Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 915


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“Is the other party that Ai Rui?”

“It seems that the Indian Ocean Alliance is well prepared this time.”

Looking at Ai Rui on the stage, Luo Chen and the others were also stunned.

The strength of this Ai Rui can also be called mid-range in the opponent’s lineup, and his status is similar to Wen Xiaochuan.

Yinyang Alliance this time not at all sent the two weakest, but sent Iri up, obviously intending to try to win, rather than just give up.

Of course, it’s best if they can win. Even if they can’t win, they plan to consume the strength of Luo Chen’s Pokemon to the greatest extent, preventing him from participating in the subsequent general matches and team competitions.

The result now is that Ai Rui played against Wen Xiaochuan. It can be said that they all exceeded the opponent’s expectations, but at the same time other thoughts appeared in his heart.

Through their own judgment, they all feel that this battle can be fought, and the victory or defeat is really understood!

In the field, Ai Rui and Wen Xiaochuan stood face to face.

After the referee announced the start of the game, Ai Rui, who had obtained the first hand, directly released Pokemon.

This time is different from when he played against Luo Chen. The first Pokemon sent by Iri was Gourgeist.

The first Pokemon sent by Wen Xiaochuan was Metagross.

“It was the Metagross that was beaten up by Salazzle.”

Watching Metagross debut, Iri’s eyes narrowed slightly.

When it comes to flames, his Gourgeist is also very good at it.

“The first hand is me, Gourgeist use Darkness Domain!”

After the game started, Gourgeist used his own Christmas Eve move.

Suddenly, darkness fell on the scene, relying on Christmas Eve moves, Gourgeist directly communicated with Spirit Territory.

On the opposite side, Metagross was also given a Ghost Type by Sheer Force, the Christmas Eve move, and the whole body began to exude black air.

“Hey, Spirit Territory is here!”

After finishing all the arrangements, Iri chuckled lightly.

After Alliance released the resources for this Terri World Tournament, the Indian Ocean Alliance paid great attention to it.

Thanks to his status as a world player, he also received a lot of Alliance resources during this time.

And with the guidance of their Alliance’s famous god of destruction Ghost Grandmaster, his originally incomplete Darkness Domain system has been fully formed!

“Metagross, don’t panic, feel the Ghost Type energy in your body.”

Wen Xiaochuan looked at Metagross, who was uncomfortably eroded by Ghost Type energy, opened the mouth and said.

His Metagross is different from Entei. He does not at all master any Ghost Type energy moves, and he is very uncomfortable for a while.

“Come back, Gourgeist, you are next, Chandelure.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ai Rui, who was opposite, took out the Poké Ball to take back Gourgeist, and sent his next Pokemon.

The purple flame burned in the field, and the silhouette of Chandelure appeared, hovering in the air.

“huhuhu ~”

After feeling the spirit of the Spirit Territory around him, Chandelure became excited immediately.

The flame on its body was burning fiercely, the silhouette was completely integrated into the darkness, only the flame began to spread unscrupulously…


“Wen Xiaochuan… lost.”

Watching Wen Xiaochuan’s last Bisharp fall in front of Gourgeist, everyone on the Thousand City Alliance was silent.

On the opposite side, Ai Rui used Gourgeist first hand, relying on Darkness Domain to run through the audience, and finally finished with Gourgeist.

After a full 6V6 battle, Gourgeist won with a slight advantage, which made them feel sorry for Wen Xiaochuan.

Actually, Wen Xiaochuan could have won, but the previous battle between him and Sillu prevented his main force from fully recovering, which is indeed a pity.

“Sorry, I lost this game.”

Wen Xiaochuan looked very gloomy after returning.

Counting the previous battle, he has lost two games in a row.

“You have a good rest and leave it to us next.”

Jiang Zhelin patted Wen Xiaochuan’s shoulders comforted, and at the same time his face became solemn.

From the perspective of their formation, in the fixed selection of the first four games, this singles must be won.

Now that they lose one game first, their Thousand City Alliance must win the next two games, otherwise they will be very passive.

Especially in the next round of singles, how can they also be won, as long as the score is dragged to the team competition, they are still very sure.

“An Xin, I will definitely win the next game.”

“Even if you lose this round, I will give you the bottom line in all matches.”

“The final team game, we are also impossible to lose.”

Looking at Jiang Zhelin’s solemn look, Luo Chen said with a smile.

“Ok, I know.”

Jiang Zhelin took a deep breath and walked towards the stage.

Then after a fight, he walked down in relief.

“Next this battle, leave it to me.”

“These two Little Brat, but they have been waiting for a long time.”

Luo Chen and Jiang Zhelin, who had stepped down, lined up their hands and walked towards the battlefield with a smile.

At the same time, two Poké Balls appeared in his hands, shaking slightly.

“Well, this is the third battle.”

“We strive to score 4 points first.”

The Indian-Ocean Alliance on the opposite side is also rising in an imposing manner.

As long as 4 points are scored, it is safe for them who are good at teamfights!

It can be said that in the first four games, most of the teams are aiming for a 4-point guarantee.

As long as they score 4 points, they have a chance to rely on the final team game to decide the outcome.

“The third battle is Luo Chen!”

“Our Captain is in charge of the doubles match on our side. This battle is stable!”

After seeing Luo Chen’s appearance, the Indian Ocean Alliance was sighed in relief again.

Captain almost represents the strongest strength of a team and can always make people feel at ease.

“The third one is called Ailin?”

“According to the information above, this Ailin and Ai Rui should come from the same family.”

Luo Chen looked towards the other party, faintly feeling that Ai Lin and Ai Rui are still somewhat similar.

In addition, from the tactical style that Ai Rui suddenly transformed in the previous game, it can be seen that Ai Rui’s tactics seem to have gained some kind of inheritance.

Moreover, from the information in his hand, it can be known that the Pokemon that Ailin is best at is Ghost Type, which is different from Ai Rui, who is good at grass Attributes despite using Ghost Type Pokemon.

“Darkness Domain?”

Luo Chen groaned, and at the same time he looked at the two Poké Balls in his hand, shook the head disapprovingly.

Soon, Luo Chen and Ai Lin stepped onto the battlefield during the introduction of referee.

Because of the doubles, both sides must release Pokemon at the same time at the beginning of the match.

The two stood facing each other, holding two Poké Balls in their hands, and they were obviously ready to fight.

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