Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 892


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Southriver City, Raspriver Village.

After completing the exploration of the mystery, Luo Chen returned to the Life Transition Laboratory.

After the launch of Mega Evolution, he can fully imagine how much the Alliance will shake.

The shock came faster than he thought. The President found him in the morning of the 2nd day.

Champion Qing Yan is also with President this time.

Whether it is President or Champion Qing Yan, they are very close to Luo Chen.

At this time, they are also sent to learn more about Mega Evolution, and they will directly participate in the further research of Mega Evolution.

“Luo Chen, congratulations on becoming the third Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster in the history of Thousand City Alliance.”

“And, I believe that after Mega Evolution appears on the world stage, you will become a world-class Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster.”

President congratulated Luo Chen immediately after meeting Luo Chen and handed him the certificate of honor.

Looking at Luo Chen, President was also very moved at this time. The youngest Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster, the youngest Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster, and the third Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster in the history of Thousand City Alliance.

The title of each and everyone appeared on Luo Chen’s head, making him destined to be recorded in history!

“Thank you President.”

In the envious eyes of Professor Lin and Professor Yan, Luo Chen accepted the certificate.

Immediately afterwards, he also invited President and Teacher Qing Yan into the Laboratory.

“Teacher Qing Yan.”

In the Laboratory, Qing Lan has already been waiting here.

At this time, she saw Teacher Qing Yan coming in and hurriedly stepped forward to say hello.

“You still know that I am your Teacher.”

“After I came to Raspriver Village, I didn’t even go back to see if I forgot the Teacher.”

Champion Qing Yan also cracked a joke after seeing Qing Lan, making the latter blush slightly.

During her time in Raspriver Village, she really felt very comfortable. Luo Uncle and Aunt also took good care of her.

Suddenly, she completely forgot about time, and never thought of going back to Flame Metropolis.

“As long as you like it.”

Champion Qing Yan touched Qing Lan’s head, spoiling.

“Luo Chen, can you show us Mega Evolution?”

When entering the Laboratory, the President opened the mouth and said of the impatient.

In this regard, Luo Chen did not mean anything, and brought President and Teacher Qing Yan to the special laboratory.

In the entire laboratory, at this time there are only Luo Chen, Professor Lin, Professor Yan, Wang Ning, Qing Lan, President and Champion Qing Yan.

“This is really a good project, I am a little envious of you, Old Lin.”

President is also facing Professor Lin who is doing preparations next to him.

With the announcement of the results of experiments such as Mega Evolution, Professor Lin and Professor Yan will definitely leave their names.

“Actually…I didn’t help much.”

Professor Lin scratched his head slightly embarrassed after hearing this.

Their current research has just reached the level of studying primitive evolution.

But suddenly, Luo Chen directly announced Mega Evolution.

Now, even Professor Lin is at a loss. I don’t know how Luo Chen completed the Mega Evolution experiment.

Although what Luo Chen gave is that Mega Evolution is actually an evolution that returns Pokemon to its original form, but the success was too sudden!

“Mega Evolution is about to begin.”

The President did not notice the embarrassment shown by Professor Lin at this time, and looked towards the field.

At this time, Luo Chen was holding the Key Stone in his hand. This peculiarly textured bead suddenly attracted President’s attention.

“This is the one from Magic City Pokemon College.”

After a brief memory, the President was a little surprised.

In order to study the usefulness of this pearl, Magic City once gave it to the Pokemon Research Association for research.

But after some research, they not at all discovered the usefulness of this pearl.

Now it seems that this pearl is actually an Item that can assist Mega Evolution!

After preparing for Luo Chen’s side, Charizard on the opposite side was also released from Pok√© Ball.

In order to better show the power of Mega Evolution, Charizard has hung the Mega Evolution stone within the body on his chest at this time.

And this bead that made President familiar and no longer familiar, surprised him again.

Champion Qing Yan clenched his fists and directly invited Luo Chen to fight.

Seeing this, President is also watching with great interest. Sometimes data does not determine everything, but if there is combat data to assist, the data will be more real.

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