’s face also became a little ugly.

“Wait, maybe this Giratina is not as strong as all?”

At this moment, Jiang Zhelin, who had checked the Dragonite injury, suddenly opened the mouth and said.

Although the current Dragonite’s injury is very serious, it is still far from losing its combat capability.

It can also be seen that Giratina’s strength may not be as strong as imagined.

If it is a real Mega Legendary Pokemon, it is estimated that Dragonite will be instantly killed, and even life may be dangerous.

roar roar roar!

On the opposite side, Giratina’s attack came again.

silhouette For a moment, Giratina’s silhouette disappeared, wrapped in an energy shield, and directly hit Wen Xiaochuan’s Skarmory.

“Skarmory, use sky attack!”

Wen Xiaochuan bit clenching one’s teeth and said.

With a low hum, Skarmory rushed forward with all his strength.

She was wrapped in sky attack illusory shadow, and Skarmory rushed forward without hesitation.


In midair, two figures collided together.

next moment, Skarmory was knocked out by Giratina without any doubt.


Skarmory’s silhouette hit the snow, splashing a large swath of Icirrus.


After seeing this scene, Wen Xiaochuan also hurried over.

After a brief inspection of Skarmory’s injury, Wen Xiaochuan was also sighed in relief.

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