Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 914


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Soon, the staff responsible for the logistics of the world game also transferred the information of Suva Alliance.

According to the data above, Suva Alliance is a small Alliance in the center of the Pacific Ocean. This time is also the first time to participate in a world tournament.

“The central location of the Pacific Ocean…This place is occupied by a large number of Pokemon in the sea all year round. To survive in this environment, you really need strong strength.” Luo Chen groaned, where is the general feeling faintly Something is wrong.

His feelings have always been accurate, which also made him think, recalling the information in his mind.

The location in the center of the Pacific Ocean…Speaking of which, I don’t know how Alliance is exploring the Alola Secret Realm deep in the Pacific Ocean.

“Don’t worry about the Suva Alliance for now, the Indian-Ocean Alliance we are facing now.”

Coach Xu Hao also opened the mouth and said at this time, bringing everyone’s attention back.

Yinyang Alliance. Speaking of this Alliance, Luo Chen thought of Ai Rui who he had played against before.

Whether it is Dragonite’s thunder cloud mode or Gourgeist’s Darkness Domain finally, Luo Chen has left a deep impression.

But even so, the strength of this Ai Rui is ranked in the middle of the team, which shows how strong the strength of the Indian Ocean Alliance is.

After all, this Indian-Ocean Alliance, but the Power Trip Alliance, which has been clamoring to replace the Thousand City Alliance’s five major alliances, has some strength.

“This time, how do we arrange the formation.”

After discussing the strength of the Indian Ocean Alliance, Guo Lun Elite asked.

As can be seen from the opponent’s formation, the opponent should be good at doubles, triples and all-round combat.

In terms of singles, the two players sent by the opposing team are not very strong, almost in a state of giving up.

Now, Thousand City Alliance also has two plans.

The first is to win the doubles match directly and put the final winner on the team battle.

The second option is to directly choose meet force with force to win the doubles and triples matches while winning the singles.

However, this choice is also risky. If Thousand City Alliance’s singles are not won, and the doubles and triples have also failed, then they will lose out.

“Luo Chen, what do you think?”

Coach Xu Hao groaned and looked towards Luo Chen.

If Luo Chen is willing to use the combination of Charizard and Victini, then there is definitely no problem.

It’s just that this is Luo Chen’s Trump Card combination. He is not sure if Luo Chen plans to hide.

“In the Integral Points game rules at this time, Integral Points for singles, doubles, and triples are all 2 points.”

“The scores for the team match and team match are 4 and 5 points respectively, for a total of 17 Integral Points.”

“In this case, if only 4 points are scored, then the victory or defeat of the team game simply does not matter.”

“So, our best choice is to win a doubles victory, so we have three match points.”

Luo Chen pondered for a while and said: “So, let Captain Jiang and Xiaochuan Elite compete for the singles. I will be responsible for the doubles match.”

“Even if Jiang Zhelin Captain and Wen Xiaochuan Elite lose one, I am sure of winning.”

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Coach Xu Hao was also nodded. Although Luo Chen didn’t say it clearly, the meaning was very obvious.

If the first two singles matches are won, Luo Chen can hide a hand, and if the previous one loses, then Luo Chen will definitely send his strongest combination to ensure victory.

Soon, Coach Xu Hao also confirmed the list of matches. The first stage singles match was Wen Xiaochuan, the second singles match was Jiang Zhelin Captain, and Luo Chen was in charge of the third doubles match…


The time passed quickly, and the 2nd day game continued.

Because of the knock-out competition, all the competitions are staggered.

Because the Thousand City Alliance game is the third game, they also came to the players’ auditorium early to watch the game.

The opening match of the knock-out competition is the highlight, directly with the host Liberty Alliance.

“This Pokemon is…Terrakion!”

The first Pokemon sent by the Liberty Alliance directly made the audience exclaim.

Terrakion looks like a cow. It is decorated with two brown sharp horns bent forward. It is a Legendary Pokémon of Rock and Fighting Type!

In the first battle of the opening, the Liberty Alliance sent Legendary Pokémon to fight, apparently to declare his strength on this stage!

And in the course of the battle, you can indeed see the power of this Trainer named Kiel, but relying on Terrakion, he swept the audience directly!

You know, it’s a knock-out competition now. In this case, it’s much harder to do a sweep than it was in the group stage.

“The Legendary Pokemon…”

The other players who watched the battle were silent.

This is already the sixth Legendary Pokémon to appear on the world stage this time.

It can also be seen that in order to obtain the resources of the world game at this time, all Alliances have used all their best.

Now, they don’t dare to guess the strength of their Rival casually, after all, no one knows if they have a hidden Legendary Pokémon in their hands.

There was no surprise in the final result. The Liberty Alliance directly crushed the opponent with a score of 8:0 and won the final victory.

The strength shown by each of them is a side effect, demonstrating the strength of the Liberty Alliance world team this year.

It is also worth mentioning that Luo Chen’s familiar Oni Elite has no chance to play at all, which also made him secretly wary.

In other words, the strength of the four players in the field is actually stronger than Oni Elite! This is very scary!


As the battle continues, it will soon be the third Thousand City Alliance.

Under Host’s passionate commentary, both Alliance teams came to the battlefield.

After some introduction, both Alliance teams came to their respective player areas, representing the official start of this knock-out competition.

Before the start of the game, the coaches of both sides handed over their team roster to the referee. After the coaches of both sides shook hands, the Integral Points First Stage singles match officially started.

“First Stage, Wen Xiaochuan of Thousand City Alliance vs. Ai Rui of Indian Ocean Alliance.”

After the game started, the referee also announced the list of games, and both players stepped onto the stage.

“It’s not Luo Chen?”

After seeing Rival against Rival, Iri was surprised and then narrowed his eyes.

Actually, the Indian Ocean Alliance sent him to the court to give up. After all, Luo Chen has proved his strength in the group stage.

On the other hand, Wen Xiaochuan Elite did not perform very well in the group stage. The match against Murphy Alliance Slwe was even more bloody.

In this case, Iri feels that maybe he can fight, maybe he will win?

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