Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 903


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“Have you blocked?”

Seeing this scene, the audience was fiercely relieved.

Really, Shuckle’s this move Stone Edge, the formidable power is too scary!

“Wait, look at Slaking’s eyes.”

Suddenly, an audience member exclaimed.

They looked over, and immediately saw Slaking’s rolled eyes.

“Slaking, is this…fainted?”

After discovering this, the audience talked in a low voice again.

“We are going to fight back, Slaking.”

On the other hand, Fan Xiong in the field, with his back to Slaking, he didn’t know the situation of Slaking.

He clenched his fists fiercely and shouted in a crazy voice.

It only takes a punch, and he can be sure that only a punch is needed, and he will take this Shuckle!

“Slaking, lose the combat capability……”

But at this moment, referee suddenly opened the mouth and said.

The referee’s verdict immediately allowed the audience in the field to confirm their own ideas.

The Slaking is still standing, but it does lose its combat capability.

Really, Shuckle’s Stone Edge is too terrifying, and it kills Pokemon like Slaking in a single shot!

At this time, they suddenly felt a little sympathy for Fan Xiong in the field instead of mocking.

Judging from the strength that Shuckle showed, this Shuckle is indeed strong, and it is normal that Fan Xiong is not Rival.


Just as they were discussing, Slaking in the field suddenly fell to the ground.

In the end, Slaking still lost.

Fan Xiong, who saw this scene, was completely stunned.

His body began to shake, and his entire face turned pale.

At this time, he seems to have heard people all over the world mock him.

The audience in the field, the audience in front of the TV, and his relatives and friends… the eyes of the whole world are focused on this.

At this moment, he felt that the whole sky had fallen, making his eyes darker and darker…

When everything in front of him turned into darkness, he heard the exclamation of his teammates, and their voices drifted away…


Finally, Fan Xiong’s silhouette slowly fell to the podium amidst the shocked eyes of the audience.

After seeing this scene, the members of the South Exceed Alliance ran up immediately.

At the same time, a sirens sounded in the field, and each and everyone medical staff in white coats entered the field quickly.

“This…Fan Xiong passed out directly?”

Some viewers also reacted at this time and scratched their heads.

After that, they looked towards Luo Chen and Shuckle on the opposite side.

For a while, they suddenly knew a little why Fan Xiong fainted.

If they were also destroyed by a Shuckle on the stage of this World match, they would probably be like this too.

This stage was originally a glorious stage, but the most humiliating moment of oneself has been frozen here, in front of the audience of the whole world, this feeling can definitely make people crazy.

Fan Xiong at this time must really hope that all this is an illusion, but the fact is so cruel.

“This…I seem to have done a little too much?”

Luo Chen on the stage also blinked very diffusely at this time.

What’s the situation, this big guy who specializes in Fighting can’t stand this kind of blow?

“One Shuckle picked six.”

“Who can bear this kind of grievance.”

At this time, I also came to Luo Chen side, Jiang Zhelin shook the head.

At the same time, he was also speechless looking towards Shuckle, who understood that except for the Shell Smash state, he looked up and down.

Suddenly, he was stunned again. At this time, Shuckle looked…still so energetic?

After such a high-intensity battle, this Shuckle looked like a okay Pokemon.

After taking a deep breath, he looked towards the opposite venue.

At this time, on the huge command podium, a group of medical staff were surrounding Fan Xiong for an inspection.

When Jiang Zhelin looked over, he happened to see the fiery look of Captain on the opposite side.

“This time, it seems a bit troublesome.”

Wen Xiaochuan was also standing in front of Luo Chen at this time, shook the head.

“I now suspect that if we weren’t standing here, the other side would have come to swallow Luo Chen alive.”

Guo Lun spread his hands, and at the same time he held a Poké Ball back in his hands. It seemed that he was really wary of any irrational behavior on the other side.

“Since Fan Xiong lost the will to fight, this game was won by Luo Chen… Now both parties are invited to exit.”

At this time, the referee also got feedback from the medical staff, and immediately announced the result of the game and asked both sides to withdraw.

Although the match was temporarily suspended due to Fan Xiong’s fainting, this was only an episode of the match, and the battle needed to continue.

After Luo Chen’s singles match ended, Jiang Zhelin Captain played next.

In the course of the battle, you can see that the players from the South Exceed Alliance on the opposite side sighed.

Unfortunately, in the final hard power, the Thousand City Alliance was stronger than one and won the final victory.

The game is over, but Luo Chen’s battle is still being discussed on a large scale.

Especially Thousand City Alliance, at this time the audience’s discussion enthusiasm was expanded to the limit.

Although Luo Chen played autistically in the game, it felt very cruel, but it was also very exciting.

In a battle, directly defeating the opposite Trainer is very rare in the arena, let alone on the stage of the world game.

In addition, Luo Chen is still a substitute player, which makes the audience of Thousand City Alliance feel a sense of pride in their hearts. This is really a face for their Alliance.

Of course, the strength of that Shuckle is also outrageous. They don’t know how it was breeded. They have no doubt that this Shuckle is probably the strongest Shuckle in the world.

In addition, the performance of several other members is also very good, which makes the audiences of Thousand City Alliance hope to win the championship. This World Championship army must belong to Thousand City Alliance!


“Call, it’s solved.”

“However, this enmity is settled.”

After returning to the resting place at the end of the game, Guo Lun stretched out.

Today’s game is really hard to describe in a word.

That Fan Xiong is also dead, why is Taunt Luo Chen the evil star at the beginning of the game?

But… forget it.

The relationship between Thousand City Alliance and South Exceed Alliance is not good, so forget it.

“Don’t talk about South Exceed Alliance, let’s take a look at the next game.”

Jiang Zhelin Captain waved his hand, winning and losing on the field is very normal, it is inevitable that there will be some hatred, which is inevitable on the stage of the world game.

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