Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 895


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Time passed quickly, and the world race opened Veilstone.

world Pokemon Alliance competition, this is a celebration of all world trainers.

“Now, the opening ceremony of the world Alliance competition is about to begin!!!”

“Every four years, the Alliance teams from all over the world come together again.”

“This time the world Alliance competition is held here, Liberty Alliance Stadium…”

“Here, the outstanding Pokemon Trainer and their Pokemon form a team, each fighting for the Alliance behind him.”

“The Alliance team that won this time, who will aspire to the top of the world and win the title of the strongest Alliance?”

“Look, everyone, all Alliance teams have begun to enter the arena one after another. They are…”

The Liberty Alliance stadium opened again. Following Host’s passionate speech, all Alliance teams entered the venue with their national flags.

Each team consists of six people, consisting of five official players and one substitute player. At this time, they all greet the audience with their heads high.

Since I can represent the Alliance, it means that the six players on the field are all the most outstanding Trainers under 30 years old in their respective Alliances. This is a great honor for the Trainer itself.

“Hey, that player from Thousand City Alliance, why do I feel so familiar?”

Due to the inconvenience of transportation, most of the audience at the scene was from Liberty Alliance.

At this time, a part of the audience also noticed Luo Chen from the Thousand City Alliance team, with thoughts on his face.

“It’s the guy named Luo Chen!”

Suddenly, a student from Harvard Pokemon Colllege exclaimed.

The last time Luo Chen came to Liberty Alliance, the first stop then went Harvard Pokemon Colllege.

And in Harvard Pokemon Colllege, Luo Chen swept the audience directly, so that Harvard Pokemon Colllege students remember him.

Originally, they all hoped that members of the World Youth Championship team from Harvard Pokemon Colllege would defeat Luo Chen to make a shame.

But the final result was that Luo Chen swept the entire world directly and directly won the final Champion, shocking everyone!

In addition, in the later Alliance competition, Luo Chen swept all the way to win the Champion of the Alliance competition, and in the final challenge to the Elite, directly defeated Oni Elite, which shocked everyone.

Although Oni Elite didn’t use all their strength at all at the time, the Pokemon called Meilu Mehta already had the power to fight Elite!

It’s just that they have Elite Level combat power in their twenties, and they are shocked by Luo Chen’s strength!

“He was the Champion of the last World Youth Championship!”

At the same time, those spectators who watched the World Youth Championship match in the field also recognized Luo Chen.

In recognizing Luo Chen, a question suddenly appeared in their minds.

Why do players from the World Youth Championship group appear in the world competition?

According to the rules of the competition, the age of the World Youth Championship players is under 22 years old, while the age of the world competition players is under 30 years old.

Now two years of the world have passed, and the oldest player in the World Youth Championship group is only 24 years old. Did you participate in the world competition under the age of 24?

Is this Luo Chen’s strength in addition to being invincible at the same age, but he can leapfrog against these 30-year-old Senior Trainers?

A Trainer has participated in both the World Youth Championship and the World Championship. This is the first time they have seen this!

“Is there no one in Thousand City Alliance?”

This idea appeared in the minds of these audiences.

Only the six strongest members of the Alliance can participate in the world competition.

It’s like their Liberty Alliance, although Jock, who is in the same class as Luo Chen, has barely reached Elite Level with Darkrai.

But this kind of strength is naturally impossible to participate in the world competition. After all, among all the Elites, he is still very immature.

Their real stage is four or eight years later, when the time comes is their generation’s world.

But now, Luo Chen has broken this rule and participated in the world competition in that year.

“That is Luo Chen?”

In the guest table, at this time Liberty Alliance executives are also looking at Luo Chen.

The results of the Elite Exchange Tournament at this time are naturally clear to them.

Since Luo Chen can beat everyone in the same session to become the Exchange Championship Champion, it shows that Luo Chen’s strength has indeed reached the standard for participating in the world game.

Of course, their Liberty Alliance’s Oni Elite is only a substitute member, which does not mean anything!

While the audience was cheering and discussing, the flame runner holding the flame also entered the sports field from the central passage and lit the sacred flame.

The sacred fire symbolizes the meanings of peace, light, unity and friendship. It is also set up to commemorate the fire god Prometheus who stole fire for mankind, and represents inheritance.

So in major competitions, the torch relay and lighting of the torch are indispensable and important!

“The torch of the Liberty Alliance, I heard that it came from the immortal flame of Legendary Pokémon, and it is a legendary resource in itself.” In the team, Luo Chen also looked at the torch burning on the torch platform.

During this time, in order to study Mega Evolution and life energy, he came into contact with many legendary resources, including the legendary Moltres flame.

However, compared with the flames of Moltres, the life energy contained in the holy fire in the field seems to be more powerful.

With the ignition of the torch, the audience suddenly boiled.

The burning flame indicates that the world Pokemon Alliance competition is about to begin!

Then the beginning is the first part of the game, the lottery that determines the order of the battle.

First in the first round draw, 128 Alliances participating in the world game will be divided into 16 groups.

I saw the flag icons representing their respective Alliances flashing on the big screen, and finally 16 Alliances were divided first.

As can be seen from the Alliance represented by the flag icon, the Alliance that was selected first was the top 16 of the previous Alliance.

The national flag of the Liberty Alliance is ranked first, representing the identity of the Liberty Alliance in the last World Championship!

Thousand City Alliance ranks eighth, which also represents the results of Thousand City Alliance in the last world competition.

The sixteen national flag icons represent the top sixteen of the previous world competition, and they were also filled into sixteen groups in turn.

Immediately afterwards, other Alliance flag icons were also scrambled on the big screen, and began to randomly fill the sixteen groups.

There are a total of eight Alliance teams in each of the sixteen groups. At this time, the allocation is completed. The next group stage of the world game will be held.

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