Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 916


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“Luo Chen……”

Looking at the person standing opposite, Ai Lin’s face was serious.

According to the news of his younger brother Ai Rui, this Luo Chen has an Entei in his hands.

The person in front of me is the out-and-out Divine Emissary, making him secretly wary.

But… after seeing the Thousand City Alliance, it was not Luo Chen who played first, so he guessed that Luo Chen would play in the doubles match.

In order to deal with that Entei, he has specially prepared these two Pokemon in his hands.

“The game…start!”

At the referee’s order, the two simultaneously threw the Poké Ball.

The Pokemon on Ailin’s side are Gourgeist and Chandelure.

From the two Pokemon who appeared on the field, everyone had guessed Ailin’s tactics.

And the Poké Ball on Luo Chen’s side also released rays of light, and the silhouettes of Entei and Victini appeared!

“Bini Bini.”

As soon as he appeared, Victini cried out in excitement.

Early when I heard that there was a doubles match, Victini was already eager to try.

It really wants to participate in doubles matches with its good partner Entei.

Now, the two of them finally stood together on the battlefield, and it was immediately dancing with excitement.

When they saw Entei, the audience was stunned. This is the legendary Pokemon. It seems that the imposing manner is really amazing.

Compared to Entei, Victini, who sits on Entei’s head, seemed a lot low-key, and the audience couldn’t even identify the identity of this Pokemon.

“It turned out to be Entei plus Victini.”

“These two Legendary Pokémon are here, it seems that the battle is stable!”

Looking at the two Pokemon in the field, Thousand City Alliance smiled.

The combination of these two Pokemons can really be said to be the strongest doubles combination in the Terri world.

“It really is Entei!”

Watching Entei come on stage, Ailin took a deep breath and commanded: “Dark form!”

As Ailin’s voice fell, the Gourgeist in the court tore the Spirit Territory crack open, allowing the Spirit Territory to come.

At the same time, Chandelure also moved, and the silhouette turned into a ball of flame, directly submerged in the pumpkin lantern on Gourgeist’s belly.


In an instant, a raging flame burst out, directly enclosing the silhouette of Gourgeist.

In this way, Gourgeist and Chandelure have completed a heterogeneous fusion, and a terrifying force has erupted!

“It’s actually fused, it’s really bells and whistles.”

“Entei, use burns out!”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen shook his head slightly.

Entei, who was already prepared, opened his mouth as a terrifying flame.

In an instant, the audience felt that their sights were completely filled with terrifying flames.

The white sacred flame seems to swallow everything in front of you, burning everything in the world!

“What a scary flame!”

“However, this is useless for Chandelure who has the Flash Fire Characteristic Trait!”

After seeing the flames that Entei spit out, Ailin’s eyes also shrank, and then he shook his head slightly.

In itself, the combination of Chandelure and Gourgeist was prepared to deal with Entei.

They tested it during their time in the Alliance. The power of Chandelure and Gourgeist merged, and the power of Assist Spirit Territory, even Champion-level flames can be blocked. If you want to block Entei’s attack, naturally with no difficulty !


The terrifying flame swept across the field, directly overwhelming Gourgeist.

However, when everyone felt that Gourgeist would be swallowed directly, the purple flame was still strong.

This kind of feeling is like a reef under the impact of the waves, which can stand up even if the waves continue to wash away.

Moreover, the reef faintly became harder under the beating of the waves, and the burning purple flame gradually grew stronger.

“Wait until Entei’s flame goes out, it’s time for Gourgeist to fight back!”

Aylin squeezed his fist, planning to launch an attack immediately when Entei’s flame attack ended.

But…While Ailin was waiting, Entei’s flame did not go out slowly…

one minute ……20% clock……

At this time, all the audience opened their mouths in surprise as they watched the continuous flames in the arena.

Isn’t this Entei tired after releasing fire attacks for so long?

Even Ailin’s face changed at this time.

Although Chandelure, who possesses the Flash Fire Characteristic Trait, can constantly absorb flames.

In this state, it can even absorb Champion-level flame attacks.

But Chandelure’s ability has an upper limit. Everyone knows the truth that dripping water can penetrate rocks.

“These two Little Brat, they played too much.”

Luo Chen saw Entei spitting flames and Victini dancing with joy in the field, and shook his head slightly.

However, forget it, it’s good for them to be happy. I haven’t seen Victini so happy for a long time.

The final result was that Victini and Entei had a good time, while Ailin on the opposite side collapsed.

What’s the situation? This Entei has a plug-in!

Facing Entei with unlimited energy, how do you play this game?

At this time, other players outside the field may become Luo Chen Rival players, and their faces are also serious at this time.

Through some details of this scene, they instead looked towards Victini on Entei’s head.

They can feel that in the course of the battle, this Little Brat, who seems to have done nothing, is the key to the entire battle.

That Victini seems to have mastered a power that Help Pokemon can quickly replenish physical strength and consumption.

From the perspective of Life Level, this Pokemon is probably also a legendary Pokemon, and holds special powers!

The doubles played by the two Legendary Pokémon…I think they are all sucked in a cold breath.

It’s no wonder that Luo Chen can participate in the world competition at the age of 21 years. Thousand City Alliance is really rich and imposing. He gave both Legendary Pokémon to one person directly!

“In the future, I cannot play doubles matches with this Luo Chen.”

In this brief moment, almost everyone has this idea in their hearts.

But how can Luo Chen be prevented from participating in doubles matches?

If Luo Chen wants to participate in a doubles match, no one can stop it.

There was no suspense at the end of the battle. Under the terrifying flames of Entei, the entire Ground seemed to be burned.

In the center of the field, Gourgeist and Chandelure fell on the charred Ground.

The two of them might not have thought that one day they would be burnt directly by the flames, right?

Anyway, these two Pokemon can be said to have been completely damaged, and it will be very difficult to play in the next all games or team games.

This can be said to be a great blow to Ailin. After all, these two Pokemon are the core of his tactics!

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