Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 899


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“Unfortunately Shuckle will not use Trick Room.”

“If there is a Trick Room in the field, Shuckle’s biggest speed defect will also be compensated.”

Looking at Fly’s Hawlucha in the air, Luo Chen shook his head slightly.

However, in the face of Rival with Fly in the air, he also has the means to deal with it.

“Shuckle, use sharp stone blade!”

Following Luo Chen’s order, the sharp stones were condensed by Shuckle.

whiz whiz whiz.

There was a sky-splitting sound, and the sharp stone was shot out.

“dodge again!”

After Hawlucha played, Fan Xiong’s face once again showed a confident smile.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Hawlucha disappeared in place.

The whistling sharp rocks in the sky naturally fell in the empty space.

Shuckle’s not-so-fast sharp rocks can threaten Hawlucha at all.

“use Focus Blast!”

At the same time, Hawlucha in the air also launched an attack.

A Focus Blast was quickly condensed and blasted towards Shuckle.

Perhaps the reason for the special training, the launch speed of this Focus Blast was also amazing, and it hit Shuckle all at once.


The smoke from the explosion lifted up and enveloped Shuckle.

“Hit head-on!”

“Even if Shuckle’s defensive power is strong, it is impossible to continue intact.”

“Plus the previous attrition, the battle should be almost over.”

Looking at the smoke in the field, the audience started to guess constantly. After all, it is a Shuckle, no matter how strong it is.

But at the next moment, everyone was stunned. At this time, Shuckle still looked intact.

Shuckle was hit by the Fighting Type ultimate move restrained by Attribute without any influence at all.

“This defensive power…excessive.”

Looking at Shuckle, who calmly stared at Hawlucha in the air with big green bean eyes, the audience swallowed.

“Damn it, use two tricks if you fail.”

“Hawlucha, continue using Focus Blast!”

Fan Xiong frowns said, how could there be such a strong Shuckle? The opponent must be holding on.


Once again, Focus Blast hit Shuckle, but it still didn’t cause much damage to Shuckle.

“Shuckle, viscous energy.”

At this moment, Luo Chen suddenly issued an order that puzzled everyone.

“Shuckle, Shuckle.”

In the field, Shuckle immediately understood, the stretched tortoise’s head made a swallowing motion, and it seemed that something was brewing.

“Hawlucha, use flying weight!”

Although he didn’t know what Rival was going to do, Fan Xiong was instinctively wary.

Under his command, Hawlucha launched an attack directly, trying to interrupt Shuckle’s movements.

Flying weight pressure is Hawlucha’s exclusive move. It can have both Flying Type and Fighting Type at the same time.

It can be said that the flying body pressure this move is a perfect fusion move, which perfectly merges the two Attributes.

“Shuckle, stop it!”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the silhouette of Hawlucha dive down from the air.

With a boom, Hawlucha’s beautiful flying body hit Shuckle directly, making the whole Ground tremble.

“Good job, Hawlucha once again/encore!”

After watching this scene, Fan Xiong waved his fist excitedly.

But just as Hawlucha’s silhouette was about to fly, a large net suddenly spit out from Shuckle’s mouth.

The big net hit Hawlucha directly, trapping its silhouette entirely in it, and its wings stirred the violent Struggle.

There was a boom.

Hawlucha lost his balance and fell directly to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, the net on Hawlucha’s body was directly attached to Ground.

No matter how hard Hawlucha tried, the net was firmly stuck to it, unable to break free.

“Go on, use Sticky Web!”

Seeing this scene, Shuckle will naturally not let go.

It continuously spit out sticky nets from its mouth, constantly spitting out on Hawlucha.

Hawlucha, who was originally a violent Struggle, seemed to be glued with 502 glue Normal, and his whole body was glued to the ground, like a fly trapped on a fly stick, impossible to move even a little bit .

“Hawlucha is trapped!”

“This Shuckle can still spit out this kind of net.”

“Such a strong net, even Ariados can’t weave it?”

Looking at Hawlucha by Struggle in the field, the audience was surprised again.

They can’t understand this Shuckle more and more now, knowing that the String Shot ability of breed Pokemon is also a college question.

Pokemon like Shuckle is not the kind of Pokemon that can be woven directly into silk.

“Hawlucha, Sky Attack!”

The Fan Xiong Alliance on the opposite side takes command, and wants to use the energy of Sky Attack to directly blast away the silk threads on his body.

“Shuckle, Rock Throw!”

Luo Chen opened the mouth and said immediately after seeing this.

At this time, the Hawlucha silhouette was stuck to the ground, which greatly affected its use of Sky Attack.

On the other hand, Shuckle has quickly condense a huge stone in front of him.

Then I saw that Shuckle used the terrifying power he obtained from Strength, lifted the boulder and jumped up, hitting it heavily!

A Shuckle, holding a boulder much larger than its own at this time, silhouetted in the air, fiercely smashing the boulder down.

In this scene, I completely watched everyone in the field. This picture is really so beautiful that people dare not look directly at it!


The boulder crashed down, and the whole Ground trembled.

Shuckle’s silhouette also landed smoothly on the boulder at this time, leaning up on the tortoise’s head, making a winner gesture.

“My Hawlucha.”

Watching this scene, Fan Xiong’s eyelids jumped.

His fist was squeezed, and the complexion is gloomy to the extreme.

The second one, his second Pokemon was also defeated by a Shuckle, what a joke!

“Good job, Shuckle.”

Luo Chen laughed, very satisfied with Shuckle’s performance.

During this period of time, in addition to the breakthrough of the Psychic Type move, Shuckle’s biggest gain is still Pokéblock.

For the research on Pokéblock, Luo Chen could not relax a little bit, constantly improving the recipes of nutritious juices, and trying various Pokéblock manufacturing.

In other words, after the Pokéblock machine was discovered by the club association, various Pokeblock recipes are being invented at an astonishing speed, and the development of the nutrition field is advanced by leaps and bounds.

In addition to some Pokéblocks that enhance the power of Pokemon, it also includes a lot of other functions of Pokéblock, which can improve the strength of Pokemon in all aspects.

Luo Chen, as the Peak Level Pokemon Researcher Grandmaster, naturally got all the Pokéblock Recipe backed up in the Pokemon Research Association.

Then through Shuckle’s own abilities, he can improve on the original Pokeblock Recipe and obtain a stronger Pokéblock Recipe.

And this sticky Pokéblock is just one of these many Pokéblocks. Through its own Gluttony Characteristic Trait and grass Attribute Hidden Power, Shuckle can maximize the power contained in Pokéblock.

Just now, it is through these sticky Pokéblocks that Shuckle has made the stickiness of his Sticky Web moves terribly improved, and directly stopped Hawlucha in one fell swoop, creating opportunities for his subsequent attacks.

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