Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 894


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Being immersed in research, time always flies quickly.

During this period, the entire world was also surging.

“Will Reverse World and Spear Pillar’s Secret Realm be integrated?”

In the Life Leap Laboratory, Luo Chen has been following Spear Pillar’s exploration news.

According to Alliance’s judgment, it seems that a Secret Realm is fusing with an unknown Secret Realm.

If they guessed right, behind this Secret Realm may be the world where Giratina is located.

Before, Giratina projected her soul into Secret Realm because of the connection between the two worlds.

Now, as time goes by, the fusion of the two worlds is proceeding rapidly.

“Mega Legendary Pokemon Giratina’s real body?”

President and Champion Qing Yan looked at the information in their hands at this time, and they also began to worry.

Giratina is the real Mega Legendary Pokemon, which is not comparable to the semifinished product Groudon.

When the time comes, the real Giratina arrives, even if they have gained the friendship of Regigigas, they may not be able to stop it.

Therefore, after receiving this news, the entire Thousand City Alliance has begun to exercise a high degree of alert.

Similarly, not only the Thousand City Alliance, but also other Alliances have recently discovered major events. The entire world suddenly feels like wind and rain.

In this case, Mega Evolution’s research becomes more important, which may become Trainer’s confidence in fighting disasters.

“It’s a pity, the world race is about to start.”

“Before this, it was impossible for Jiang Zhelin to learn Mega Evolution.”

President looked at the research data on Mega Evolution in his hand, sighed leisurely.

If Jiang Zhelin and the others can gain the power of Mega Evolution before the world game, then Thousand City Alliance will definitely have the strength to hit the final victory.

But after looking towards Luo Chen, President smiled again. In the world game this time, Luo Chen, a Trainer with a strength close to the Champion level, led the team. They were still very good in the world game this time. Hope to win.


Time is passing, and the new year April is coming soon.

Since the world tournament started in mid-April, during this period, the participating teams from the Alliance also arrived at the Liberty Alliance.

The venue of this Terri World Championship is the same venue as the previous World Youth Championship group, the Liberty Alliance Stadium.

On the 2nd day when I came to the Liberty Alliance, everyone in Thousand City Alliance was huge in the Conference Hall and began the final tactical arrangement.

“Okay, everyone is here, let’s just start the tactical meeting this time.”

Xu Hao Champion, as the coach of this Terri team, personally led the team to the Liberty Alliance this time.

After he watched everyone present, he also immediately announced the official start of the meeting at this time.

At this time, in the huge Conference Hall, there are seats all around, and a round table is placed in the center.

At the round table, Champion Xu Hao sat with Jiang Zhelin, Wen Xiaochuan, Guo Lun, Zhou Fei, Zhang Wei and Luo Chen.

And in the seats in the Conference Hall all around, all the members of the world reserve team are also here.

“Luo Chen…A full member of the world competition.”

Jun Yue and the others from the World Youth Championship group are among the members of the world reserve team.

They looked at Luo Chen sitting at the round table and looked at each other, bitterness in their eyes.

They are also members of the World Youth Championship team, and their status is so disparity today.

Now they are only members of the reserve team, and the purpose of coming here is also to accumulate experience for the next world game.

The world game this time is not their stage, their stage is four years later!

But at this time, Luo Chen, who is younger than them, has the qualification to be on the world stage.

Although it is only a substitute member, Luo Chen still has a great probability to play and will accompany the team to the end.

And this is the world competition this time. Luo Chen is really too young. In the next and the next, Luo Chen can still participate in the world competition.

Participate in the Three Terri World Tournament within 30 years old, which is also unique in the history of the world tournament!

It can be said that since Luo Chen won the World Youth Championship Champion, they are no longer in the same level!

“The meeting starts now.”

“The meeting we conducted at this time was mainly to explain the rules of the competition and the information about the Alliance.”

Coach Xu Hao started to operate the computer in front of him, projecting the information in the computer onto the screen.

“In terms of the rules of the game, the mode adopted is the world game Integral Points game. You should all understand it.”

“In addition, a total of 128 Alliances participated in the game this time. When the time comes, they will be divided into 16 teams, each with 8 teams.”

“In the first round group match, a double-loss match system was adopted, and the two teams from the winner group and the loser group were finally determined to advance to the next knock-out competition.”

“In the knock-out competition, the first group will match the second group, the third group and the fourth group, and so on.”

“In the course of the battle, the winners of the first group will match the losers of the second group, the losers of the first group will match the winners of the second group, and so on. The winner advances and the loser is eliminated directly.”

Coach Xu Hao began to explain the qualifications for the World Integral Points competition. There are 128 Alliances participating in the entire world competition. The competition is still very fierce, making everyone’s faces serious.

After introducing the rules of the game, Coach Xu Hao again began to introduce other Alliance information.

The Liberty Alliance, Western Alliance, Burning Sun Alliance, Tsarist Alliance, Indian Ocean Alliance, Red Sun Alliance and other powerful Alliances that need the Thousand City Alliance to arouse the most vigilance.

“Is there no Burning Sun Alliance?”

Listening to Coach Xu Hao’s introduction, Luo Chen suddenly remembered the Dill who had Darkrai and Guzzlord.

After so long, the Burning Sun Alliance didn’t make any response at all, which made Luo Chen’s browse frowned.

Is he really thinking too much, Dill just accidentally gained Yveltal’s power, and accidentally subdued Guzzlord?

But no matter what, he feels that Deere will definitely become a rival of the Thousand City Alliance this time.

In addition, due to the increasing number of crises from Pokemon world in recent years, there was the threat of Pokemon in Secret Realm before, and the threat of ocean disasters later.

And this time is in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. With continuous exploration, the Alliance of the Pacific Rim also discovered the existence of Alola Region Secret Realm.

While acquiring more resources, they also found some traces of disasters, which also made the Alliance headquarters vigilant.

Therefore, the resource rewards of this Terri World Tournament completely surpassed the previous world tournaments, making all Alliances that can reach the final victory crazy!

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