Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 907


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“Hail, the weather, it’s a pity that it’s not valid for my big tongue.”

Luo Chen saw no change on his face, his eyes calm.

The Chika on the opposite side was taken aback for a moment, and looked over, only to see King Daidai’s body. At this time, a light mask appeared, blocking all attacks outside, Hail not at all causing any damage.

“Hail is blocked by something.”

Chika looked at the dumb king who ignored Hail with some doubts, not knowing what this ability was.

“Is that… the Overcoat Characteristic Trait of Big Tongue?”

In the field, some spectators have already guessed something, and their eyes suddenly glanced back and forth on Big Tongue and Daidawang.

However, Big Tongue Bei Mingming has merged with Slowpoke and evolved into a dumb king, and the Characteristic Trait has also disappeared.

However, in the current situation, the Overcoat Characteristic Trait obviously possesses the Overcoat Characteristic Trait to withstand the damage of Hail weather.

Could it be…that big tongue shell can also fight, and it also retains its own characteristic trait?

At this time, the audience all turned their eyes on the dumb king who used his butt to face the battlefield.

The dumb king in the field, now closing his eyes and lowering his head, seems to be asleep.

But if you look at it from another angle, isn’t it the fact that Big Tongue is looking up, observing the battle in the field through his own eyes?

From the very beginning, is this big tongue fighting instead of the dumb king fighting?

If this is the case, it seems that it can be explained why the King of Dada fought in such an indecent posture.

There is no way, the eyes of the Big Tongue on the head of Didawang are on the back, and the Didawang’s back to the field is the Big Tongue facing the field?

“Wait, wouldn’t you tell me that after fighting for so long, all the big tongues are fighting?”

After reacting, the audience became even more confused, and the big tongue on the head of Diyao Wang… can it be so strong?

“Big tongue shell? What’s a joke?!”

Chika’s eyelid on the other side jumped.

If the opponent is really fighting, then what is his Golduck? !

So, he is more willing to believe that the one who fights is the dull king, and the big tongue is just a trick!

“No matter what, it’s the right thing to beat this dumb king!”

Chika took a deep breath, and didn’t worry about it, whether you are a big tongue or a dumb king, all kill!

“roar roar.”

Walrein also growled in a low voice after feeling the master’s imposing manner.

Immediately after, it opened its mouth wide and directly used Blizzard’s moves, making the wind and snow in the court even more unscrupulous.

Faced with the howling Blizzard, Big Tongue also used Blizzard, and two winds and snow crashed in the field.


At this moment, a harsh whistling sound suddenly sounded.

Then I saw an Ice Ball suddenly tore apart the Veilstone that Blizzard had turned into, and shot it towards the big tongue shell.

When Big Tongue saw this, his eyes condensed, and Psychic moved out.


In the sound of the violent explosion, Ice Ball shattered directly.

But at this moment, there was another whistling sound, which was also an Ice Ball.

It’s just that this Ice Ball is bigger than the previous Ice Ball.

“Ice Ball moves.”

“And Assist lives in Hail Weather and Blizzard, the basic attack of Ice Ball is very scary.”

Looking at the Ice Ball roaring in the field, Luo Chen immediately had a judgment.

In this case, Assist is affected by the weather and the location, and Walrein is fully fired.

“You have the right time and place, then we are just like somebody.”

Luo Chen murmured at this, ordered: “Mega Psychic!”

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Big Tongue was also aware, and began to merge his Inner Force with the Inner Force of the dumb king.


next moment, a terrifying colorful light beam blasted out directly.

Under this Psychic’s attack, the entire space was shaken, and the surrounding Blizzard was blown away directly.


In midair, Psychic directly smashed Walrein use’s third Ice Ball.

“What a terrifying Psychic, the formidable power is more than twice as powerful as before.”

Looking at this scene in the field, the other players who watched the game made their judgments and were surprised at the same time.

Walrein is able to continuously strengthen the formidable power of Ice Ball because of the special mechanism of Ice Ball’s moves, but what does the dumb king rely on?

Only one shot of Psychic smashed the third Ice Ball that was heavily blessed, which was indeed a bit too strong.

“Walrein, Ice Ball!”

Chika’s brows were also frowned, but the situation in front of him was not at all beyond his control.

Even Psychic, the limit of the Psychic, is only equivalent to the third Ice Ball, and the fourth Ice Ball is absolutely unstoppable.


Walrein condenses Ice Ball very fast.

When it opened its mouth, the surrounding ice and snow power instantly condensed, and the fourth Ice Ball shot out.

Obviously, Walrein also developed the Ice Ball, and the launch speed of its Ice Ball is understood.

Although this development is far worse than Sandslash, it is also very good. The Ice Ball attack is very consistent.


Luo Chen continues to be ordered at this point.

The eyes of the big tongue gleamed with blue light immediately.


The colorful light beams are condensed, and the big tongue uses the Psychic after the fusion of the Inner Force.

In addition, this Psychic looks much stronger than the previous one!


In mid-air, the two attacks collided again.

And this time, Walrein’s fourth strengthening Ice Ball was smashed by Psychic again!

“This…Psychic has also become stronger!”

After seeing this scene, the expressions of the audience are also startled. Isn’t this a coincidence?

The third Ice Ball happened to be shattered. How about this fourth Ice Ball? You wouldn’t say this is a coincidence, right?

However, the formidable power of Ice Ball is improved by the movement mechanism, so what makes Psychic stronger?

Don’t you say that Psychic can also accumulate damage like Ice Ball’s moves?

“Suddenly, I now feel that Daidawang is using his butt to face each other, just to express his contempt.”

“Like the previous attack, the King of Dummy can rely on this intensity of Psychic to attack Walrein, but it does not…”

“During Walrein use the third Ice Ball, the Dumbled King suddenly exerted his strength, and Psychic suddenly improved. This is also true for the fourth Ice Ball. I don’t believe it is a coincidence!”

In the field, there were also audiences who put forward their own ideas, which seemed very reasonable at first glance!

This Luo Chen, wouldn’t he want to explode Chika’s mentality like he did when facing Fan Xiong!

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