Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 887


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“Is there no way to beat Giratina like this?”

“It seems that we are going to grind slowly, relying on the power of Great Snow Mountain, we are not without chance.”

Seeing Giratina standing quietly in the sky in the sky, Jiang Zhelin Captain’s face is very solemn.

But in dignity, it can be seen that he is also sighed in relief, as long as he can confront it directly.

Before the battle, he was really afraid that this Giratina had the power of Mega Legendary Pokemon, when the time comes, their team would have to be annihilated here!

“Regice, use freezing light!”

At this moment, Luo Chen’s silhouette also came out, and he didn’t mean the power of Regice at all.

Stepping on Snow Mountain, Regice can feel the continuous power of the body at this time.

“Ice Pillar!”

“Articuno and everyone, lend the power to Regice.”

Seeing this scene, Liu Wei Elite also commanded immediately.

Regice, as the Ice Type Legendary Pokemon, has a crystal structure that can reflect attacks.

At this time, after the other Pokemon’s freezing light at Regice use, they were immediately gathered by Regice.

Suddenly saw a stout frost beam hit by Regice, a terrifying chill raging.


Giratina looked at the freezing light that seemed to be able to freeze everything, and once again used the shadow ball.

Giratina, as the Mega Legendary Pokemon of Ghost Type, contains the terrifying Umbra power in the shadow ball.

The two attacks collided again, and the freezing light was undoubtedly suppressed, turning into ice crystals and dissipating.

“Don’t worry, this Snow Mountain secret is our home field.”

“Just keep using Hail to consume Giratina’s stamina.”

“When the time comes, even if our ice formation is defeated, we still have to win in other ways.”

Jiang Zhelin Captain also opened the mouth and said when he saw this, and then under his command, Froslass began to lower the temperature in the field.

As a trainer who specializes in Dragon Type, he naturally knows best how to deal with Dragon Type Pokemon. In addition to the frontal Ice Type attack, it’s just that ice cold can also cause great damage to Dragon Type Pokemon.


Feeling the declining temperature around, Giratina whispered Roar on the opposite side.

Immediately afterwards, the dragon wings behind it suddenly inflamed, and the silhouette rushed directly towards Pokemon in the court.

Suddenly, I saw Giratina’s silhouette plunge into the void, and then emerge from another void.

At this time, its silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Articuno in the air, and the shadow ball in its mouth blasted out, directly hitting Articuno head-on.


Under Giratina’s frontal attack, Articuno’s silhouette fell straight down.

crack crack.

At the same time, as Articuno’s silhouette fell, the ice wall in the arena suddenly cracked.

Giratina’s silhouette stopped in the air, facing Luo Chen and their direction was a Dragon Breath attack!

“Lucario, Aura!”

After seeing this scene, Lucario next to Luo Chen also quickly switched to the Mega Lucario form.

Pressing with both hands in the void, Aura Force is directly projected in front of him, transforming into a barrier to resist the attack.


The violent impact roared above the Aura Barrier.

In the face of Giratina’s Dragon Breath attack, Aura Force didn’t even break up directly!


Seeing this scene, the others were also a little surprised.

But before they could let out their exclamation, Giratina was already eyeing Regice.

Under the attack of Giratina’s Shadow Force, Regice was also unable to resist, and the silhouette was knocked back.

Giratina was tired of these cold energy. After quickly disintegrating the ice formation, she immediately launched an attack on the other Pokemon.


Luo Chen returned his gaze to the court and looked at Regice who was shot out, worried.

Fortunately, Regice in the distance responded to Luo Chen with a deep neigh, when he felt relieved.

Then I saw Articuno in the distance again fluttering its wings to fly, and two Ice Type Legendary Pokémon silhouettes stood together.

Articuno and Regice are Legendary Pokémon after all, and their Life Level is much higher than ordinary Pokemon.

Even if it is hit by Giratina’s frontal attack, there is no immediate loss of combat capability.

But compared with the two Legendary Pokémon, the other Ice Type Pokemon are not so lucky.

Except for Zhang Wei’s Trump Card’s Beartic, none of the other Pokemon were able to hold a round, and all were killed in seconds!

“No, Normal Pokemon can’t stop Giratina’s attack at all.”

After watching this scene in the field, Captain Jiang also frowned. The current scene is extremely unfavorable to them!

“In the mystery of Snow Mountain, even the Ice Type Pokemon lineup was defeated.”

Zhang Wei Elite also gritted his teeth at this time, and took his fallen Pokemon back into the Poké Ball.

Soon, the battlefield became a battle between Articuno, Regice and Beartic, three Pokemon and Giratina.

The combat effectiveness of these three Pokemons is very strong. At this time, Giratina was trapped in the wind and snow, and they continued to attack.

“Zhang Wei Elite, you quickly ride Pokemon and leave the secret realm.”

“Now, the Pokemon in your hand does not have much combat power. Let us leave the next battle!”

Jiang Zhelin Captain said to Zhang Wei Elite next to him that Zhang Wei Elite in this state has no need to stay.

Now, it is better to let Zhang Wei Elite leave the secret realm to move the soldiers, so that it can provide them with more protection for survival.

“Okay, I understood.”

Zhang Wei Elite took a look at Articuno and Beartic in the field, nodded.

Without much hesitation, Zhang Wei Elite rode the Flying mount quickly to the Snow Mountain below.

Now he must leave the secret realm immediately, so that he can save his companion.

After Zhang Wei Elite left, the battle in the field continued.

Faced with the terrifying attack by Giratina, the silhouettes of Beartic, Regice and Articuno also fell one after another.

At this point, the ice field tactics have been completely disintegrated, and the howling wind and snow gradually ceased.

However, after the ice field tactics were disintegrated, the five of them laid out the next tactical system to deal with Giratina.

Except for Zhang Wei Elite who specializes in Ice Type Pokemon Trainer, they are not good at Ice Type, so after this round of battle, they still maintained a state of prosperity.

On the other hand, Giratina, who was on the opposite side, suffered more or less injuries after being attacked by Flygon and the ice field.

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