Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 891


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Thousand City Alliance headquarters, Conference Hall.

At this time, the chairperson is summoning the leaders of various departments to hold a meeting.

Before the meeting started, the grand speaker’s face looked very solemn.

“President, what happened?”

Looking at the speaker’s application, everyone in the room was very puzzled.

Have there been any major events in the Alliance recently?

Why the speaker’s expression is so solemn.

“You will understood after reading this.”

The President did not immediately answer the question, but signaled the assistant to open the camera projection.

After that, a piece of Snow Mountain appeared on the big screen. On the top of Snow Mountain, the Spear Pillar Ancient Vestige appeared.

“Is this the new Ancient Vestige?”

Looking at the ruins in the field, some councillors became curious.

It seems that Alliance has discovered some incredible secrets in this secret realm.

The President still didn’t speak at this time, motioning everyone to continue watching.

“Dialga, Palkya and…Giratina?!”

Looking at the carvings on the stone pillar, some researchers who studied the Pokemon civilization exclaimed.

These three Pokemons are all Mega Legendary Pokemons that exist in the legend, and they control the power of time and space.

Now, the sculpture of this Pokemon actually appeared in this Ancient Vestige, indicating that this is a mystery related to Mega Legendary Pokemon.

As everyone in the field was discussing the three Mega Legendary Pokemon, a black shadow appeared on the screen, slowly turning into Giratina’s silhouette.

Looking at the appearance of this silhouette, everyone was shocked. The living Mega Legendary Pokemon had actually come to this World!

“Luo Chen, how are they?”

After seeing this scene, President and Champion Qing Yan and others who knew Luo Chen were all worried at this time.

With the power of Mega Legendary Pokemon, Elite Level Trainer is very difficult to escape from its attack.

However, as they kept looking at the Barrier’s image, they also relaxed a little.

The strength of this Giratina and the Mega Legendary Pokemon in their impression seem to have some way out.

Relying on the strength of this six-man team, Giratina’s offense was still delayed, but it seemed that it was still supported for a while.

“It seems that Xu Hao Champion defeated Giratina.”

Watching Zhang Wei in the team leave the battlefield to ask for help, this idea also appeared in their hearts.

“Wait, what is Luo Chen going to do?”

It didn’t take long for President and Champion Qing Yan and the others to have this idea in their minds.

Under their gaze, Luo Chen on the big screen released Charizard, Victini and Chandelure.

When the evolved rays of light radiated from Charizard, everyone in the field was shocked.

Is there still four stages of evolution in Charizard?

At this time, this idea also appeared in their minds uncontrollably.

Under everyone’s gaze, the rays of light of evolution slowly dissipated, and the silhouette of Mega Charizard y appeared in the field.

Looking at this Pokemon in the field, which is obviously Charizard’s evolutionary form, everyone’s eyes are rounded, something unimaginable what happened in front of them.

Pokemon’s fourth stage evolution… it actually exists, this is an evolution beyond the limit!

Subsequently, Mega Charizard opened the sun dragon form in the shock of everyone’s eyes.

Even through a screen, everyone can feel the strength of Charizard after evolution!

In the end, this evolved Charizard defeated Giratina by relying on the golden flames, making the entire video fall into Veilstone.

Although the video is over, everyone in the field has been unable to calm down for a long time.

Relying on Mega Evolution, Charizard actually has a fighting power that can rival the Champion-level Giratina.

Although this has the credit of Victini and Chandelure, there is still no denying the power of Charizard Mega Evolution.

Even without the power of Victini and Chandelure, Charizard Mega Evolution has already touched the threshold of Champion!

“The Speaker, is that really evolution?”

“Charizard has evolved again…”

After a long time, a representative asked this sentence slowly.

“Yes, Charizard has evolved again.”

The speaker nodded continued: “I have learned about this from Luo Chen.”

“And this is exactly what Luo Chen discovered in the Life Transition Laboratory during this period of time.”

After hearing the speaker’s words, the audience fell silent, and they all quietly absorbed these words.

Mega Evolution, this turned out to be discovered by Luo Chen, a 21-year-old researcher, which is really surprising.

At the same time, their hearts are also active. Is it possible for them to obtain Mega Evolution from Luo Chen’s hands?

If they can, they don’t mind paying some price for this. The meaning of Mega Evolution is too important for every Trainer and the family behind it!

“Luo Chen, it seems that we Thousand City Alliance need one more Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster.”

President was also recalling the news at this time, and he couldn’t help but said with some relief.

His original vision is right, Luo Chen will definitely become his perfect successor.

“Mega Charizard.”

“It seems that the entire world is about to change!”

Champion Qing Yan was also very excited at this time, clenching his fists.

If his Charizard can also evolve, then his strength will definitely be greatly improved.

It’s not just Champion Qing Yan, all Trainers and Researchers in the field are crazy.

It can be imagined that once this incident spreads to the outside world, it will surely cause an uproar and push Luo Chen directly to the top of this World.

“This is indeed Mega Evolution, and according to the research of Grandmaster Lu Chen, Charizard is not the only one capable of Mega Evolution, but…” the speaker explained, but when he couldn’t say it, he paused, making all People’s hearts are raised.

“However, it seems that only Grandmaster Lu Chen can perform this kind of Mega Evolution now. Even if others have the Items needed for Mega Evolution forever, they cannot evolve Mega Pokemon either.”

“This is also the next research that the Life Transition Laboratory will carry out. I believe that Mega Evolution will be able to meet with all of us soon.”

Listening to the speaker’s words, some Researchers couldn’t help but a little moved. The Researchers who can appear at the conference are undoubtedly Pokemon Grandmasters in the academic world.

At this time, after learning about Mega Evolution, they already wish they could join the Mega Evolution research immediately!

Now, they finally asked them to sign a confidential document before the meeting began. The information today is really shocking, everyone!

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