Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 893


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Life Jump Laboratory, a research room that specializes in collecting battle data.

Two Charizards are standing in the field at this time, and their Trainers are standing behind them.

roar roar roar.

Luo Chen’s Charizard and the child who is Champion Qing Yan Charizard himself also communicated at this time.

Luo Chen Charizard is very excited at this time. The impatient wants to express himself. At this time, Charizard is like a child.

“The battle begins.”

Qing Yan opened the mouth and said, holding his hands on his chest.

Although the opposite Charizard can perform Mega Evolution, he still doesn’t think his Charizard will fail.

“Charizard, Mega Evolution!”

Following, in Charizard’s surprised gaze, Mega Charizard y’s silhouette appeared in the field.

“roar roar.”

Charizard looked at Mega Charizard in the air, and suddenly felt an oppression from Life Level.

It feels like he encountered Charizard Normal when he was still Charmeleon.

“Mega Charizard, Flamethrower!”

After the battle opened, Luo Chen also commanded directly.

Suddenly, I saw a terrifying flame spit out from Mega Charizard’s mouth.

Although after evolution, Characteristic Trait of Character changed from Solar Power Characteristic Trait to Drought Characteristic Trait.

But after mastering the Drought-Sunny Day form, Charizard has integrated the power including Solar Power Characteristic Trait into the body through the Drought Characteristic Trait, making itself an incarnation of the sun.

“Charizard, we also use Flamethrower!”

Champion Qing Yan on the opposite side also opened the mouth and said, and raging flames also surged out of Charizard’s mouth.


The two flames collided violently in the field, shooting strong Ember.

“Evenly matched.”

“Although Teacher Qing Yan’s Charizard just used the normal Flamethrower.”

“But Charizard’s strength has reached the Champion level. The formidable power of this Flamethrower is not weak.”

“Is the power of Mega Charizard really so strong?”

Looking at the confrontation between two Pokemon in the air, Qing Lan was also very surprised.

“so that’s how it is, after the Character Mega Evolution, is the Characteristic Trait transformed into the Drought Characteristic Trait?”

“After obtaining the Drought Characteristic Trait, Charizard can be said to have obtained the perfect Drought-Sunny Day!”

Champion Qing Yan observes the power of Mega Charizard, and he has a general guess in his heart.

As Luo Chen thought, the temperature control ability that Charizard has mastered may be the ability of Mega Charizard.

The Drought-Sunny Day moves are also developed based on the power of Mega Charizard y, so Mega Charizard’s Drought-Sunny Day form can be so perfect.

“Charizard, Drought-Sunny Day!”

After a head-on confrontation, Champion Qing Yan also opened the mouth and said.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the terrifying sunny flames burning on Charizard’s body.

At the same time, Charizard’s Solar Power Characteristic Trait has also been brought to its limit, and its terrifying ability has raged out.

After that, two Pokemon displayed Flamethrower again, and the flame of Mega Charizard was instantly suppressed.

“If so, let’s come too, use the sun dragon!”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen also laughed and let Charizard use it all.

The fire and grass energy contained in Sunny Day was quickly mobilized by Charizard and turned into a golden flame to rise.

“Really strong golden flame.”

“Champion level, Mega Charizard, the sun dragon at this time, has faintly reached Champion level!”

Professor Lin is also constantly testing the power of Mega Charizard in the form of the sun dragon through the instrument.

“Even without Victini, is the strength close to the Champion level?”

President’s eyes kept flashing. After watching the previous fight between Mega Charizard and Giratina, he had a vague guess, and now this guess has been confirmed.

“Is the 21-year-old trainer close to the Champion level?”

After thinking about this, President couldn’t help but sucked in a cold breath.

In addition to becoming the youngest Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster in Pokemon academia, Luo Chen may become the youngest Alliance Champion!

In addition, Luo Chen is still a member of the World Tournament team. He suddenly looked forward to Luo Chen’s performance in the World Tournament.

I am afraid that even the strongest Trainers in the world competition may not be able to beat Luo Chen’s Mega Charizard!

bang bang bang!

Meanwhile, the battle in the field continued.

Mega Charizard used the Sun Dragon, the most Peak Level Certain Kill Skill, and vaguely gained the ability to compete with the Champion Charizard.

But this evenly matched battle did not last long. Under the double burden of the Sun Dragon and Mega Evolution, Mega Charizard was also forced to withdraw from the form of the Sun Dragon and Mega Evolution.

The battle is officially over here. Although Luo Chen’s Charizard lost, everyone was shocked by the strength he showed.

“Really strong’s Mega Evolution.”

“If my Charizard can also perform Mega Evolution…”

After thinking of this, Champion Qing Yan’s heart also became excited.

After mastering Mega Evolution, his Mega Charizard may be able to briefly contend those Mega Legendary Pokemon.

The more I think about Champion Qing Yan, the hotter I feel in my heart, and I can’t wait to start the research of Mega Evolution right away.

“hu, since everyone can’t wait, let’s just start researching.”

President took a deep breath, also opened the mouth and said, and took out the resources he brought from the Pokemon Research Association this time.

Because it is to study the evolution of Pokemon, this time Thousand City Alliance can be said to be a hemorrhage, bringing a lot of resources related to life energy.

However, as long as the Mega Evolution research can be successfully completed, all this is worth it. After all, the value of a Mega Evolution Pokemon is comparable to a legendary resource!

“Lots of resources.”

After seeing these resources, Luo Chen also took a deep breath.

This time he directly announced Mega Evolution, isn’t it just for these resources?

At the same time, in the next Mega Evolution research, he also has a general direction.

Maybe you can take this time to let yourself complete the research of autonomous Mega Evolution!

At the same time, his Pokemon, whose development direction is life energy, can also use this opportunity to improve themselves.

In addition, he knows that Mega Evolution needs to collect Mega Evolution stones and Key Stones. The most difficult thing is that Trainer needs to communicate with Key Stones through Inner Force.

Through research, it may be possible to get a way for normal humans to improve the Inner Force, which can also improve his Inner Force again.

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