Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 910


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“What is going on?”

“Why is Greninja so slow?”

“On the other hand, Didawang, how did his speed become so fast!”

At this time, the audience also showed incredible expression in their eyes, completely ignorant of everything that happened in the field.

“This is Trick Room!”

“In the realm of Trick Room, the faster Pokemon will become slower, and the slower Pokemon will become faster!”

Naturally, the field is also a knowledgeable Researcher. At this time, he also thought of the introduction of the Trick Room in the ancient book and said it directly.

“His, Trick Room!”

“This is exactly the nemesis of the quick attack team!”

After listening to this researcher’s introduction, the audience was sucked in a cold breath again.

The role of the Trick Room is too abnormal, right? !

At this moment, they all couldn’t help but think of the battle that happened just now.

In the Trick Room, the Greninja is really too slow!

On the other hand, the Dumbled King, with incredible speed, directly hit Greninja with his own attack.

In that kind of Agility without any preparation, and being hit by the Focus Punch that restrained its own Attribute, Greninja was really miserable!

Originally, its performance has just begun, but everything is over. It ends so suddenly that people can’t respond completely.

However, if you can’t react, you have to react. At this time, Chika’s face is completely dark. This is a foolish king, too strong?

Super Inner Force, super defensive power, and now even the weakness of speed has been overcome. At this time, the dull king seems to have no weaknesses. If you want to defeat it, you can only crush it with a stronger force. Pressure.

But this Dumbled King has already reached their level of Trump Card level. If it were the last World Tournament, this Dumbled King would definitely be one of the strongest Pokemons.

“The times…seems to be different.”

Chika closed her eyes in pain.

After experiencing the last Terri world, he thought he would be the leader of this era.

But first appeared Silu, and now another Luo Chen came, and he suddenly felt that he was old.

Just as Chika’s mentality became low, a Poké Ball on his waist suddenly shook quickly.

“Huh, yes, I can’t just admit defeat like this.”

Chika took the Poké Ball in her hand and suddenly laughed.

“Luo Chen, your strength is indeed very strong.”

“Everyone here is fooled by your age.”

“But…how do I also participate in the two Terri World Tournament.”

“As a Senior, I still have some hole cards in my hand!”

Chika’s face gradually turned serious, and at the same time he threw out the Poké Ball in his hand.

With the flash of rays of light, I saw a pale blue Pokemon which looked like a wolf appeared in the field.

This Pokemon has a blue jewel-like headdress, surrounded by white wind and Normal streamers, showing a light figure, with blue and white patterns on its body, which is very sacred.

“This Pokemon is…Suicune!”

Looking at this Pokemon on stage, the audience exclaimed.

Suicune, the legendary Legendary Pokemon, can be said to be the first Legendary Pokemon to appear in the world game.

“Divine Emissary?”

“It seems that all Alliances have struggled for the winning resources of the world competition this time.”

One of the other Alliance spectators looked at Suicune in the field and narrowed his eyes.

According to his understanding, MURPHY Alliance does own Suicune, which is why the waters in MURPHY Alliance are so clear.

But this Divine Emissary recognized by Suicune is not the Chica in the field, but the previous Water Type Elite.

The situation is very clear now, obviously before the start of the world game, Chica got the recognition of this Suicune.

Among them, it is unclear whether Suicune admitted that Chika relied on her own strength or used other methods.

But it is undeniable that Chika who owns Suicune, his strength Yanran has changed drastically.

“Have you been forced out of Legendary Pokemon so early?”

“It seems that the battle between Divine Emissary has begun.”

“Who can become the strongest Divine Emissary?”

The Divine Emissary of the other Alliance also laughed, and the battle seemed to be more and more interesting.

“Huh, it seems that all Alliances have made sufficient preparations for this competition.”

On the Thousand City Alliance side, everyone’s expressions have become extremely solemn. With the addition of Divine Emissary from various Alliances, this world game is completely different.

Of course, if you want to be recognized by Legendary Pokemon, it is not easy to become a Divine Emissary, and many of Alliance’s Legendary Pokemon are only cooperative relationships and cannot command Legendary Pokemon to fight.

Furthermore, these Legendary Pokemon also have their own dignity. They can only cooperate with human beings and impossible is the same as normal Trainer and Pokemon.

If you don’t really recognize Trainer, Legendary Pokemon is also impossible to enter Poké Ball. After all, as long as you enter Poké Ball, you will equivalently lose your freedom to a certain extent.

In the rules of the world game, this kind of Pokemon, which hasn’t really been brought into Poké Ball by Trainer to form a spiritual connection, cannot participate.

In addition, even if these Legendary Pokemon are on the battlefield, if they can’t cultivate enough tacit understanding with Trainer, they will not be able to bring out the full power of Legendary Pokemon.

“Suicune, this battle is up to you.”

Chika took a deep breath and said to Suicune in front of him.

The relationship between the two of them is more of friends than the normal Trainer and Pokemon relationship.

If it is normal, he will send Suicune to fight, but wants to use his Pokemon to win.

But the Dumbled King in front of him is too strong, and he has no retreat.

Although it is disgraceful to rely on the Suicune of the Senior breed to fight, he must win this game!

Suicune was also nodded when he saw this, and looked towards the Dummy King opposite.


Feeling the power of Suicune, the big tongue on Didawang’s head also communicated with Didawang in a low voice.

“Slow? Slow… Kingg~ .”

Nodded, this Rival needs them to face it together.

After that, I saw the King of Daida suddenly raising his hand and grabbing the big tongue on his head.

In the stunned eyes of the audience, Big Tongue was directly turned around by Daida Wang, making Big Tongue’s face face forward.

So, it can be said that both Da Tong Bei and Da Da Wang faced the enemy head-on. This is a serious expression of the two Pokemon.

And after seeing this scene, Luo Chen suddenly had a sense of sight in the anime Ash burning up, pressing his hand on the peaked cap and wearing it backwards.

Before, whether it was the big tongue fighting alone or the dumb king fighting, they just borrowed the opponent’s Inner Force.

Now, the two Pokemon spurred the Inner Force at the same time, and there was a subtle reaction immediately, and the terrifying Inner Force fluctuated out!

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