Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 889


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“This is not over yet!”

“Victini, unlimited energy!”

“Chandelure, use Sunny Day moves!”

In the field, Luo Chen squeezed the Key Stone in his hand, and ordered loudly.

“Bini Bini.”

“huhuhu ~”

Victini and Chandelure are fast nodded.

Afterwards, I saw a golden flame burning on Victini’s body, quickly transferring the infinite energy of his within the body to Mega Charizard.

At the same time, Chandelure was in mid-air, and his whole body was burning violently at this time, and he rushed directly into the Sunny Day sun created by Entei.

Under Chandelure’s Flash Fire Characteristic Trait, all the Fire Type energy in the field is continuously absorbed by Chandelure, making Chandelure’s body a horrible Fireball exuding fiery energy, one after another heat wave is like a normal normal towards All directions spread, making the entire space sway one after another ripples, becoming distorted.

“The last is this move, Mega Charizard, the form of the sun dragon!”

As Luo Chen’s voice fell, Mega Charizard y burned with fierce flames.

With the Characteristic Trait of the drought, Mega Charizard y exerted the power of the sunny fire to its limit.

At this moment, Mega Charizard y has completely turned into a round of scorching sun, and the power of Sunny Day is all over his body.

Immediately afterwards, the silhouette of Mega Charizard y plunged into the Fireball condensed by Chandelure, and the whole body fuse together with the flame.


Suddenly, a cluster of golden flames burst out of the burning Fireball.

Then the entire Fireball was burned into yellow gold, and the horrible energy fluctuations continued to radiate.

In the flames, Mega Charizard is like a golden Phoenix on fire, with golden flames burning on its wings.

The flame kept burning and twisting, and finally turned into a fire dragon phantom to completely envelop Mega Charizard.

At the same time, on Charizard’s head, Victini grasped Mega Charizard’s double horns, and continuously poured his infinite energy into Mega Charizard’s within the body.


Under Mega Charizard’s angry roar, the space trembled violently.

Giratina in the distance naturally felt the power of Mega Charizard, and the silhouette also accumulated power.

The dark energy envelops the whole body, and Giratina’s silhouette seems to merge with the shadow, half of the body is hidden in the void.

“Is this Mega Charizard?”

“Really strong power. At this time, Mega Charizard may not be weak, Giratina is weak, right?”

“It’s getting started. Both Pokemon are starting to accumulate their strongest strength. This move is the time to directly divide the winner!”

Looking at the two Pokemon who are constantly facing each other in the air, everyone’s faces are now dignified, and their silhouettes retreat, allowing Pokemon to protect themselves.

“Mega Charizard, the roar of Flame Dragon!”

Under Lucario’s protection, Luo Chen looked towards the air and spoke calmly.


Along with a dragon roar, golden flames surged in Mega Charizard’s silhouette, converging to the mouth, and finally turned into a dragon’s breath surging out, penetrating towards the opposite Giratina.

At the same time, the Giratina silhouette on the opposite side moved, and the whole body was wrapped in the shadow, and it was directly transformed into a Black illusory shadow and flashed in the air. The shadow sneak attack was used by Giratina.


In midair, the golden flames collided with the dark phantom.

After that, I saw Black’s silhouette penetrating the golden flame like a sword, and the whole thing was inserted horizontally.

In the process of running through the flames, the pitch-black energy and the golden flames are still clashing. Black and the gold are mixed, and the two energies are constantly raging towards all directions.

“A terrible confrontation.”

At this time, everyone who was watching the battle clenched their fists tightly.

The confrontation in the field was really fierce. There was no surprise which Pokemon won.


At this moment, Guo Lun said excitedly.

In the field, Giratina’s shadow sneak attack was completely resisted.

In the mid-air, Giratina’s silhouette still blends into the shadows, but the silhouette, which was originally forward like a sword, has completely stopped at this time.

Immediately afterwards, under the attack of the golden fiery flames, the shadows wrapped around Giratina continued to dissipate.

“You can win, roar roar roar!”

In the air, Mega Charizard saw his flame suppress Rival, and Roar got excited.

At the same time, Victini, who was standing on Mega Charizard’s head, also waved a small fist in excitement.

If it is more than a protracted battle, it is not afraid of having unlimited energy!

Then, after a short stalemate, the flames flooded the shadows, and a golden pillar of fire penetrated the Ground from the air!


Amid the horrible explosion, golden flames raged and burned everything!

“Won, Charizard won!”

Seeing this scene, everyone was excited.

The powerful Giratina was defeated by Charizard at this time!

“Do not let your guard down until the final result comes out.”

Luo Chen suddenly opened the mouth and said at this time. As a transmigrator, he knows the power of Giratina best.

As the owner of Reverse World, Giratina’s power is definitely at the most peak of this World.

Although I don’t know why this Giratina is so weak, I still can’t look down upon it!

huhuhu ~

After a while, the golden flames gradually extinguished.

With a sudden roar, I saw Giratina’s silhouette suddenly flying high in the sky.

But before everyone in the court reacted, Giratina’s silhouette was suddenly blurred and slowly disappeared into the air.


Everyone’s hearts tightened immediately, their eyes looked around, fearing that Giratina would suddenly burst out of the shadows.

“Giratina has indeed disappeared.”

“If I guess right, this is just a projection made by the real Giratina.”

“Giratina is the Mega Legendary Pokemon of Ghost Type. It is not difficult to create a soul projection.”

“And this can also explain the main reason why Giratina’s strength is so weak.”

Luo Chen was silent for a while, suddenly opened the mouth and said, and put forward his own conjecture.

At the same time, his gaze looked towards the top of the mountain in the distance, and towards the location of the Spear Pillar.

According to the legend, the creator god made Dialga, Palkiya and Giratina on Spear Pillar.

It now appears that Spear Pillar is also connected to Reverse World, where there is a channel linking two worlds.

After feeling their arrival before, Giratina of another world created a soul projection to expel them.

However, Giratina in Reverse World seems to be restricted in some way, and cannot descend into this World.

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