Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 909


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“Although the Dumbled King can’t perform Mega.”

“But the power in the Mega Slowbro Evolution Stone still brings great benefits to the big tongue shell.”

Seeing that the defensive power Sheer Force of Big Tongue relies on its shell to block Beartic’s attack, Luo Chen slightly smiled.

The big tongue shell in this case is somewhat similar to the Garchomp that spurred the Mega Evolution stone.

Although Mega Evolution was not carried out, some abilities after Mega Evolution were still used.

After Slowbro performed the Mega Evolution, the energy was completely absorbed by Big Tongue, making Big Tongue possess terrifying defensive power.

Although there is no Mega Evolution at this time, the defensive power has also been horribly improved.


On the other side, Chika’s eyes shrank, watching the snow and dust splashing in the field.

Although the final result of the battle has not come out yet, he knows that Beartic’s defense is not as good as Walrein’s.

Even Walrein was killed in seconds, and Beartic was hit by Psychic at close range.

“Lost, Chika is about to lose.”

“From the beginning of the battle, this silly king is playing.”

“Only if it is willing, it can solve the other party at any time!”

The audience outside the venue was also discussing at this time, and they also re-acquainted with the dumb king of this Power Trip.

“Is this Dumbled King really so strong?”

Chika took a deep breath. After losing three Pokemon in a row, he calmed down instead.

His gaze looked towards the Dummy King in the field, completely ignoring the Taunt of Dummy King, and began to think.

“Maybe it’s just a secret reinforcement method.”

After thinking about it a little bit, Chica made a judgment. He felt that there was an illusion behind the powerful and powerful Daddy.

“My fourth Pokemon is it!”

After thinking about the countermeasures, Chica threw the Poké Ball.

Afterwards, a Greninja appeared in the field.


After Greninja played, Chica directly ordered.

Suddenly a black mist appeared in the field, spreading towards all around.

“It turned out to be Haze.”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen’s face changed slightly.

The role of Haze is to return the abilities of all Pokemon in the battle to the original point.

The reason why Big Tongue has such a strong Inner Force is entirely because of the Calm Mind moves of the dumb king.

Now under the influence of Haze, these Inner Forces that have been promoted by Calm Mind moves are immediately erased.

Haze had already reacted when the scene was spreading, and Blizzard was used.

But these Haze are coming and going fast, just like a gust of wind, which blew past almost in an instant.

Under the shroud of Haze, Big Tongue immediately felt his Inner Force begin to weaken rapidly.

Soon, under the influence of Haze, the Inner Force promoted by Calm Mind’s moves disappeared.

“This time is in trouble.”

Luo Chen scratched his head, feeling things are in trouble.


Just as he was thinking, a sky-splitting sound sounded.

Then I saw Greninja rushing out with a water shuriken in his hand.

hu hu hu ~

The Hail weather in the field continued.

But at this time, Greninja walked through it quickly without any hindrance.

“This is…the Characteristic Trait?”

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed.

Change freely. Characteristic Trait can change its own Attribute into the same Attribute as its own use.

Before, Greninja used Haze of Ice Type. At this time, Attribute Yanran also became Ice Type.

The cold air filled Greninja’s body, directly turning the water shuriken in Greninja’s hand into ice shuriken.

Greninja can solidify water into a shuriken that can cut Oreburgh. At this time, the ice shuriken becomes even sharper.

The big tongue shell is also eyes shrank, so he directly used Barrier’s ice shuriken to block Greninja.

Greninja’s silhouette jumped up, holding the ice shuriken in both hands and cutting it down.


A cracking sound suddenly sounded.

Under the slash of the ice shuriken, Barrier was directly cut open!

Greninja’s silhouette fell to the ground, and shot out again after stepping on it.

The ice shuriken slashed through the air, and directly slashed on the body of the king of Dida, slashing his body away!

“Good job, Greninja!”

Chika shook her hand, she guessed it right.

Under the influence of Haze, the power of the increase of Didawang has been dissipated!

“The King of Dida was attacked.”

Luo Chen who saw this scene blinked and tucked his hair.

“Things have become troublesome.”

As Luo Chen’s voice fell, I saw that the dumb king in the field had stood up.

It’s just this time, the Dumbled King not at all turned his back to Chika, but turned around and opened his closed eyes.

“This look… are you serious?”

Looking at the dumb king in the field, this idea appeared in the audience’s mind.


On the other side, Chika was also coldly snorted, and was dissatisfied with the previous behavior of the Diya Wang.

When his voice fell, Greninja’s silhouette also jumped out quickly, disappearing instantly.

When he reappeared, Greninja had already arrived in front of King Dida, and the ice shuriken fiercely cut out.


There was another roar.

However, the Dumbled King who has a super Inner Force also reacted quickly.

I saw Wang Daida tilted his head, and the big tongue on top of his head directly met the Shuriken of Ice.

Even if it is extremely sharp and capable of cutting off Oreburgh’s shuriken, there is no big tongue at this time.

After the energy boost of Mega Evolution, the big tongue shell is really too strong!

Relying on the big tongue to block the attack, the King of Dumbledness also seized the opportunity to use the Qi and fist, and wanted to attack Greninja, who became an Ice Type.

Without a hit, Greninja was positioned as an assassin, and had already left at his own speed.

After retreating, Greninja’s silhouette was hidden in the snow, like a hunter looking for the best attack position.

Next moment, Greninja’s silhouette moved again, this time directly aimed at the back of Didawang!


Chika’s face showed joy.

But at the next moment, he was suddenly stunned.

He looked at the field, and suddenly felt that the entire world seemed to slow down.

In midair, Greninja’s silhouette moved slowly, like slow motion Normal, and the action of lifting the ice shuriken was clearly visible.

“What is going on?”

Chika’s heart is full of doubts.

Perhaps all of this… is an illusion?

next moment, his eyes suddenly flickered, and when he looked over, he saw the body of Didawang suddenly appeared in front of Greninja.

The Fighting Type energy was condensed in the hands of the Diya King, and he directly used a Focus Punch, which blasted Greninja’s body heavily, blasting its silhouette directly.

Then, the King of Dida added another Focus Blast, causing a firework to bloom in the sky, and the aftermath of the explosion would directly blow away the surrounding wind and snow, just like a mirror flower.

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