Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 886


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boom~ boom~.

At the same time, a few Flying Pokemon in the air also competed against Giratina.

There is no direct choice of frontal collision. Several Pokemons such as Charizard, Noivern, Salamence and Flygon have chosen to fight.

Especially Flygon, at this time, relying on his own control of the airflow, the silhouette is passing through the snow.

I saw that under the Levitate Characteristic Trait, all the snow on the ground was Levitate on the sky, as if the entire snow was rolled over.

Afterwards, the snow was mixed in the wind and snow and turned into a wind and snow dragon, causing Giratina a lot of trouble.

Even if the Wind and Snow Dragon is destroyed by Giratina two or three times, it can still condense a new body, constantly attacking Giratina.

“This Giratina is really not that strong.”

“If I am not wrong, it should be only Champion level!”

“Of course, Giratina seems to have the ability to shuttling through the void, which is more difficult to deal with than ordinary Champion-level Pokemon.”

At this time, a group of six people also gathered together, staring at a few Pokemon fighting in the air and said.

Especially after seeing Flygon’s terrifying skills successfully dragged Giratina, there was hope in their hearts.

“Let’s go on.”

“If it is only Champion Pokemon, the six of us together can still fight!”

Guo Lun Elite also clenched his fists at this time. In the previous battle, his Charizard was swept by a Dragon Breath of Giratina, and he lost the combat capability directly.

“We now have several tactical systems in our hands.”

“Since Giratina is Dragon Type Pokemon, naturally using the Ice Type Pokemon lineup is the best way to fight.”

“And the place where they are at this time is the secret of Snow Mountain, where the Ice Type energy is terrifying and scary, which can make the strength of Ice Type Pokemon reach the limit.”

“Perhaps, by assisting the power of this piece of nature, ours can defeat Giratina!”

Jiang Zhelin recalled their reserve team battle system, and immediately made a decision.

“Okay, I can only spell it now.”

“At least, let Giratina unblock this space so that we can leave through Teleport.”

After making a judgment, the six quickly released their Ice Type Pokemon.

Among them, Zhang Wei Elite is the Elite who specializes in Ice Type Pokemon, and this team battle system is also carried out around him.

After others dispatched his own Ice Type Pokemon, Luo Chen also dispatched the ice god pillar Reice to fight.


Zhang Wei groaned, then took out his other Poké Ball.

This time they were dealing with Giratina, and he also planned to release all his Pokemon into battle.

Along with the sound of a bird’s song, I saw a Pokemon with a beautiful blue body appearing in the field, a silhouette flying high in the sky.


“And it’s the same one!”

Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed when Articuno appeared.

This Articuno is the one in the hands of Hallyu.

Apparently, after the death of Hallyu, Alliance also recovered Articuno and gave it to Liu Wei Elite for use.

When Luo Chen was looking at Articuno, Articuno was also looking at Luo Chen.

For this Trainer who once defeated himself, it is naturally fresh in his memory.

However, this attention Articuno only stayed on Luo Chen for a while, and then looked towards Giratina on the opposite side.

From Giratina, even Articuno, who is Legendary Pokemon, feels a very strong oppression. This is Rival that it must do its best to deal with.

“Ice Pillar and Articuno, we can win this battle.”

Looking at the two Ice Type Legendary Pokémon in the field, there was hope in everyone’s heart.

Subsequently, under the command of Liu Wei Elite, the Ice Type Elite, a team formation centered on Articuno was presented.

Articuno fanned its wings, and Blizzard descended on the field, instantly turning the entire field into snowy weather. Hail was mixed with snow and ice, constantly attacking everything in the snowy field.

huhuhu ~

The wind was whistling, and Flygon in the air returned to Luo Chen’s side at this time.

Although Giratina was dragged down by the wind and snow dragon, the consumption of Flygon is also very huge.

“Thanks for your hard work, Flygon.”

Luo Chen took out the Poké Ball and took the Flygon back, looking towards the field again.

After Articuno urged Blizzard with his own power.

Regice also showed his power as a Legendary Pokémon, and the power of the entire Great Snow Mountain was mobilized by it.

crack crack.

Suddenly, a layer of frost covered the entire platform, and the endless cold swept away towards Giratina on the opposite side.

The horrible Ice Type energy is surging, and it also increases the strength of all Pokemon in the field.

There are a total of ten Pokemons. At this time, all of their power has been used, and Blizzard’s power has continued to increase.

In the air, Articuno’s silhouette is flying, sweeping around Blizzard, turning all the energy into one, and sweeping towards Giratina on the opposite side.


On the other side, Giratina also felt the threat of this attack, and began to gather energy in her mouth.

All the energy gathered together and turned into a pitch-black shadow ball exuding terrifying energy fluctuations.

But it was just such a shadow ball that shocked the entire void. This shadow ball seemed to be connected to the void.

After that, Giratina opened her mouth and shot the shadow ball out, pulling a long shadow crack in the void, as if a wheel had been driven in the air, leaving a long trace.


In midair, the frost current and the shadow ball collided.

crack crack.

Under the power of Extreme Cold, frost formed on the surface of the shadow ball.

But it didn’t last long before the shadow ball exploded, and terrifying energy raged.

The howling wind and snow hung over, the smoke and dust of the explosion were blown away, while Giratina on the opposite side was still quiet Levitate in the air.

This frosty current, composed of ten Peak Level Ice Type Pokemon use, was directly destroyed by Giratina very easily!

On the other side, when the energy was raging, several Pokemon had already built an ice wall defense in front of Luo Chen through the power of ice.

The thick ice wall resisted everyone’s attacks and protected the Trainer behind from harm, but there were still breaking noises. The ice wall seemed to be broken Normal, which made people feel tight.

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