Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 896


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After the draw, each team returned to the rest area of ​​their Alliance.

“How do we fight this time?”

Guo Lun squeezed his fist a little excitedly.

The world competition at this time is a team Integral Points mode competition conducted by Alliance, including five types of competitions: singles, doubles, threes, all-hands and five-man team.

So, in all team Integral Points mode matches, there are a total of six games consisting of two singles, one doubles, one triples, one full match and one five-man team match.

Before the start of the game, each Alliance team will first hand over the position table of the team players, so it is time to test the coach’s ability to line up in the background.

“The Rival of the First Stage of our group stage is the West Mexico Alliance, which is not very strong.”

“However, since it is the first round competition, we naturally have to play an imposing manner, and we have to seal Rival.”

Coach Xu Hao looked at the Rival message in front of him, and he opened the mouth and said in an imposing manner.

“Then we will send the top four directly.”

Guo Lun started to exercise his muscles and bones. According to the Elite ranking, he was just fourth.

According to the distribution of points, the percentage of points for singles, doubles and triples matches is 2 points, the percentage of points for all-team matches is 3 points, and the percentage of points for the final team match is 4 points. 15 marks.

So you only need to win the first four games to get 8 points, and you can directly get the final victory!

“Well, I think so too.”

“So this time, Luo Chen and Jiang Zhelin played the first two singles.”

“Wen Xiaochuan assisted in doubles, and finally Zhang Wei was in charge of three hits, and Guo Lun played all players.”

Coach Xu Hao, nodded, directly announced the list of matches this time.


Guo Lun, who was going ahead and planning to play, almost fell into a catwalk.

He slowly widened his eyes, and he didn’t even have himself in the top four.

Afterwards, his gaze looked towards Luo Chen’s substitute, and suddenly he fell silent.

The strength of that Charizard…

Forget it, cannot afford to offend cannot afford to offend.

Soon, the lineup of Thousand City Alliance was confirmed.

Since Thousand City Alliance takes the lead in the eighth group, they naturally start the opening game.

On both sides of the battle arena, Thousand City Alliance and West Mexico Alliance came to the players stand and waited.

After the players of both sides entered the field, Host also began to speak of which, and announced the names of the first stage singles matches of both sides.

“Thousand City Alliance is the first substitute player to play?”

When they heard the players from Thousand City Alliance, the audience was stunned and very puzzled.

On the other hand, Ximo Alliance, who was on the opposite side, his face grew gloomy.

Although the trainer of their West Mexico Alliance is indeed weaker than the Thousand City Alliance as a whole, you are the first to directly send the 21-year-old substitute player. Is it a bit too small to look down on them?

“Simons, must teach that Little Brat a lesson!”

The teammates of the West Mexico Alliance began to cheer for Simmons who played first.

This battle is the opening battle for both Alliances, and they have also challenged when they line up.

Simons is the Ranked 2nd player in their team, second only to their Captain.

And Simmons’s Pokemon is Dragon Type, the fighting style is very fierce, and it can definitely suppress Rival instantly.

“Boy, you’d better send your strongest Pokemon directly.”

“It would be boring if I can easily wear it by my Pokemon.”

Simmons’s face showed a win-winner look. He would definitely win if he won. What he was thinking at this time was how he could win the most beautiful.

“It seems to be underestimated again.”

Looking at Rival who was a little overwhelmed on the other side, Luo Chen shook his head, then looked down at Poké Ball on his waist.

This time, he brought all his Pokemon, so that they could keep their silhouette in the world game.

But who should be sent in this first battle?

Soon, the battle started with the announcement of referee, Luo Chen’s side was the first hand.

“My first hand?”

“Then it is you in the First Stage battle.”

Luo Chen took the first Poké Ball around his waist and opened it.

Along with a burst of white light, a huge silhouette is on the battlefield. It is Pokemon Sandslash, the initiator of Luo Chen!

In the First Stage of the world game, he gave the opening opportunity to his starter Pokemon.

roar roar roar!

Sandslash was a little excited when he came out, and roared up to the sky.

“This is… the Sandslash that defeated Darkrai!”

Watching Sandslash’s debut, the audience was surprised, after all, the red bristles on Sandslash’s back were too conspicuous.

However, the previous Sandslash was not so big, and this size is too exaggerated!

“Totem Pokemon.”

Simmons on the opposite side saw the silhouette of Totem Sandslash, and smiled slightly.

Although I don’t know the strength of Totem Sandslash, it’s just that this size is still very oppression force.

“My first Pokemon is it!”

On the opposite side, Simmons directly dispatched the dragon and Kommo-o of Fighting double attribute.

Obviously, after thinking about it, he still feels the most beautiful victory after head-on confrontation!

“The first hand is mine, Sandslash use Rapid Spin.”

Luo Chen opened the mouth and said directly, and saw Sandslash landed on one foot, with two claws on the top of his head, making a quick selection like a spinning top.

During the process of spinning, a terrifying air current swirled around Sandslash’s body, transforming into a Rapid Spin Twister.

Fighting at first, Sandslash used the Rapid Spin combo, bringing this Peak Level skill to the world stage!

“Kommo-o, Qi Hequan!”

On the opposite side, Kommo-o made a Stockpile pose with both hands.

Then I saw Dragon Type energy and Fighting Type energy appearing on Kommo-o’s hands.

The two energies turned into two air currents and merged together in Kommo-o’s palm, turning into a terrifying punched out, punching out like a dragon!

Two figures approached quickly.

But before the two Pokemons collided, the air currents from them began to collide violently.


At this moment, Luo Chen spoke suddenly.

Immediately afterwards, I saw a white light flashed and passed away, cutting everything away!

Then, there is no more.

After this white light flashed, Kommo-o’s silhouette flew out directly.


A violent roar appeared, and Kommo-o’s silhouette hit the protective wall heavily.

With one move, Kommo-o was directly killed by a spike!

“Rapid Spin, Sword Dance and Slash.”

“Assist with Rapid Spin and Sword Dance to condense the power in one claw and cut it out directly.”

“Sandslash’s Rapid Spin combo has become stronger again.”

Looking at Sandslash’s tragic moves, Xu Hao Champion was nodded with satisfaction.

It seems that during the period of separation, Luo Chen has achieved amazing growth.

Of course, only a few people in the field can see Sandslash’s hidden skills in Slash.

Most people don’t know what happened, they just feel that Sandslash’s simple Rapid Spin will blow Kommo-o into the air.

Does this Totem Sandslash look really strong?

Except for their size, they really don’t feel that Sandslash is strong there, so it must be the Trainer too weak from the West Mexico Alliance on the opposite side. Yes, it must be so.

“What, is this too strong?”

Simmons on the opposite side would naturally not consider himself weak.

At this time, he also looked towards Luo Chen on the opposite side with a look of ghosts.

The strength of this Sandslash is really too terrifying, even if their Captain’s Trump Card is only this level, right?

After a little hesitation, Simmons sent Salamence, who was able to fly, to fight.

Your Sandslash is such a big body, wouldn’t you tell you that you can also fly?

For this, Sandslash can’t fly if it wants to fly, but for Rival in the air, Sandslash can completely use Sandstorm to suppress it.

Looking at Sandslash, which uses the Rapid Spin to control the power of Sandstorm, Simmons once again doubted his life.

In the field at this time, Sandslash used the combination of rounding and Rapid Spin, and I saw a Sandstorm at this time was directly transformed into a semicircular cover and half of the field was covered.

And these Sandstorms continue to Spin Rapidly under the power of Rapid Spin, just like a Great Millstone, constantly draining Salamence’s physical strength.

At this time, Salamence was really too uncomfortable. Its best Fire Type attack was completely blocked by the fast-rotating Sandstorm at this time, and fell into an extremely embarrassing situation.

As Sandslash began to incorporate the power of Rollout moves into the spinning Sandstorm, Salamence, who was still in the Struggle in the Sandstorm, could no longer stabilize his figure and was directly involved in the Sandstorm!

Fighting here, Luo Chen can also see that the Ximo Alliance is indeed not strong. At this time, facing his Totem Sandslash, the opponent has no power to parry.

Hurry up and wear six neatly, Sandslash also completed the first show perfectly, of course, this is also Luo Chen’s first show.

Thousand City Alliance’s first round competition was won without any suspense. After 8 points were scored, Lock On won the game early.

After seeing this scene, Guo Lun Elite slowly sighed, and he really didn’t have the chance to play. He was surely seated in the position of the fifth in ten thousand years old.

But in the subsequent lottery session, when he saw that Rival was the South Exceed Alliance, he suddenly became a little more complicated.

This South Exceed Alliance is no better than the West Mexico Alliance. In terms of Trainer’s strength, the South Exceed Alliance has always been very good, even the Thousand City Alliance dare not take the slightest care.

The reason why he is happy is that the first four games of Thousand City Alliance are very likely to roll over. In this case, he can play!

The reason for the complexity is that Thousand City Alliance loses one game, but if it loses another game, then the situation is a bit bad. From the heart, he still hopes that Thousand City Alliance can win the game all the way. .

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