Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 901


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Fan Xiong on the opposite side was a little incoherent at this time, and the whole person was furious Flail again.

Three Pokemons, he has already lost three Pokemons to Shuckle.

Fan Xiong took a deep breath, Sheer Force calmed himself down, and had to defeat Shuckle in front of him.

In addition, after defeating Shuckle, he only had three Pokemons left, and the opponent still had five Pokemons. He felt that he had to arrange it carefully.

However, looking at this Shuckle just now, it should be about to fall down.

But when he remembered that Shuckle possessed the toxin that can quickly poison Blaziken, he hesitated to take a risk.

Finally, he gritted his teeth fiercely, planning to defeat Shuckle in front of him first. Besides, he could no longer accept his Pokemon and defeat again.

“Go, Toxicroak!”

Gritting his teeth, Fan Xiong dispatched his next Pokemon.

Toxicroak is a Pokémon of poison and Fighting double attribute, which is very immune to Toxic damage.


“It’s just that the breath of this Toxicroak doesn’t seem to be strong.”

Luo Chen looked up and down Toxicroak, opened the mouth and said.

“hmph, Toxicroak is not my main force.”

“But the opponent’s Shuckle struggling on whilst at death’s door is enough!”

“In addition, my Toxicroak has very strong toxins.”

Fan Xiong grinned and let out a sullen laugh. If you want to play yin, who wouldn’t? !

“struggling on whilst at death’s door?”

“Are you sure?”

Luo Chen grinned suddenly when he saw this.

As his voice fell, Shuckle also poked his head out of the tortoise shell.

Just look at the appearance of the latter, where is there a little bit injured!

“What is going on?”

“Shuckle was obviously severely injured before, why did he recover suddenly?”

Looking at Shuckle, the audience started big eyes staring at small eyes.

What the hell is this? Did they see illusions before?

But Blaziken’s damage is real, and the recovery is too abrupt, right?

“Are you obtrusive?”

“There is nothing obtrusive.”

“Shuckle’s within the body is like a medicine storehouse.”

“Life Pokéblock and so on, completely eat it casually.”

Luo Chen saw this shook the head, this injury, under the action of the life Pokéblock, recovered too quickly!


Fan Xiong’s eyelids are also jumping right now.

Although I don’t know what happened, everything seems to be back to square one at this time.

At this time, Fan Xiong’s mind couldn’t help but began to recall the previous battles, and his face grew gloomy.

One pick three…

Should you not once again/encore one pick three?

“How is this possible!”

“Although my Toxicroak is not as powerful as Strength them.”

“But Toxicroak, who has a mutant Toxic, is even stronger!”

Fan Xiong shouted in his heart, confirming his confidence.

In previous battles, his Toxicroak was almost crushed in the frontal battle.

But relying on its own Toxic, Toxicroak can always turn defeat into victory!

“Toxicroak, Poison Jab!”

Fan Xiong’s gloomy face, let Toxicroak use Poison Jab directly.

The sheen of deep purple flashes on Toxicroak’s claws, and, in conjunction with Toxicroak’s own poisonous hand Characteristic Trait, it turns into a terrifying Toxic.

The silhouette flashed and Toxicroak’s silhouette disappeared in place. When it reappeared, Toxicroak had already appeared behind Shuckle.

“Shuckle, Withdraw!”

After watching this scene, Luo Chen opened the mouth and said again.

Shuckle’s own speed is still weak, including movement speed and casting speed.

Only the tortoise’s head was retracted, and Shuckle’s Peak reached the speed, and it shrank into the shell almost instantly.

“Withdraw is useless!”

Toxicroak, swallow it with Toxic!

Fan Xiong was coldly snorted and saw Toxicroak’s Poison Jab fiercely cut down.


There was a dull knocking sound.

After that, I saw the venom surging from Toxicroak’s hands, and it flowed from Shuckle’s limbs into the shell.

Bah, bah.

The venom dripped on the Ground, and it corroded the Ground in an instant.

The audience looked at the horror of the venom, and all their eyelids twitched.

“Shuckle, Sticky Web.”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen said calmly.

Shuckle got out of the turtle shell immediately after seeing this. After being attacked by Toxic, Shuckle’s original Yellow tortoise head had become deep purple.

Ignoring the Toxic on his body, Shuckle once again displayed the sticky Sticky Web, and immediately covered Toxicroak inside.

“hmph, what if stuck by Sticky Web?”

“Your Shuckle has been hit by Toxicroak’s special Toxic, and it is over.”

“I advise you to surrender quickly to detoxify Shuckle, otherwise it will be too late!”

Looking at Shuckle’s purple skin all over, Fan Xiong smiled grimly, with a touch of joy in his voice.

“Surrender? Your brain is sick.”

Luo Chen rolled his eyes and said.

“What did you say?”

Fan Xiong’s anger was ignited again.

But before he finished speaking, there was a burst of exclamation in the audience.

Fan Xiong looked towards the field with confusion, and saw that the purple on Shuckle’s skin quickly faded, and in a short while, the original Yellow skin was restored.

And this also means that Toxicroak’s Toxic has been lifted by Shuckle!

“The poison is removed?”

“What’s the situation?”

Watching this scene in the field, Fan Xiong was completely stunned.

The horrible Toxic in his mouth was dismissed so easily at this time?

What happened? Why can Shuckle disarm Toxic instantly?

Fan Xiong’s mind suddenly couldn’t turn around. He didn’t expect that the opponent’s face slap would come so quickly!

“Shuckle, Power Trick!”

Luo Chen on the opposite side also immediately ordered.

At the same time, his gaze was a little serious, and Shuckle opened up a hole card again.

From the battle just now, Luo Chen also saw the horror of Toxicroak’s toxicity.

If it weren’t for the Pokéblock that can be detoxified in Shuckle’s tortoise shell, it might be poisoned directly.

And now, even if Shuckle’s power to detoxify Pokéblock is detoxified, I dare not care.

If he is poisoned again, the detoxification Pokéblock carried by Shuckle may not be enough.

“Shuckle, Shuckle.”

When Luo Chen ordered Power Trick, Shuckle was eager to try.

With the surge of Psychic Type energy, magical changes appeared in Shuckle’s body.

The function of Power Trick is to exchange Pokemon’s attack power and defensive power.

Be aware that Shuckle’s defensive power can almost be said to be the best Pokemon, but the weak attack power limits Shuckle.

Now, through the Power Trick exchange of attack power and defensive power, Shuckle also has the highest attack power of all Pokemon.

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