Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 905


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“It’s started, it’s started.”

After Luo Chen took the stage, the audience looked a little excited.

The Shuckle of yesterday is really awesome, they are a little looking forward to seeing Shuckle’s silhouette again.

And this Chica, his strength should not be swept by Shuckle and his mentality exploded!

“Shuckle, it’s too money-burning, just enjoy playing.”

Listening to the audience shouting the name of Shuckle, Luo Chen smiled and shook his head.

Shuckle’s battle ended and almost consumed nearly a month’s ration of his Pokemon.

In this case, Luo Chen still feels too wasteful.

Anyway, Shuckle has already appeared, leaving his legend in the world game.

Now, give this opportunity to the stage to other companions.

In addition, this Murphy Alliance’s former Captain Chika is not comparable to Fan Xiong’s strength. It can be said to be the most Peak Level group in the world.

At this time, the audience also saw the Chika on the opposite side of the stage, and some audiences who had watched the last world game suddenly felt a little familiar.

Afterwards, under the reminder of the few viewers who remembered Chica, they also reacted and understood the fact that Chica was the former Captain.

“It seems they are planning to use Luo Chen as a breakthrough.”

“Let Chika personally take action against Luo Chen, it seems that Murphy Alliance wants to secure this point.”

Looking at Chika standing opposite Luo Chen, the audience felt sorry for Luo Chen.

Luo Chen as a substitute, walking to this step is considered very good, but unfortunately after encountering a strong team, the strength is still a bit worse.

“The match between Chica from Murphy Alliance and Luo Chen from Thousand City Alliance is now starting…”

After both of them boarded the battlefield, the referee was also announced immediately, and at the same time began to draw on the big screen.

“Am I the starter?”

“The Pokemon I played in this game is it.”

Luo Chen looked at the results displayed on the big screen and took out a Poké Ball to open it.

Along with the flashing of the white light, I saw the silhouette of the dull king appearing in the field, with a look of sleepy eyes.

“It turned out to be the dumb king!”

Looking at Pokemon appearing in the field, Chika’s eyes flickered.

This kind of evolution of Pokemon, they Murphy Alliance had long wanted.

However, the cooperation between the two Alliances not at all related fields leaves them no way to obtain it.


“Don’t you know that the Pokemon I am good at is Water Type?”

“Now I use Water Type Pokemon to deal with me, overestimate one’s capabilities!”

Chika immediately was coldly snorted, and the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out.

Along with the white light shining out, a very strong Golduck appeared directly.

Compared to the dull king who seems to have no fighting spirit, Golduck seems more energetic.

“The First Stage is the Water Type Civil War, this time is good.”

Looking at the two Pokemon in the field, the audience immediately became interested.

“The battle has begun, big tongue.”

Luo Chen opened the mouth and said when he saw Golduck on the opposite side appear.


In the field, the dumb king nodded, then made a move that made everyone stunned.

I saw the dumb king in the field. I don’t know why he turned around and used his butt to face the opposite Golduck.

“What do you want to do again?”

The audience blinked their eyes in confusion. After Shuckle, this is what kind of show routine.

Or… Is this just a way to show your contempt?

“You fellow!”

On the opposite side, Rage also appeared on Chika’s face at this time.

The action of facing Rival with the butt is a kind of Taunt in itself!

He Chika, is also a well-known figure in the Murphy Alliance, when has he been so angry!

“Huh, it seems that I defeated Fan Xiong before and made you swell.”

“Now…the real battle has just begun!”

Chika took a deep breath, and her eyes suddenly became sharp.

At the same time, Golduck in the field also let out a low growl, Ruby on his forehead shone with rays of light.

Although it is Water Type Pokemon, Psychic’s innate talent is also very good.

So, the two Pokemon can be said to stand at the same starting point, with similar innate talents and abilities.

“Um, it seems to be misunderstood.”

Looking at the reaction in the field, Luo Chen touched his nose awkwardly.

The dumb king in the field turned around. It was really not a contempt for the opponent.

But… the protagonist of this battle is actually a big tongue!

According to the body structure of Didawang, the big tongue eyes on its head are actually on the back!

When Luo Chen was awkwardly touching his nose, the big tongue on Didawang’s head also blinked.

I haven’t used it for a long time to fight, have you been completely ignored?

However, it is a big tongue shell, and it is also a conscious Pokemon, not a vase!

This battle will be the battle of its name. It…the evolved big tongue shell can also fight!

“No matter what, the battle has begun!”

“Big tongue shell, use Psychic!”

Luo Chen put away all the thoughts in his heart and commanded.

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, the Ruby rays of light on the back of Big Tongue flickered.

At the same time, the eyes of the big tongue gleamed with blue light, and the terrifying Psychic was condensed into a colorful beam of light!

“Golduck, Hydro Pump!”

Looking at the attack from the opposite side, Golduck immediately spit out Hydro Pump to stop it.


In midair, Psychic and Hydro Pump collided.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the two forces cancel each other out in midair.

Only relying on the power of the big tongue shell, at this time it even matched with Golduck’s Hydro Pump.

Luo Chen was also very satisfied nodded after seeing this scene. The breakthrough during this period of time is really great.

Of course, this is what Luo Chen thinks when he knows the special energy of Big Tongue.

The audience in the field, naturally, would not regard this attack as a big-tongued attack, but as an attack by the dumb king.

It’s just that… this way of facing Rival with his back, especially the way that Didawang closed his eyes and put his hands behind his back, is really too pretend!

Although you are a Psychic Type Pokemon, you can see everything around you clearly without your eyes, but is it necessary for you to do this?

“The strength is really good, no wonder it’s such a Power Trip.”

“But this is far from the limit of Golduck!”

“Golduck, use Aqua Jet!”

Hydro Pump and Psychic collide, and the sky is scattered.

Among the splashes of water, the silhouette of Golduck is moving fast around the water.

This silhouette is really fast, but when I was about to get close to the Didawang, I suddenly had a silhouette and it seemed to hit something Normal.

There was a bang, the water was splashing, and Golduck’s silhouette also leaned back sharply and sat on the ground.

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