Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 900


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“The battle has just begun!”

“No matter how strong you are, you can’t compare to spend to win.”

Looking at Fan Xiong on the opposite side, Luo Chen grinned, spending to win the boss is terrifying.

“The battle continues, send your next Pokemon.”

Luo Chen’s flat voice sounded in the field, making Fan Xiong’s face on the other side more gloomy.

“This Luo Chen…would you not want to use Shuckle to pick six?”

At this moment, a spectator in the field suddenly asked everyone to startled.

On the world stage, use a Shuckle to complete one out of six?

This is crazy too, right? !

“You fellow, unforgivable!”

Fan Xiong in the field naturally heard the discussion in the field, and a vague expression began to appear on his face.

Now that the battle has come, his two Pokemon have been defeated by Shuckle, which has already ruined his face.

Now he just wants to end this battle as soon as possible, and then find the place!

“Go ahead, Blaziken!”

As the Poké Ball was thrown out, Blaziken appeared with flames all over his body.

Although he is now a superb Rage, Fan Xiong still retains some sanity.

Blaziken, who also has a very fast speed and a sticky net full of flames, is indeed the best choice today!

“Shuckle, Stone Edge!”

“Blaziken, Flamethrower!”

Almost at the same time, both of them gave orders.

The raging flame burned in the field, engulfing the sharp stone at once.

At the moment when the two attacks roared, Blaziken’s silhouette disappeared in place and rushed directly towards Shuckle!

“Shuckle, Withdraw!”

Before Blaziken moved, Luo Chen commanded directly.

Shuckle’s body turned Miriam around, and the silhouette shrank into the turtle shell.

At the same time, Blaziken also appeared in front of Shuckle, and Fire Punch blasted out!


The flames collided with the water, and there was a croak.

At the same time, Shuckle’s silhouette was also directly smashed out and hit the protective wall heavily.

“Go on, Fire Punch!”

Fan Xiong continued to speak after Shuckle’s silhouette was bombarded.

bang bang bang!

Suddenly, attacks such as howling wind and torrential rain were poured on Shuckle.

At this time, Shuckle was like a normal ball, and it was hit everywhere, splashing water.

The water stains caused by Withdraw’s moves were flying everywhere, and some of the water stains fell on Blaziken, which was also directly evaporated by the flame.

It’s just that no one noticed that a little purple glow flashed in the spray suddenly, and as the water stain fell on Blaziken, the purple glow flashed away.

“That’s it, that’s it, just crush the shell of this tortoise for me!”

At this time, Fan Xiong’s expression was almost crazy. With Blaziken’s punches, the dull emotions in his heart were also discharged a little bit. This is his Fan Xiong’s real power!


Another rumbling sound rang.

At this time, Shuckle was directly punched into the protective wall by Blaziken.

As Blaziken’s silhouette jumped away, Shuckle’s silhouette was directly stuck in the protective wall.

“Knot… is it over?”

A spectator stared at this scene in the field blankly.

My deed, what a grudge, what a grudge, this is crazy.

And that Shuckle, how is it now?

At this time, almost everyone looked towards Shuckle, waiting for referee’s judgment.


But at this moment, the sound of something falling suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked at it, and suddenly they were dumbfounded.

I saw Blaziken in the field. I don’t know why he fell.

“What’s the situation?”

“Is Blaziken exhausted?”

The voice of an audience guessing sounded, causing the others to blink in confusion.

Fan Xiong, whose face was full of smirk in the field, suddenly condensed.

At this time, he is also confused. Blaziken is tired?

What a joke!

This is Fighting Type Pokemon, it’s Pokemon, and it’s not a weak human being. How could an attack of that level be exhausting to Blaziken.

But Blaziken did fall down at this time. Why is that?

Just now, it was only Blaziken attacking Shuckle, so Blaziken could be injured?

“Blaziken, what are you doing?”

“Hurry up and stand up for me!”

After reacting, Fan Xiong began to shout.

“Blaziken loses the combat capability, and the winner is Shuckle.”

But at this moment, the silhouette of the referee sounded abruptly, making Fan Xiong sluggish.

At the same time, most of the audience in the field is also sluggish, Blaziken… Is this down?

“It seems that Fan Xiong’s mentality has collapsed.”

Looking at Fan Xiong’s Flail expression in the field, a guest shook the head.

“Well, until the end of the battle, this Fan Xiong didn’t know that Blaziken had already fallen into a poisoned state, but his mentality collapsed.”

The other guest is also nodded, but he also has doubts in his eyes.

When did Blaziken fall into a poisoned state, and the poison is too strong, right?

Although it will accelerate the spread of poison during high-speed movement and fierce battle, it will fall down after a round of battle, which is too abrupt.

“My Blaziken has lost the combat capability?”

“How is this possible? Obviously the battle has just begun!”

After hearing the referee’s words, Fan Xiong immediately shouted incredible.

“Suppress the sound, if you make any noise, you will be disqualified.”

referee looked at Snarl’s Fan Xiong coldly at opening the mouth and said.

Fan Xiong calmed down a little now, and looked towards Blaziken in the field again.

Suddenly, his eyes condensed, and at this time he finally found the purple spots on Blaziken.

Apparently, his Blaziken was in a poisoned state, and the poison fell to the ground at this time.

“My Blaziken was poisoned, when.”

Fan Xiong’s eyes shrank, looking towards Luo Chen with a gloomy and uncertain face.

“Shuckle, Shuckle.”

At the same time, Shuckle broke free from the protective wall.

Looking at its exhausted look, it is obviously very expensive.

After all, Blaziken’s attacks like howling wind and torrential rain are not fake, and the damage is amazing.

Ignoring the voice of the audience, Shuckle each minding their own business shrank into the shell, waiting for the start of the next battle.

“Let’s continue.”

Luo Chen’s faint voice sounded again, and he was not surprised by the result.

Be aware that Shuckle is now within the body, but has Toxic Pokéblock hidden.

This Pokéblock is made by mixing the most poisonous part of Dragalge’s body.

With the aid of various other toxic materials, the toxicity has been promoted to the extreme.

From the reaction of Blaziken in the field, we can also see this toxic terror. Blaziken lost just one round of confrontation.

Of course, the production cost of this kind of Toxic Pokéblock is also very high. At this time, in order for Shuckle to be on the stage of the world game, he really paid his blood, letting Shuckle incarnation become a glorious spend to win warrior.

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