Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 912


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After one round of attacks, Luo Chen continued to command.

“Suicune, Surf!”

This time, Suicune did not choose a head-on collision, but instead evoked the waves.

Around Suicune’s body, a column of water suddenly soared into the sky, drowning towards King Dida.


Psychic and Surf collide, breaking it down directly.

Using the power of Mega Evolution, in addition to strengthening the Inner Force of the Big Tongue, it also brings the two Pokemon closer together.

This Psychic is the fusion of the full power of the two Pokemon, tearing Surf moves in an instant!


Water waves poured down towards Ground, and water stains spilled over Ground.

Behind the water waves, I also fell into Suicune’s prostrate body at this time.


Suddenly, Suicune raised her hair and let out a roar.

As the roar rang out, the sky suddenly changed, and dark clouds filled the sky.

crash-bang ~

After a while, it rained heavily in the sky.

hu hu hu ~

This isn’t over yet, a gust of wind blows between Suicune’s footsteps!

The terrifying gust of wind raged towards all directions with Suicune from the center, causing the rain curtain to roll up.

hu hu hu ~

Heavy rain and strong winds instantly turned into a Hurricane rain and swept the earth.

And the silhouette of Suicune stands in the rain of Hurricane, like a king who controls everything!

da da da da.

The heavy rain kept hitting Ground, and it was really like a rain of bullets.

The silhouette of Didawang stood in the rain. At this time, he naturally felt that the heavy rain fell on his body, making its exposed skin a little bit painful.

In the distance, the gusty wind swept through, and the rain was rolled up, and it directly struck the Didi King in the distance!

“The incarnation of the north wind…”

“Wind and water, this is the power of Suicune as Legendary Pokemon!”

Looking at the Hurricane rain in the field, Luo Chen took a deep breath slightly. Legendary Pokemon is Legendary Pokemon, and he is born with the power of terror.


“Although Daidawang is just an ordinary Pokemon, its potential is not inferior to Legendary Pokemon!”

“Stay King, Big Tongue Shell, Mega Stone!”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, and his eyes suddenly became sharp.

The two Pokemons are nodded here, and both are nodded. They directly communicate the power of the Mega Stone within the body.

This Mega Evolution stone is naturally Slowbro’s Mega Evolution stone. The King of Dumbledness does not have its own Mega Evolution form.

However, through a lot of research and experimentation, Didawang and Big Tongue have been able to use the most Strength of Source to communicate the power in the Mega Slowbro Evolution Stone.

With the assistance of Luo Chen Key Stone, the energy in Mega Slowbro Evolution Stone began to radiate out continuously.

Suddenly, the energy of one after another Mega Evolution surged within the body of the dumb king, rushing towards the big tongue above his head.

After Mega Evolution, Slowbro will give all the energy to the big tongue shell, so that the big tongue shell turns into a solid shell that wraps the Slowpoke. Therefore, Slowbro’s Mega Evolution is actually the evolution process of the big tongue shell.

Based on this, Luo Chen also started with the energy that Mega Evolution allowed the big tongue shell to evolve, and poured all the energy into the big tongue shell’s within the body, and then passed Psychic Type’s help and big tongue Tongue’s own Inner Force innate talent enables Big Tongue to absorb these energy and transform it into its own Inner Force!

After completely absorbing the power of the Mega Evolution stone, Ruby on the back of the Big Tongue instantly emits an incomparably bright rays of light, one after another invisible waves are emitted.

“What is going on?”

“The Inner Force of the dumb king…has been improved again?”

Looking at the change of the dumb king in the field, all the audience’s eyes widened.

At this time, under the action of the alternative Mega Evolution, the form of the Diyao King has not changed in any way.

But they can all clearly feel that the Dumbled King at this time seems to be different from the original.


next moment, the king of Dida moved.

With the blue light flashed in its eyes, the entire world seemed to be still Normal.

The horrible blue light radiated from the Dummy King unscrupulously, making the body of Suicune in the distance also filled with blue light.

“This is…what’s wrong?”

The audience felt that their spirits were in a trance, and the confused eyes opened.

next moment, their eyes suddenly rounded.

Nothing is heard, Suicune in the distance has fallen to the ground, and no one knows how it fell.

“Suicune…is defeated?”

After a brief silence, the entire venue was in an uproar.

Their gazes looked towards the Dummy King who stood in the distance, with incredible disbelief in their eyes.

What did Didawang do just now?

“Huh, although the maintenance time is very short, it is still successful.”

Luo Chen took a deep breath slightly after seeing this scene.

Big Tongue Shell and Inner Force of Dummy King, coupled with the use of Shell Smash moves, the Inner Force of Dummy King is already strong.

Finally, when the King of Dummy was performing Mega Evolution, he used all his power to improve the Inner Force.

It’s like adding points. Mega Slowbro will improve all aspects of Pokemon’s quality when completing Mega Evolution, but when the king of staying Mega Evolution, all points are added to Inner Force. .

The instant eruption gave the Dumbled King a terrifying Inner Force that far exceeded his own limit. He directly used Confusion to pass the Spiritual Plane’s attack and defeated Suicune.

Luo Chen guessed that the Confusion attack after this move Mega Evolution, the formidable power can be compared to the legendary Psychic Type Z move, the highest wave of spiritual destruction!

The trance that these viewers felt before was also due to the spillover of Confusion. After all, compared with these Pokemon, the human Inner Force is too weak.

Of course, this power Didawang itself cannot be well controlled. After a brief Mega Evolution, Didawang withdrew from the Mega Evolution form and began to gasp.

As the direct carrier of Mega Evolution’s energy, Big Tongue directly fell into a coma and almost assumed all the side effects.


Chika in the field was completely sluggish at this time.

That’s Suicune, the legendary Pokemon, so the unfathomable mystery is defeated?

This dumb king, what the hell is that? !

At this moment, Chika’s mentality has also collapsed. How can we fight this battle?

Even Suicune was defeated, what other Pokemon can beat this dazed king?

So, amidst the stunned expressions of the audience, Chica was completely decadent and gave up.

The desperate look gave everyone an inexplicable mentality.

After the former Fan Xiong, Luo Chen once again broke the mentality of a player on the world stage.

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