Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 898


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“Power Split?”

“What kind of trick is this?”

“In terms of effects alone, Strength’s power has become weaker, while Shuckle’s power has become stronger.”

“Power Split, Power Split… Is it just like this name, Strength and Shuckle’s Power Split?”

The audience was also guessing what happened in the field at this time, and they were suddenly surprised when they thought of the effect Power Split could do.

The power of Shuckle who fights the five scums and the power of Strength are equally divided…

This completely weakened half of Strength. This is really terrifying for the weakening of Strength!

“Shuckle, good job.”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen also smiled.

Shuckle’s Power Split move, this is what he wants Shuckle to learn until now.

However, in addition to Shuckle’s weak attack power and speed, Inner Force is also a mess, unable to learn any Psychic Type moves.

Fortunately, after swallowing countless Inner Force Pok├ęblocks, Shuckle’s Inner Force finally reached the standard for learning Psychic moves.

In addition, during this period of research, Luo Chen and President, a Champion-level Psychic Type Trainer, had an in-depth exchange. Finally, through his own summary, Shuckle finally learned the Power Split moves.

Now, Shuckle has performed the Power Split move against Strength. The effect seems to be stronger than expected. In the real world, this move is definitely an ultimate weapon that weakens the opponent’s strength!

Now after Strength is weakened by half, it is like being interrupted with a hand Normal, and the battle strength is weakened greatly.

“Shuckle, ready to go, Rollout!”

Luo Chen looked towards Fan Xiong who was opposite, and Luo Chen became serious.

Shuckle nodded, first used the rounding move, and then used the Rollout move.

Because the manufacture of Pok├ęblock requires centrifugal force generated by rapid rotation to separate Berry impurities.

Now Shuckle’s Rollout moves make it absolutely proficient!

After gaining nearly half the strength of Strength, Shuckle’s move Rollout looks also terrifying.

“Strength, block it, use Power-Up Punch!”

Sheer Force Fan Xiong on the opposite side put away the worry in his heart, ordered.


Strength nodded, he struck a stance directly on the spot.

Fighting Type energy is concentrated on the fist, and it is fiercely hit with a punch.


The two Pokemon collided, causing the air to shake.

And this time, perhaps because of Power Split, the two attacks were evenly matched!

“Really even matched, Strength is the same as Shuckle!”

The scene before them undoubtedly confirmed their previous thoughts, and the audience was shocked at this moment.

But how strong you are, even with the Power Split move, I can still be close to you.

This Sheer Force’s move to make the power five to five is too terrifying!


The battle in the field continued.

After a brief stalemate, the silhouettes of the two Pokemon separated.

Shuckle’s silhouette formed an arc in the distance, and ran into Strength again.

In the process of continuous Rollout, the formidable power of Rollout moves is also improving.

Soon, Shuckle launched a second round attack, rushing into the field with rolling yellow sand.

On the other side, Strength used Power-Up Punch again. It was also the stronger the Vietnam War, and the two Pokemon kept colliding in the field.

Watching the fierce battle in the field, the audience in the field was silent.

Before the start of the game, who could have imagined that the battle would go to such an extent?

A Shuckle, the first Shuckle who boarded the world competition, was able to face Strength head-on at this time. If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, it is estimated that no one would believe this is the truth!

What changed all of this was a Power Split move that directly created miracles!

“It looks like it will be a tie.”

Looking at the two Pokemon in the field with equal power, some audience shook their heads.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Although through the Power Split move, Shuckle and Strength are comparable in strength.”

“But don’t you forget Shuckle’s terrifying defensive power!”

“Through continuous collision, it will definitely cause damage to two Pokemon.”

“But the defensive power possessed by Shuckle can greatly reduce this kind of damage.”

“If the final battle falls into a war of attrition, Strength may not be Shuckle’s Rival!”

At this moment, another audience member next to him was shook the head and spoke his own thoughts.

“Shuckle…will win?”

These audiences are in a daze again.

Before the game started, this was a result that no one had thought of.

Now, the battle in the field seems to be really moving towards their guessed script.

In Shuckle’s most huge might, Rollout, Strength finally couldn’t support it, and the silhouette was knocked out heavily.

Immediately after, Shuckle received a move of Body Slam, and directly lost the combat capability.

“My Strength actually lost to Shuckle…”

Fan Xiong in the field stared at this scene blankly, watching Shuckle’s silhouette Stomp on Strength, his whole body was stunned.

His gaze looked towards the auditorium, and suddenly he felt his face hurt.

It’s really shameful that my Strength was defeated by a Shuckle!

“Damn, damn, damn!”

Fan Xiong gloomy face, turned his gaze back to Shuckle.

“Fan Xiong, send the next Pokemon to defeat that Shuckle.”

At this moment, Fan Xiong’s teammates also shouted that Fan Xiong was not the only one who was ashamed in this battle.

“Damn it, this is just my carelessness, I will definitely win the next game.”

Fan Xiong cursed secretly, and Sheer Force calmed himself down and began to think about countermeasures.

It can be seen from the battle that this Shuckle’s hole card is the Power Split move, then the Assist Rollout move exchanges injuries with the opponent, and finally relies on his terrifying defensive power to kill the opponent to win.

In this case, you must do it quickly to decide the victory or defeat with speed, and you must not be dragged into a war of attrition.

“Fan Xiong made a decision in his heart, and at the same time sent his next Pokemon.”

Along with an eagle cry, a bird with colorful feathers, a blue green mask-like pattern on its face, and cloak-like wings, with a claw near each wing tip, appears to be an exceptionally robust bird Pokemon In the field.

This is exactly the Hawlucha of Fighting and Flying double attribute. He is proficient in various Fighting Type moves and possesses very strong mobility. It is indeed the best choice to deal with Shuckle who is inferior in speed.

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