Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 890


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“Connect to the channel of Reverse World.”

After having some guesses in his heart, Luo Chen couldn’t help but feel a little headache.

First, Groudon, the monster of the earth, then Yveltal, which may be born, and now another Giratina.

These Mega Legendary Pokemon, whichever one comes to the real world, is fatal to the destruction of the real world.

Vaguely, this World seems to have become a little uneven, and it is full of deadly threats everywhere.

“No matter what, we are finally safe.”

Jiang Zhelin Captain was also fiercely relieved Hideki at this time, and made it to Ground.

At the same time, Mega Charizard in mid-air also exited the Mega Evolution form, and gathered Victini and Chandelure.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were on Charizard, and the surprised expression appeared in their eyes again.

Charizard after evolution has degenerated at this time?

What’s the situation? Can Pokemon degenerate after evolution?

And Mega Evolution, what kind of power is this?

Seriously, the power that Mega Charizard showed before really shocked everyone!

Speaking of evolution and degradation, they all looked towards Lucario next to Luo Chen involuntarily.

Why are they so familiar with this ability?

Is the morphological change that Lucario has always shown also Mega Evolution?

If you say that, besides Charizard, can Mega Evolution have other Pokemon?

After thinking of this, Jiang Zhelin Captain’s eyes became fiery.

If they can really master Mega Evolution, this will undoubtedly be very terrifying for their improvement!

huhuhu ~

As several people looked up and down Charizard and Lucario, there was a sudden gust of wind in the distance.

I saw a Bi Diao galloping from a distance quickly. Sitting on Bi Diao’s body were two people, Zhang Wei Elite and Xu Hao Champion who had gone to rescue soldiers before.

The sharper gaze was immediately Lock On Luo Chen and the others on Ground, and the silhouette swooped down quickly.

After landing on Ground, the Poké Ball in Xu Hao Champion’s hands opened, and six Fighting Type Pokemon with a terrifying imposing manner appeared in the field.

“Are you all okay?”

Looking at Luo Chen and all of them are there, Xu Hao Champion is relaxed.

Afterwards, his gaze looked towards the surroundings with alert, looking for Giratina in Zhang Wei’s mouth.

“Hey, where did Giratina go?”

“Did you successfully rid Giratina?”

Zhang Wei Elite also looked around at this time, very puzzled.


Jiang Zhelin Captain groaned, then looked towards Luo Chen with some hesitation.

He didn’t know for a while whether he should tell Xu Hao Champion about Mega Evolution.

Under the gaze of Jiang Zhelin Captain, Luo Chen is slightly nodded.

Since Mega Evolution has been shown in front of several people, he himself has no intention of hiding it.

In addition, the successive appearances of Mega Legendary Pokemon’s silhouettes all herald a crisis that may be coming soon.

In this case, Mega Evolution can improve the overall strength of Alliance at the fastest speed.

And in this process, he can also grow rapidly with the resources provided by Assist Alliance.

So, now is the best time to announce the Mega Evolution!

“Giratina, defeated by Charizard.”

After getting permission from Luo Chen, Captain Jiang directly opened the mouth and said.

“Defeat by Charizard?”

Zhang Wei Elite was taken aback after listening, and the whole person was even more confused.

Are all the strengths Giratina demonstrated before are fake?

Giratina was defeated by Charizard?

“What a scary flame trail.”

“Has a Champion-level Fire Type Pokemon appeared here before?”

At this time, Xu Hao Champion’s Pokemon also checked the battlefield and made a judgment.

“Fire-type Champ level Pokemon?”

“Wait, Charizard defeated Giratina?”

“Does Charizard have Champion-level strength?”

After combining the two pieces of information, Liu Wei Elite came to a conclusion that shocked him.

“Charizard? Champion level?”

Xu Hao Champion also set his sights on Charizard at this time.

Judging from the breath exuding from Charizard’s body now, it should not be too strong.

Although it is considered a good Pokemon among Elite Level Pokemon, it is still far away from Champion Level.

In this case, Jiang Zhelin said that Charizard defeated Giratina, which made him even more puzzled.

“It seems to be the power of Assist team battle, and then relying on Charizard to complete the lore.”

Xu Hao Champion’s eyes once again looked at the traces of the battle in the field, and he also got a conclusion in his heart.

After that, his attention did not focus too much on Charizard, but he looked up towards the summit of Snow Mountain.

According to Zhang Wei’s previous words, that Giratina appeared from Ancient Vestige on the top of the mountain.

After that, Xu Hao Champion didn’t ask a few people how to defeat Giratina. Now the most important thing is to go to the Ancient Vestige on the top of the mountain to investigate.

As for how Jiang Zhelin and the others defeated Giratina, after returning, he can check the camera device Jiang Zhelin and the others carry to get the answer.

When Jiang Zhelin and the others were exploring the secret realm, they all carried a camera device. In addition to better recording the situation in the secret realm, it was also the best way to test the cooperation of Jiang Zhelin and his team.

Soon, following Xu Hao Champion, their entire group also climbed to the top of the mountain.

During this process, no Pokemon came out to stop it. Obviously, the appearance of Giratina before has made all Pokemon terrified.

“Ancient Vestige…”

“This place actually depicts the murals of Palkiya and Dialga.”

“Since Giratina is portrayed with these two Mega Legendary Pokemons, they are obviously Pokemons of the same level.”

“Three Mega Legendary Pokemon and Giratina projection appeared. This place seems to be connected to another secret realm.”

After checking the situation of Spear Pillar, Xu Hao Champion’s face also became serious.

It is about the Ancient Vestige of Mega Legendary Pokemon, even if he is Champion, he dare not take the slightest care.

If the real Mega Legendary Pokemon comes, even if he is a Champion level Trainer, he will be completely powerless to resist!

After briefly checking the situation of this Ancient Vestige, Xu Hao Champion took Luo Chen and the others to leave the secret of Snow Mountain.

After this, there will be a department that specializes in processing Mega Legendary Pokemon information to take care of this matter, and there is no need for them to worry about it.

What they have to do is to improve their strength as soon as possible and get a good place in the upcoming world competition, so that they can get more resources for Thousand City Alliance.

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