Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 904


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“Our next game is the final.”

“The Rival Murphy Alliance in this game is a tough one. It was the 19th place in the last Terri World Championship.”

“From the game video of the last Terri World Tournament, they also have the ability to reach the top sixteen, but they are bad luck.”

“In addition, their Captain Sleek is one of the few players who have participated in the world competition in the last year.”

“Although the Captain of the Murphy Alliance team did not perform well at that time, it was somewhat capable of being on the world stage at the age of 26.”

“According to our news, the original Captain of the MURPHY Alliance world team was not his, but when the world game was about to start, this Sluo forcibly squeezed out the original Captain. It can be seen that his strength is How strong.”

“Now that four years have passed, the opponent’s strength must be stronger. This game is a tough battle. If we win, we can directly qualify for the first place in the group stage. This game must be won!”

In the Conference Hall, Captain Jiang read the data opened the mouth and said. Although they were able to compete with the winner of the loser group for the second place in the group stage after losing, they were the last world champion. The eighth place in the game, this battle must be won!

“Captain Slu from MURPHY Alliance…”

“From the information, the Pokemon Attribute he is good at is Poison Type.”

“This battle seems to be handed over to Wen Xiaochuan Elite.”

Everyone looked at Sillu’s information and made a decision.

Although from a strength point of view, Wen Xiaochuan may not be the Rival of this Slu.

But counting the Steel type Pokemon’s immunity to Poison Type damage, Wen Xiaochuan’s advantage is too great.

After losing the advantage of Poison Type, which he is best at, the battle strength of this Sleek may be stronger than Normal’s Elite.

“Then it is decided.”

“What we have to do now is to analyze which Slaughter is the first to play.”

Everyone took the MURPHY Alliance’s full teammate list and began to discuss.

Judging from these battles, Sleek should be in charge of the 6V6 singles.

But from the performance of the battle, Sleek is also very good at arranging team tactics.

The poison mist and poisonous swamp that enveloped the audience showed that Sleek was also good at team fighting.

In doubles, triples and all rounds, Slaughter can play, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of their judgment.

“We are now guessing the opponent’s lineup, and the opponent must also guess our lineup.”

“In the first two games, we have not changed the lineup. I wonder what the other side will think?”

Jiang Zhelin Captain is knocking on the table, and at the same time looking at the lineup of the first two games of MURPHY Alliance.

“In this case…Luo Chen will still come to the First Stage.”

“With the strength of Luo Chen, none of them can win.”

“From these two battles, they seem to want to use Luo Chen as a breakthrough.”

“In this case, we can plot against a strong enemy in Rival.”

After some thinking, Jiang Zhelin named the list of the first round competition, and still let Luo Chen join him.

“Indeed, Luo Chen’s 21-year-old is too deceptive.”

“Although Luo Chen’s performance in these two games is very strong, he is not so strong.”

“This is too deceptive. I guess no one would have thought that Luo Chen’s strength was the strongest among us.”

“I don’t know whether Rival at this time can force Mega Evolution out.”

“At the moment when Mega Evolution was released, how would these people have expressions?”

Guo Lun also laughed when he saw this, but he suddenly became silent with a smile.

As the original fourth powerhouse of the team, he hasn’t played a game in the world.

Now, he suddenly knows what it’s like to be a substitute player, heartbroken.

“It’s true. I haven’t reached the knock-out competition yet. If you can hide one hand, you can hide one hand.”

“The second roster, let Wen Xiaochuan Elite play.”

“From the performance of this Sleek, he is an extremely confident person.”

“I think the other party will definitely come at me, so he will appear second.”

“Although I am not personally afraid of his challenge, in order to win the team, it is better for Wen Xiaochuan Elite to deal with it.”

Jiang Zhelin Captain continued, as the Captain of the team, he must have his own responsibility.

pa pa pa.

“Very nice arrangement.”

On the side, Coach Xu Hao, who has been laughing and watching, also said with a smile.

Since he chose to hand over the arrangement of the battle list to Jiang Zhelin, he naturally recognized Jiang Zhelin’s talents.

Now that the list of on-site matches is down, he is also very satisfied.

This Jiang Zhelin is indeed a good successor, so he can focus on training.


2nd day, the finals of the winners of the group stage will begin.

After the game started, Luo Chen, who was the first to play, walked directly to the battlefield.

Seeing Luo Chen playing, there was a smile on Mo Fei Alliance’s face, obviously he had guessed the result.

Meanwhile, Vice Captain of MURPHY Alliance is also walking towards the stage at this time, his face is very relaxed.

Although Luo Chen directly exploded his mentality of playing Rival in the previous game.

This is just because Fan Xiong’s idiot is too weak, and he can’t even beat a Shuckle. Who can blame this?

But he is different. As the original Captain of MURPHY Alliance, he is confident that he can not lose the other Alliance Captain!

Now against Little Brat, who is only 21 years old, he feels a little bit that the coach is wasting his own combat power.

For this kind of Rival, he feels that Murphy’s Alliance’s original Vice Captain can be defeated. When the time comes with Slu and himself, then Murphy’s Alliance is 30%.

Maybe good luck, they might all be able to beat Thousand City Alliance 8-0 directly!

Forget it, he can also understand the coach’s thoughts. As long as he wins this battle, when the time comes, Slu will get another point, so it will be 4 points.

So even if all the other games are defeated, they can also cooperate with Slaughter to take 4 points in the final 5V5 battle of the Integral Points game and win the final victory with a score of 8-7.

This can be said to be the safest way their coaching staff thinks of winning, and it is very easy to implement.

“It looks like I’m being despised again.”

Looking at the other person’s expression, Luo Chen knows what the other person is thinking.

Just, do you really look so weak?

Well, his age is indeed too deceptive, which is the same as Jiang Zhelin and Captain thought.

It’s just a pity… the other party was scammed again this time, but I don’t know what the mentality of the original Captain of the Mofei Alliance is?

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