Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 906


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“What’s the situation?”

The audience looked at the scene in confusion, it was like Golduck hit the air.

“That’s Barrier’s move!”

The sharp-eyed audience found something and pointed to the reflective spot in the field.

“Hey, it’s really a Barrier.”

“However, the Barrier moves of the Dumbled King are too strong!”

The audience is also very puzzled at this time, such a thick barrier, what a huge Inner Force needs to be contained in it!

Barrier moves are the actual product of Inner Force. The stronger the Inner Force, the thicker the barrier. This is common sense.

“The Inner Force owned by Big Tongue Shell is no longer inferior to the real Psychic Type Pokemon.”

Luo Chen laughed when he saw this. Big Tongue was born Shell Smash, and Inner Force itself was very scary.

In addition to the fact that Big Tongue Shell and Slowpoke evolved together to become the Queen of Dummy, influenced by the Psychic Type of Dummy, Inner Force has been upgraded again.

Finally, after they completed the research on the special Mega Evolution of the Drifting King, the big tongue shell also got a special breed, and all energy was put on the Inner Force, which made the big tongue shell’s Inner Force sublimated .

This also makes Big Tongue Shell able to exert its terrifying power alone without relying on the power of the dumb king.

Just as the audience was discussing spiritedly, the rays of light flickered in the eyes of Big Tongue.

In an instant, several barriers quickly appeared in the sky, directly wrapping Golduck in it.

I felt the Golduck complexion changed by Barrier through Inner Force, and a Hydro Pump blasted out of my mouth.

In midair, Hydro Pump hit a barrier, and instantly smashed the barrier.

A little bit of crystal cleared in the air, disappearing into the air.

But after the Hydro Pump was broken, Barrier was constantly being condensed in the field, and finally turned into a Barrier cage, wanting to wrap Golduck’s silhouette in it!

crack crack ka-cha.

Golduck will naturally not be obediently surrender, and the horrible energy will radiate unscrupulously.

Suddenly I saw the Barrier shattering constantly, and terrifying energy roared in the field.

hu hu hu ~

But just when these barriers were broken, a cold wind suddenly blew in the field.

The hazy cold air rises in the field, making the surrounding Barriers that have not been broken are covered with a touch of ice.

“What is going on?”

The audience looked at the chill rising in the arena and wondered.

“Not good, these barriers in the field are not all barriers, and there are also a lot of ice walls!”

Chika’s gaze looked towards the field, and he also reacted all of a sudden. These chills were radiating after the ice wall broke!

“Did you find it? But it’s too late!”

“Big tongue shell, use Blizzard!”

Luo Chen smiled upon seeing the opposite reaction.

The ice wall is mixed into the Barrier, and the cold in the field has condensed to the extreme at this time.

Only one Blizzard is needed, and the field will turn into a world of ice and snow!

“Golduck, hurry up and use Surf!”

After seeing this scene, Chica yelled.

Ka Ka!

Golduck also didn’t dare to neglect, and his body directly crawled on the ground.

Suddenly, a stream of water exploded at Golduck’s feet and lifted its silhouette into the air.

Stepping on the water, Golduck is about to make a Surf pose, swallowing the opponent with the sky full of waves.

crack crack ka-cha.

At the same time, the Blizzard of the big tongue also swept over.

Under Blizzard’s sweep, the entire Ground was frozen, and the cold was raging in the court, which contributed to Blizzard’s power.


In the field, Surf and Blizzard collided.

No accident. In this extremely cold field, Blizzard swallowed the waves instantly and the whole was frozen.

in midair, as the waves were frozen, Golduck was also frozen in the air while maintaining the Surf pose, turning into an ice sculpture, magnificent.

hu hu hu ~

The earth was frozen, and the world was quiet in an instant, only the biting cold wind was blowing slightly.

The King of Dida stood with his back to this piece of frozen snow, giving people a sense of independence.

“Golduck, it’s frozen.”

After a brief silence, the audience reacted.

Looking at the entire ice-covered field, turned into a frozen field, and the field is still braving from time to time, I breathed a sigh of relief.

One move Blizzard freezes everything, Golduck doesn’t even have a little resistance. This kind of freeze ability is really too strong!

“First use the ice wall to make Extreme-Cold Land, and then use Blizzard to decide the outcome. It is really a foolish king, a Pokemon with a terrifying IQ.” At this time, they looked at the opponent in a daze. Wang, could not help but praise.

The big tongue in the field naturally heard the discussion in the field at this time, and his eyes narrowed involuntarily.

What’s the situation? Obviously, this is the tactic I thought of. Why did I become the dumb king?

Does the big tongue have no human rights? I am really angry!

“It’s careless, it’s careless.”

On the other side, Chika closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

Sure enough, the dumb king in front of him was really annoying.

But now, it seems that the Dumbled King is doing this to irritate him, and he must stay sensible.

Yes, the opponent used the Swagger move, so I can’t get it!

“Next, you can’t do it so easily.”

Gently put out a breath again, Chica took out the Poké Ball and released Walrein.

Walrein is the Pokemon of ice and water double attribute, so naturally it will not be affected by ice at this time.

Because of its own frozen body Characteristic Trait, it feels unusually comfortable.

A large part of Water Type Pokemon comes with Ice Type. Chika’s heart is snered. This ice-covered venue will become his help. On the other hand, the dumb king of Water and Psychic Type will not have Too much gain.

“Of course, this kind of coldness is not enough, since you want coldness, then I will add fire to you!”

Chika sneered, and at the same time he directed Walrein to perform Hail moves, making the wind and snow in the field even more unscrupulous.

hu hu hu ~

The wind and snow roared, one after another Hail the size of a ping-pong ball fell from the air.

These Hail slammed on Walrein’s body, and immediately all merged into Walrein’s body.

The Frozen Body Characteristic Trait it possesses is the Characteristic Trait that can restore physical strength in Hail weather.

Now, while these Hails will not harm Walrein, they can also help it restore its strength.

After seeing this scene, Chika’s gaze became joking, secretly mocking that the other party was shooting himself in the foot.

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