Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 897


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2nd day, the semi-finals of the group stage.

Because the Rival we are facing today is a formidable enemy, the atmosphere is a bit solemn.

“Luo Chen, the First Stage is up to you.”

There was no accident. Luo Chen still played the first round competition.

“Sure enough, it’s that substitute player again.”

After seeing Luo Chen on the court, the face of the South Exceed Alliance opposite showed such an expression.

In terms of hard power, the Thousand City Alliance is undoubtedly stronger.

So in order to deal with Thousand City Alliance, South Exceed Alliance has made sufficient preparations.

In all the first four games, they only need to win two games to get 4 points, and then they can use their most familiar team battle to decide the final victory.

The first Luo Chen to play in the opening game is what they think is the biggest breakthrough of Thousand City Alliance. As long as they win this game and then cooperate with their Captain game, 40% of their goals are That’s it.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely win this game.”

Luo Chen showed a smile on his face and walked quickly towards the playing field.

His Rival, Fan Xiong, was already standing opposite, watching Luo Chen come on, with a smile on his face as if the cat had caught the mouse.

“I caught you.”

Fan Xiong smiled and opened the mouth and said.

Through understanding, he knows that Luo Chen’s best Attributes include Rock, Ground and Steel type Pokemon.

And what he is best at is Fighting Type. Whether it is strength or Attribute, he feels that he has an absolute advantage.

Well, of course there is age.

“Caught it?”

Looking at Fan Xiong’s face holding the winning ticket, Luo Chen shook his head slightly.

“Hey, big fist is hard power, let you see my power!”

Fan Xiong sneered, throwing the Poké Ball in his hand, and a Strength appeared in the field.

After Strength appeared on the stage, Fan Xiong and Strength took various Bulk Up poses to show their muscles.

“Fighting Type Pokemon.”

Luo Chen groaned, then glanced at the relaxed Fan Xiong in the opposite eye.

After some hesitation, he took a Poké Ball at the back of his waist and opened it.

Along with the white light flashing, a silhouette slowly emerged.

“This Pokemon is…Shuckle?”

Looking at Pokemon appearing in the field, the audience was taken aback, and then there was an uproar.

Seriously, this is the first time they have seen Pokemon like Shuckle in a world game.

It’s just that this kind of Pokemon is really qualified to participate in the battle of the world game?

In addition to the defensive power of the Pokemon like Shuckle, it is really too weak in terms of speed, attack and physical strength!

Being passively beaten blindly, but impossible won the final victory!

“Are you sure you are not cracking a joke?”

The face of Fan Xiong on the opposite side was completely gloomy at this time.

This is the world game, and it is the best stage for Alliance players to show their strength.

But at this time, his Rival started to play negatively. Isn’t this depriving him of the opportunity to express himself?

Faced with a Shuckle, his Pokemon will show up no matter how strong it is!

This is not the battle he wants, what he wants is an evenly matched battle between the two parties!

Then through fierce battles, he finally won the victory and fully demonstrated his strength. This is the perfect script!

This kind of Rival, what’s the point of winning? !

“If you don’t want to fight, you can admit defeat.”

Fan Xiong gritted his teeth and said word by word, Rage immediately on his face.

“Give up?”

Luo Chen saw this but shook his head slightly, guessing what the other person was thinking.

At the same time in the field, Shuckle also felt the opponent’s contempt, and his eyes became serious.

“Come here, my Shuckle is not afraid of you.”

Luo Chen directly opened the mouth and said, letting the opponent launch an attack.

“In that case, solve you quickly!”

Fan Xiong was coldly snorted and made Strength rushed up and directly used Superpower.

“Gyro Ball!”

Luo Chen followed by opened the mouth and said.

Then I saw two silhouettes colliding in the field, together.

Strength’s four hands are all turned into hand knives, and they are cut down against Shuckle fiercely!


Suddenly, a harsh sound rang out abruptly.

Strength’s hand knife and Shuckle’s Gyro Ball collided violently.

The horrible energy burst out in an instant, and Shuckle’s silhouette was directly smashed out.


Under the terrifying power of Strength, Shuckle’s silhouette was directly hit on the protective wall.

After that, Shuckle’s silhouette stopped spinning and dropped to the ground smoothly.

Looking at the calm expression on Shuckle’s face, we can see that Shuckle was not injured at all at this time.

“che, a hard turtle shell.”

Fan Xiong frowned, dissatisfied that Strength did not directly kill the opposite Shuckle.


Feeling the emotions of my Trainer, Strength gave a low growl and rushed up again.

“The real battle has just begun!”

“Shuckle, use Power Split move!”

Looking at Strength rushing up, Luo Chen spoke at the same time.

Shuckle saw this, a gleam of light flashed in Mung Bean’s big eyes.

Afterwards, within the body of Shuckle, Psychic Type energy suddenly emerged.

With a low growl, Psychic Type energy suddenly shot out from Shuckle’s body and connected to the opposite Strength.

Under this Psychic Type energy, Strength’s silhouette paused, and the whole body began to be enveloped in energy.

Suddenly, the expression of Strength changed. At this time, it can feel that its strength within the body is being extracted.

This feeling of energy changes within the body is very familiar. Every time you use the Bulk Up move, it can feel the increase in power.

It’s just this time. What it feels is that its own power is being drawn away, being continuously drawn out of the body by those Psychic Type energies.

With the launch of the Power Split move, two rays of light suddenly shot out from the bodies of Strength and Shuckle, and then the two energies merged in mid-air, and finally the fused energy suddenly split For two strands, each shot aggressively into Strength and Shuckle’s body.

Strength’s silhouette is still standing in place at this time, it can feel that its own strength has almost been drawn out.

bang bang bang!

On the other side, Shuckle’s whole body is slightly swelled at this time.

Along with Shuckle’s four feet stepping on the Ground, the entire field trembles slightly.

“What happened?”

“The power of that Shuckle seems to be stronger!”

Looking at this scene in the field, the audience was very puzzled.

If this happens to Strength, they will naturally not be surprised.

But this happened to Pokemon like Shuckle, which made everyone feel confused.

Can Shuckle also have the power to shake the earth?

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