Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 902


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“Rock Throw!”

After the Power Trick was finished, Luo Chen spoke.

“Shuckle, Shuckle.”

Shuckle at this time looks amazing in imposing manner.

As if the Mega Saiyan form was turned on, Shuckle’s whole body exudes a terrifying aura.

Around its body, pieces of rubble were dragged up by the terrifying aura, a huge boulder that was condense on its body.

With a boulder in his hand, Shuckle’s silhouette Splash smashed it against Toxicroak trapped by Sticky Web.

At this time, Toxicroak was using the Toxic on his body to corrode the insect net, and his eyes widened when he felt the boulder hit in the air.


There was a violent roar, and the entire venue trembled three times.

The horrible explosion smoke filled the scene, making the audience’s eyes widened.

What’s the situation?

A Shuckle now possesses this kind of power?

This is too terrifying, right? !

Even Fan Xiong’s Strength, I’m afraid there is no such strength!

Gradually, the smoke dissipated.

At this time, Toxicroak was crushed underground by a boulder and had lost its battle strength.


Looking at Toxicroak’s misfortune, Fan Xiong was a little autistic.

He twisted his head stiffly and set his eyes on Shuckle.

This is Shuckle. Are you sure this is not a Legendary Pokemon in Shuckle skin?

“Damn, hate, hate.”

“This is a world game, how many people are watching.”

Fan Xiong lowered his head, his eyes were already full of bloodshot eyes.

He suddenly thought of the lofty words he had made before he appeared.

Now his relatives and friends must be watching the broadcast of this game around the TV?

But what has he done now?

At this time, he was overwhelmed by a Shuckle.

This is Shuckle, a kind of Pokemon that can only make juice and no Trainer will use it as the main force.

He may be the first Trainer to lose to Shuckle in the world game, right?

Furthermore, he was almost crushed and defeated like this, facing a Shuckle, he would be so powerless.

“No, how can it be, it can’t be.”

At this time, Fan Xiong’s cold sweat couldn’t help flowing from his forehead.

Its gaze fell on the silhouette standing on the boulder, and the whole spirit became a little trance.

“No, at least, at least, at least to defeat this Shuckle.”

“What to do at that time, all methods seem to be invalid for this Shuckle.”

“Strike, there is nothing wrong with a strong attack, just like the Blaziken before, an attack at all costs.”

As if grabbing the last straw, Normal, Fan Xiong swept his hand over the Poké Ball around his waist, and finally stayed on the last Poké Ball.

“Go, go, go, crush it!”

Inhaling violently, Fan Xiong threw out the Poké Ball in his hand.

Following angry roar, a huge Pokemon appeared in the field.

This Pokemon is Slaking, and Pokemon has Species Strength that surpasses Legendary Pokemon.

Now, maybe because Fan Xiong is a Trainer who specializes in Fighting Type Pokemon. This Slaking is much stronger than the Normal Slacking.

Obviously, Slaking at this time plus his own racial advantage, in the formidable power of Fighting moves, it is not inferior or even surpasses most Fighting Type Pokemon.

“Slaking, Giga Impact!”

Fan Xiong yelled out these words almost completely hissing, his eyes widened to the limit, his eyes were full of blood.

“Are you going to work hard?”

Luo Chen on the opposite side slightly frowned.

Now Shuckle has used Power Trick, and the defense can’t support Slaking’s Giga Impact.

“In this case, it can only be upfront.”

“Shuckle, use Shell Smash, then use Stone Edge!”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen is also very decisive.

“Shuckle, Shuckle.”

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Shuckle’s mung bean-big eyes showed seriousness.

In an instant, it burned all its strength directly, and its silhouette suddenly emerged from the turtle shell.

After Shuckle’s silhouette got out of the tortoise shell, the strength of the whole body was improved again.

The function of Shell Smash moves is to break the shell, reduce one’s own defense and special defense, but greatly increase attack, special attack and speed.

Under the dual effects of Power Trick and Shell Smash, Shuckle’s attack power seems to have reached a limit.

At the same time, all the Pokéblocks of Shuckle within the body burned, and energy fluctuations that turned into horror hovered around Shuckle, and life energy flowed through the body, maintaining Shuckle’s body state at this time.


Just relying on the power radiating from his body, the Ground under Shuckle started to tremble, looking overwhelmed.

Next moment, Shuckle began to use Stone Edge, only to see a sharp stone appeared in front of it, and began to condense continuously, becoming more and more, and finally turned into a long spear.

Under the blessing of Shuckle’s terrifying power, just a light loosening, the long spear turned into a sharp stone suddenly shot out, like a rainbow piercing the sun to the opposite Slaking.

At this time, after Slaking used Giga Impact, an energy shield was wrapped around the body, and the entire silhouette was walking forward with the energy shield.


In the center of the field, the two attacks collided.

The sharp stone long spear directly hit the energy shield, and terrifying energy raged.

It was just a moment of stalemate, and the sound of shattering the shield suddenly sounded, and then spread across the shield.

The energy shield of Slaking Giga Impact was shattered under the spear attack of the sharp stone long spear, and then the long spear of the sharp stone directly collided with the energy-wrapped body of Slaking.


At this moment, it was like a fire star hit Earth Normal, and a terrible explosion occurred directly.

The smoke and dust of the explosion ravaged the audience, fearing that it would hit the surrounding energy formation, causing the entire energy formation to shake.

“It’s scary.”

Looking at the scene like a natural disaster, the audience opened their mouths.

It is hard to imagine that this will be a battle between a Shuckle and Slaking. As a Shuckle, this Shuckle has already broken through the race limit.

“What’s going on, this attack.”

Fan Xiong on the opposite side stared, and everything in front of him was a little beyond the scope of his thinking.

A Shuckle actually started to compare its strength with Slaking. Isn’t this cracking a joke?

Shuckle gave birth to the low power that day, how can Slacking Pokemon with Legendary Pokemon power compare?

hu hu hu ~

Gradually, a gust of wind blows, and the smoke in the arena clears.

What appeared in the eyes of the audience was a dilapidated Ground.

In the center of the field, I saw Slaking grabbing the sharp stone long spear in his hand, leaving a deep gully in front of his body.

Obviously, in order to withstand this attack, Slaking’s forward silhouette stopped directly and was taken far away.

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