Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 908


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Chika on the other side brows.

Since his debut, this Luo Chen is definitely the most Power Trip person he has ever seen!

“Fifth Ice Ball!”

Chika gritted her teeth and ordered.


Walrein also looks very Rage.

It opened its mouth, and the fifth Ice Ball was quickly condensed.


Along with the howling sound, Ice Ball shot out.

On the opposite side, Psychic is used without exception.


In midair, the two attacks collided again.

And the result was another draw, Ice Ball was crushed again!

“Damn, it really is!”

“This Luo Chen did it on purpose!”

The audience who saw this scene jumped straight up.

This, this, how do you explain?

Wang Mingming did nothing, but Psychic’s formidable power has improved!

This is not what Didawang hid a hand? !

If Didawang at first used this intensity of Psychic, wouldn’t the outcome have already been determined? !

“You fellow!”

Chika on the other side also clenched her fists.

At this time, he can completely confirm that Luo Chen is playing him!

“This…I really didn’t mean it.”

Luo Chen also noticed that the atmosphere in the court was wrong, and blinked in confusion.

He didn’t mean it. To be honest, it’s a coincidence that the Psychic of Didawang is the same as the opponent’s Ice Ball formidable power!

In other words, during the time when Walrein condensed the Ice Ball, there was a subtle connection between the mental strength that the King of Dumbledness raised through Calm Mind’s moves and the Ice Ball condensed by Walrein.

This makes the Ice Ball formidable power of Walrein use and the Psychic move of Inner Force’s big tongue improved through Calm Mind moves. The formidable power is just about the same!

“It seems that I am not clear, so let’s finish the battle first.”

Luo Chen scratched his head, unless he exposed the special ability of Daidawang, otherwise there was no way to explain it.

Luo Chen didn’t care about it, and directly directed Big Tongue to use Psychic again.

The Chika on the opposite side seemed to be more real, and it also made Walrein use the Ice Ball move.

Since the limit of Ice Ball moves is increased four times, the strength of the fifth Ice Ball is already Walrein’s limit.

But this time, the fifth Ice Ball played by Walrein was not Psychic’s Rival at all, it was directly penetrated!

After penetrating the Ice Ball, Psychic blasted on Walrein who was caught off guard, blowing up snow and ice!

“Psychic… has improved again!”

This time, Chika was completely stunned.

To what extent is this dull king’s limit!

Did this daze king fight with him, never used his full strength?

If you don’t match, do you use your best?

This kind of suffocation made Chika feel uncomfortable and want to vomit blood!

Gradually, the frost from the ice and snow in the field has also disappeared.

At this time, even if Walrein’s skin is rough and meaty, it can’t be supported at this time. It is directly killed by the Inner Force that combines two Pokemon and the Psychic through the limit of Calm Mind moves!

“Walrein was actually killed in a second. This foolish king seems to have the capital to pretend.”

The audience slapped their lips as they stood up against Chika’s dumb king with their ass standing in the field.

At this time, after watching such a strong battle, they left the big tongue thing behind.

How can an attack of this intensity be able to do it?

This immediately made my big tongue so angry, I planned to find a way to prove my existence in the next game.

However, it is now one with Didawang, and its capabilities are completely overlapped. Is there any way to prove its existence?

“You really annoyed me.”

Chika on the opposite side took a deep breath and gritted her teeth.

After that, a Poké Ball appeared again in his hand and threw it directly.

I saw white light flashed and a robust Beartic appeared. It seems that Chika is planning to rely on a frontal attack breakthrough.

“My Beartic, but Pokemon from Extreme-Cold Land!”

Watching Beartic appear, Chika’s face showed a confident expression.

roar roar roar.

Beartic spread his hands after Chika’s voice fell, and he directly controlled Blizzard in the field.

Hold your hands round in front of your chest, and countless wind and snow condensed into its arms under its control, quickly condensing into an Ice Ball.

After that, Beartic directly lifted the Ice Ball above his head, and further began to gather the wind and snow in the field.

After condense a two-meter-diameter Ice Ball, Beartic used both hands and threw the Ice Ball directly at the Didawang.

“What a horrible Ice Ball, hurry up and avoid it, you will be squashed!”

Looking at the Ice Ball rising to the highest point and starting to fall and smash at the dumb king, the audience exclaimed.


Ground, the head of the King of Dad was lowered, and at the same time the head of Big Tongue was raised, looking towards the Ice Ball in the field.

Psychic used without any hesitation and directly hit the Ice Ball in the air.

Although this Ice Ball looks very big, it is not the Ice Ball of Ice Ball’s moves.

Under Psychic’s attack, the Ice Ball in the air exploded in an instant, turning into countless ice chips and splashing around.


But at this moment, Beartic’s silhouette didn’t know when he had already arrived in front of the Didawang.

Without any hesitation, Beartic slammed his fist directly and attacked the head of the king of Dida.

At the same time, the big tongue shell also moved, controlling his screw-like head, and hitting it.


There was a roar, and the two forces collided.

Then I heard a burst of metal collision.

Under Beartic’s terrorist attack, Big Tongue relied on his body to resist it.

Even Beartic can’t break the shells of the big tongue shell, which also makes Beartic startled.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Big Tongue also repelled Beartic.

“Beartic’s fist didn’t even break the defense, this isn’t this too ridiculous!”

Looking at the Dumbled King who was standing still in the field without injury, the audience was shocked again.

“hmph, how could this kind of attack break the shell that I have grown with Mega Evolution energy.”

Big Tongue Shell felt the roar from her body, and thought very proudly, this should prove her strength!

A big tongue with such strong defensive power should be unique in this World competition, right?

“Beartic, don’t attack the shell on the head of Dida, directly attack its body.”

After Chika on the other side reacted, she also changed her command.

But it was too late. After resisting Beartic’s attack, Big Tongue also condense Psychic.


The terrifying energy exploded at close range and directly hit Beartic head-on.

With a roar, Beartic’s silhouette was blown out directly and hit the ground heavily.

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