Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 913


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“I lost…”

After returning to the team, Chica felt very depressed.

According to their plan, as long as they won the First Stage and the second game, they could rely on the team to win.

Now that Chika lost to Luo Chen, there must be another person in their team.

“We underestimated this Luo Chen.”

The coach of MURPHY Alliance’s face is a bit ugly at this time.

He chose Luo Chen as Chica’s Rival, originally to secure this point.

Otherwise, as long as Chica is not against Captain Jiang Zhelin and Wen Xiaochuan of the Thousand City Alliance team, everyone else will win.

But he chose to aim at Luo Chen, quite a feeling of trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.

“Next, leave it to me.”

“I will definitely win this battle.”

“Next, it depends on luck.”

Murphy Alliance team Captain Silu stood up and walked towards the battlefield.

On the Thousand City Alliance side, there is no surprise that Luo Chen can win.

However, if Luo Chen can win so easily, everyone is still startled.

“The second one of them was really that Sillu.”

Wen Xiaochuan also got up and walked up as Silu walked onto the battlefield.

“We won this battle.”

Seeing Wen Xiaochuan Rival Sillu, Thousand City Alliance is very relaxed here.

Only Luo Chen frowned slightly, always feeling that something was not right.

Soon, the battle began.

Wen Xiaochuan’s first Pokemon is Quasi-Mythical Metagross.

Faced with Poison Type Pokemon, which Sillu is good at, Metagross can restrain whether it is Steel type or Psychic Type.

“Sure enough, it is Steel type Pokemon…”

“It’s just that Steel type Pokemon is completely invalid for my lineup!”

Looking at the Pokemon sent by Wen Xiaochuan, Silu on the opposite side was sneaked.

As the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out, a group of purple flames suddenly rose in the field.

In the flames, you can faintly see a Pokemon like a lizard.

“This Pokemon is…Salazzle!”

Looking at the silhouette emerging from the flames, Luo Chen’s expression changed instantly.

Salazzle Pokemon is a Pokemon, Fire and Poison Type of Alola Region.

The most important thing is that Salazzle has a characteristic Corrosion Characteristic Trait, which can poison Poison Type and Steel type Pokemon.

For Metagross, this Pokemon with Fire Type and Corrosive Characteristic Trait can be said to be the perfect choice.

“Corrosive Characteristic Trait?”

Hearing Luo Chen’s introduction, everyone on the Thousand City Alliance stared.

As Alola Secret Realm appears in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the extent of Alliance’s exploration is also very limited.

About the Pokemon information of Alola Region, not at all system is summarized.

Although Salazzle’s information has been published, the Characteristic Trait and special ability have not been published.

At this time, under Luo Chen’s introduction, everyone’s faces changed.

According to their judgment, after the frontal battle, Wen Xiaochuan’s strength is not as good as Sillu.

Isn’t it the advantage of Attribute that Wen Xiaochuan was sent to play?

But now, facing the Salazzle in the field, Wen Xiaochuan’s Steel type Pokemon has no Attribute advantage at all, but has fallen into a disadvantage.

The Salazzle of Slug is really strong, and through a special breed method, Salazzle’s Poison Type energy and Fire Type energy are merged into one, turning into a more terrifying fire poison.

Poison fire continued to swept through the field, and the fire poison invaded Pokemon’s body, turning into an insoluble situation.

Under the fire and poison attack of Salazzle, Wen Xiaochuan’s Steel type Pokemon fell, and they were eventually blocked!

After winning the victory, Silu also looked towards the Thousand City Alliance, looked towards Luo Chen, with Taunt on his face.

Obviously, after Luo Chen closed Chika almost zero, Slug responded to Luo Chen in this way, which was already a naked Taunt.

Luo Chen’s gaze does not shy away from looking at Slu, and he will naturally not be afraid of challenges!

“Sorry, I lost this game.”

After Wen Xiaochuan came down, his face was full of unwillingness.

On the stage of the world, it was the first time he lost so badly, and Rival was also a Poison Type Pokemon Grandmaster.

“Leave the next battle to us.”

Jiang Zhelin Captain patted Wen Xiaochuan on the shoulder and walked towards the battlefield.

In this round, Thousand City Alliance was still very easy to win, with the score temporarily leading 4:2.

“Win once, win another.”

Chika’s clenched fist in Murphy’s Alliance team.

But as they analyzed before the game, their winning points are only Chika and Sleek.

In the end, the score was fixed at 10:2, and Guo Lun Elite finally got the chance to play. In the first show, Guo Lun Elite used all his best, and finally won easily.

“Damn it, it’s obviously a bit close.”

Chika watched this scene, her fists clenched, very upset.

“It’s okay, we still have hope.”

“If we run into them next time, we won’t lose.”

Sluhuan looked at the Thousand City Alliance opposite, with a calm expression on his face.

Although they lost to Thousand City Alliance, they still have great hopes to qualify as the second place in the group stage.

when the time comes in the process of fighting for the final world Champion, they still have hope to fight again!


“The group stage is ready!”

“The next step is the knock-out competition.”

After returning to the resting place, the Thousand City Alliance team also celebrated.

“Ah, although I don’t want to interrupt you.”

“But our roster for the next round is out.”

At this moment, Coach Xu Hao walked in from the door, holding a list in his hand.

According to the rules of the group stage, Thousand City Alliance, which is the 1st place in the group stage, will play the second place of other groups.

Now it has entered the knock-out competition link, and the loser will be eliminated directly. It can be said that it has entered the most cruel competition link.

Here, the winner goes ahead and the loser stops, and all teams must take the most serious attitude to meet.

“Our next round of Rival is…Indo-Ocean Alliance?”

Looking at his next round of Rival, everyone’s eyes instantly became serious.

In the last world game, the Indian Ocean Alliance was one of the top 16 teams.

But in the group stage this time, they only qualified for the second place in the group stage!

“It was…Suva Alliance who defeated them?”

Looking at this unfamiliar Alliance name, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

It stands to reason that the one who can defeat the Indian-Ocean Alliance will be a relatively powerful Alliance, rather than such an unfamiliar Alliance that they have never heard of.

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