Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 888


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“The really strong Giratina, even if it is not Mega Legendary Pokemon, the Champion-level strength displayed at this time is still so oppressive.”

After their own Pokemon kept falling under Giratina’s attack, the faces of several people also became ugly.

“What shall we do now?”

“Looking at this situation, we are impossible to defeat this Pokemon.”

Wen Xiaochuan who commanded the battle of Metagross in front was also opened the mouth and said.

If they really can’t beat Giratina, they can only think about how to escape here now.

“There is really no way.”

Captain Jiang Zhelin was also lost in thought at this time.

Now it is impossible for them to delay the arrival of reinforcements. They can only start to find a way out.

“Next, use the Fire Type Pokemon lineup.”

At this moment, Luo Chen suddenly opened the mouth and said, and at the same time the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out, and the silhouettes of Entei and Magmar appeared.

Although it is in the secret world of Snow Mountain, with the appearance of Entei, the surrounding ice and snow melted away quickly. The snow gathered in the field and flowed to the foot of Snow Mountain, and then it was frozen halfway. .

“Fire Type Pokemon lineup?”

Hearing what Luo Chen said, Guo Lun Elite did not understand.

In this piece of Snow Mountain, Fire Type energy is very thin. It is not wise to use Fire Type Pokemon lineup here.

“Try it, maybe Luo Chen will do something.”

Captain Jiang Zhelin looked at Luo Chen, nodded, who had not spoken aside.

For them, Guo Lun Elite is the Trainer who specializes in Fire Type Pokemon, and Luo Chen is also very good at using Sunny Day weather.

Therefore, among their six-person team, the Fire Type Pokemon lineup can be said to be one of their strongest tactical systems.

Furthermore, Fire Type Pokemon, as an important part of their combat effectiveness, will sooner or later come out to fight.

With Luo Chen taking the lead, the others stopped hesitating, and at the same time released their own Fire Type Pokemon, and Guo Lun dispatched all six of his main forces.

huhuhu ~

With the appearance of a lot of Fire Type Pokemon, the temperature of the entire venue began to rise.

“Come on, Sunny Day weather.”

Luo Chen immediately commanded Entei and Magmar to use Sunny Day weather.

And Guo Lun is directing Arcanine to gather the flame energy of his companions through Flash Fire Characteristic Trait.

As the Sunny Day weather unfolds, a scorching sun hangs in the cold winter.

Although the Fire Type energy here is very thin, Entei still managed to display Sunny Day weather.

“Arcanine, burned out!”

The Arcanine on the other side gathered the terrifying Fire Type energy through the Flash Fire Characteristic Trait, and blasted out unscrupulously.

The horrible flame turned into a spiral flame and swept across the snow, directly blasting towards Giratina on the opposite side.

This time, Giratina is still fighting against the shadow ball. The terrifying shadow ball is like a black hole. It instantly swallowed Flamethrower’s attack, exploded in mid-air and turned into a rain of fire.


The rain of fire hit the snow, and immediately melted a large piece of ice and snow.

As the battle continued, the Fire Type energy in the field continued to fill up.

At the same time, the scorching sun in the sky became more and more hot with the power of Entei and Magmar.

Although the Sunny Day weather of two Pokemons is impossible to affect the entire Snow Mountain secret realm, it is easy to change the formation of this area.

Under the scorching sun, the Ground began to expose some rocks at this time, causing the entire venue to be changed. One after another heat wave was generated in the venue.

“It looks like…already almost.”

Feeling the rising temperature in the field, Luo Chen took a deep breath and three Poké Balls appeared in his hands.

“Go, Charizard, Victini, Chandelure.”

With the opening of the three Poké Balls, Luo Chen’s last three Fire Type Pokemon appeared at the same time.

After Victini came out, he jumped onto Charizard’s back, and Charizard flew up into the air.

At the same time, Chandelure’s silhouette followed him and flew up, with purple flames surrounding Charizard.

“Charizard, Mega Evolution!”

In the field, Luo Chen already held the Key Stone in his hand.

“roar roar.”

In the air, Charizard also felt Luo Chen’s call, and couldn’t help but growl in excitement.

“Let’s get started.”

With a silent voice, Luo Chen used his Inner Force to communicate the power of Key Stone.

At the same time, Charizard in the air also urged the Mega Evolution within the body, and terrifying energy surged within the body.

Along with the simultaneous opening of the Mega Evolution stone and the Key Stone, Luo Chen and Charizard had the same heart and started Mega Evolution together.


next moment, I saw Charizard’s body wrapped in bright rays of light of evolution!

At this moment, while the light of evolution flooded Charizard, everyone was stared wide-eyed.

Wait, what did they see?

This is the light of evolution?

But… isn’t Charizard a Pokemon that has undergone three stages of evolution?

Is there still a fourth stage evolution in Pokemon?

unheard-of, they are the first time they have seen such an outrageous thing!

Different from Lucario’s Mega Evolution, which is close to autonomous evolution, it can be completed in an instant.

Charizard’s Mega Evolution is going to slow down a lot, and they can clearly see the light of evolution, Charizard’s silhouette is constantly changing.

They are really familiar with the process of this kind of physical change, and it can’t help but convince them that the changes that are happening in Charizard at this time are evolution!

In the shattering of the light of evolution, Mega Charizard y’s silhouette officially appeared in front of the world for the first time!

“Mega Evolution? Charizard really evolved!”

Guo Lun Elite murmured to Charizard, who had already changed a look in the sky.

As an Elite who specializes in Fire Type, he naturally knows Charizard a lot, but this is the first time he has heard of something like Mega Evolution!

“It’s really evolution, the fourth stage evolution that broke the limit of life!”

The fact is in front of them, and they all accepted it from their hearts.

But the unbelievable in their eyes can’t hide it!

“Life Leap, did he really complete that experiment?”

Jiang Zhelin and the others couldn’t help but sounded another identity of Luo Chen, thinking of the Life Leap Laboratory.

Luo Chen, as the Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster, seems to have made breakthrough progress in life transition!

It is conceivable that when Luo Chen really shows this kind of Mega Evolution to the world, whether it is Pokemon or academia, it will be crazy!

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