Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 911


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“Suicune, use Hydro Pump!”

The Chika on the opposite side looked at the changes in Didawang, and his expression became serious.

Under his command, Suicune opened his mouth and spit out a terrifying spiral Hydro Pump!

“Dilaida, Big Tongue, we also use Hydro Pump.”

Luo Chen also opened the mouth and said, letting the King of Daddy and Big Tongue use Hydro Pump at the same time.

Suddenly saw two Hydro Pumps entwined in midair, turning into a double spiral Hydro Pump.


The two Hydro Pumps collided in mid-air and stalemate there.

After a while, the Hydro Pump exerted by Suicune slowly pushed forward and finally dissipated into the air!

With the combined efforts of Big Tongue Shell and Didawang, the Hydro Pump used at this time is not inferior to Suicune too much!

The audience was surprised here, but Chika was even more surprised.

This Suicune’s Hydro Pump’s attack is stronger than his three main forces at the same time.

Now this Dazed King can withstand this level of Hydro Pump attack!

“Go on, Hydro Pump!”

Chika’s eyes flickered.

Suicune is very physically strong now, and he is not in a hurry.

On the other hand, Didawang’s side, after so many battles, the stamina of Didawang is definitely not much.

What he has to do now is to use the least stamina to defeat King Dida, and then prepare for the next battle.

Using Suicune to complete one-to-six, this is his ultimate goal, otherwise relying on his last Pokemon, this battle will still be difficult to win!

boom~ boom~.

In the field, the battle continued.

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen is also slightly frowned.

In the current situation on the field, only the dull king and the big tongue can fight against the opposite Suicune.

In this case, the double Calm Mind tactics and double Rest tactics such as the double Calm Mind tactics and the double Rest tactics of the Dumbled King and Big Tongue cannot be used.

If this is the case, the Didawang’s strength is undoubtedly reduced a lot.

“If so…use Shell Smash!”

Luo Chen narrowed his eyes and gave an order for everyone to startled.

Shell Smash?

Are you sure Didawang can use Shell Smash?

Although Didawang has a shell on his head, it does not mean that Didawang can perform Shell Smash!

However, before the discussion in the field stopped, the big tongue shell on the head of the dumb king in the field had already emitted white light, and the strong white light immediately wrapped the whole shell!

“Shell Smash, really use Shell Smash!”

“Dilaida used Shell Smash with the shells on his head? It all works?”

The audience was dumbfounded when seeing the dumb king used the Shell Smash move.

“Suicune, use Hydro Pump.”

The Chika on the opposite side naturally wouldn’t watch Didawang simply increase herself.

When using Shell Smash moves, Hydro Pump was used to attack.

Seeing this, the Dumbled King on the opposite side directly blasted out a Hydro Pump to block the attack and buy time for Big Tongue Shell Smash.


The Hydro Pump collides with the Hydro Pump.

Then I saw that Suicune’s Hydro Pump directly suppressed the Didawang’s Hydro Pump.

“What is going on?!”

Seeing this scene, Chika’s face was puzzled.

The power of Didawang seems to have increased, but how did the formidable power of the Hydro Pump decrease?

But before he could figure it out, a colorful beam of light was suddenly lased!

This Psychic appeared so suddenly, it directly smashed Suicune’s Hydro Pump and swept past!

Under Psychic’s attack, the Hydro Pump was directly blasted away, and then swept all the way, hitting Suicune directly, blasting its silhouette upside down!

“What is going on?”

“The ability to do two things at the same time?”

“But is this doing two things at the same time used?”

Looking at the dumb king standing in the field and the smoke and dust covering Suicune in the distance, the audience was surprised.

Using Shell Smash moves while using Hydro Pump and using Hydro Pump while using Psychic. This is no longer a simple doing two things at the same time, but it is completely dual-purpose!

But this dual-purpose ability, except for Pokemon with multiple consciousnesses like the double-headed dragon and Dodrio, other Pokemons are basically difficult to complete!

“By the way, speaking from a certain perspective, does the dull king have two consciousnesses?”

At this moment, a Researcher glanced back and forth on Da Tong Bei and Da Da Wang, and proposed his own ideas.

And his words also made other people stunned again, and also reacted.

But after the evolution of the big tongue shellfish will lose its ability, this is already common sense, is this dumb king a special case?

Besides, the King of Silly is simply impossible to use the Shell Smash move. On the contrary, it’s the only way for Big Tongue to master this move!

By the way, there is also the previous Overcoat Characteristic Trait. Everything of this kind proves that the big tongue shell on the head of the dull king seems to be an individual who can fight alone!

“Huh, I worked so hard, you guys finally discovered this…”

After hearing the comments from the audience off-site, Big Tongue was nodded and sighed in relief.

hu hu hu ~

At this moment, a strong wind blew in the field.

The smoke and dust in the field dispersed, and Suicune’s elegant silhouette appeared in the field.

At this time, around Suicune’s body, a faint mist filled with water, and a faint energy surge.

Even if hit by a powerful Psychic, Suicune still looks uninjured.

At this time, Suicune’s face looked very solemn, and it was obviously attacked, which made it feel very bad.

“Suicune, the water of Purify!”

Chika on the opposite side looked at the changes in King Daida, frowned.

While feeling jealous, Suicune finally used his original power.

Purify water is a special power unique to Suicune, just like Entei’s sacred flame Normal.

In this case, the formidable power of the Hydro Pump has also been horribly improved, and the cyan water flow seems to purify everything.

“Stay King, use Nasty Plot!”

After Big Tongue used the Shell Smash move to improve its Inner Force, the Dummy King also used the increase move.

Nasty Plot, this is a move to activate one’s own mind and greatly increase one’s own special attacks.

In terms of the mind, the innate talent of Daidawang is definitely Peak Level, so the increase in Nasty Plot’s moves is also extremely scary.

In this way, after the double increase of Shell Smash moves and Nasty Plot moves, the Inner Force of the dumb king is also at the same time to the extreme.

In the subsequent collision between Purify Water and Psychic, the two fought again and evenly matched, and the scene froze again.

“Hydro Pump!”

“dodge again!”

The Hydro Pump of the Dumbled King swept past, but not at all hit Suicune.

Suicune is called the incarnation of the north wind, and naturally it is not weak in speed.

It was as if a breeze swept across, and it disappeared in a flash, and the Hydro Pump didn’t even scratch its corners.

After the Hydro Pump swept through, Suicune’s silhouette stopped in the distance, looking towards the King of Dida with fear.

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