Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 917


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“Luo Chen, the future doubles matches are up to you.”

After Luo Chen stepped down, Guo Lun stepped forward to cracking a joke, and the combination of Entei and Victini was indeed fierce.

Even the Trump Card combination of Captain of the Indian Ocean Alliance does not have much resistance in the hands of Luo Chen. It can also be seen that Entei and Victini are powerful.

“Let’s watch again.”

Luo Chen pondered for a moment, opened the mouth and said.

He still has a lot of Pokemon in his hands that he hasn’t played. If there is an opportunity, he will naturally give the big guy a chance.

After all, for the world game this time, all his Pokemon have worked hard.

“4 points, we got the guaranteed score.”

Captain Jiang Zhelin smiled at this moment.

The next three games, as the strengths of the Indo-Ocean Alliance, were also won by the Indo-Ocean Alliance.

The last four games ended directly with a score of 4:4, leaving all suspense in the final team competition.

Since there are only 3 points in the whole game, and 4 points in the team game, the next fourth game has nothing to do with the victory.

“Leave me to the next battle.”

“There are still several of my Pokemon that have not been played, this is an opportunity.”

Luo Chen opened his mouth with a smile at this time, if he doesn’t take this opportunity to let the Pokemon show up.

Judging from the strength that Rival has shown in the past few games, it is very difficult.

“Luo Chen, are you going to play?”

Seeing this scene, everyone else hesitated.

If it is normal, this fifth game can be completely abandoned.

After all, they have to prepare for the next team competition. If this game affects the next performance, it will be bad.

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect the following games.”

Luo Chen said with a smile, and six Poké Balls appeared in his hand.

After that, he also walked directly to the battlefield, planning to fight with all players.

“It’s Luo Chen.”

After seeing Luo Chen on stage, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Although there are no fixed candidates for the whole battle and team battles, few people participate in these two games at the same time.

After all, whether it is a team battle starting from a whole battle, it is an extremely test of a Trainer’s commanding ability.

After a battle, a normal Trainer will consume a lot of mind, not to mention two battles together.

So, after seeing Luo Chen on stage, they all felt that this was not a wise choice.

“Don’t you plan to give up this one?”

“hmph, it was originally an irrelevant game, but now I have a goal.”

“If you can influence Luo Chen’s next team battle in this game, then you will make a profit.”

Looking at Luo Chen’s debut, the Indian-Ocean Alliance’s substitute player Anni also stepped onto the battlefield.

Seeing this, after introducing the trainers of both sides, the referee also directly announced the start of the game.

“Go, Poké Ball.”

Any on the opposite side threw the Poké Ball. The Pokemon who appeared were Venusaur, Vileplume, Victreebel, Roserade, Ariados and Dustox.

From the perspective of Attributes, the six Pokemons that appeared on the scene were all of the three Attributes of Poison, Grass, and Worm. Obviously, they existed to cooperate with certain tactics.

At the same time, the six Poké Balls in Luo Chen’s hand were also thrown out, and six Pokemon silhouettes appeared in the court, including Dumbled King, Shuckle, Mamoswine, Metagross, Dusknoir and Aegislash.

When all the Pokemon from both sides came out, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“The lineup opposite, seems to be a lineup with poison at the core.”

Luo Chen narrowed his eyes and looked towards the lineup composed of three Attributes of poison insect grass, speculated in his heart.

At the same time, many grass Attribute and Bug Type moves can also be combined with Poison Type moves.

For example, it is entirely possible to arrange a poisonous forest in the field through the moves of the grass Attribute.

Poison Type, it always feels very tricky to deal with. I have to be thankful that this is just a battle between Pokemon. If Trainer is going to end the battle, sometimes facing Toxic, I really don’t know how to die.

While Luo Chen guessed the core of the opposing lineup, the opposing team also began to look at Luo Chen’s lineup.

But after observing it for a while, he suddenly became a little confused.

The dumb king of Psychic Type and Water Type, Shuckle of Rock and Bug Type, Mamoswine of Ice Type and Ground Type, Metagross of Steel and Psychic Type, Dusknoir of Ghost Type, and Aegislash of Steel and Ghost Type…

What the hell is that these six Pokemon?

How do you think these six Pokemons don’t seem to fit together.

“Is it Sandstorm formation?”

“It’s just that Daidawang and Dusknoir are doing and so on again?”

The whole audience was also discussing at this time.

“What lineup is not lineup.”

“I feel that because this game is irrelevant, Luo Chen sent some Pokemon to show his face.”

“From the perspective of the breath of these Pokemon, none of them belong to that kind of particularly powerful. They may be some non-mainstream Pokemon.”

There were also some spectators in the field who thought they had seen something, shook the head.

“It seems that Luo Chen is really just to show his face in Pokemon.”

Even Luo Chen’s teammates had this idea in their minds at this time.

But it’s okay to deal with it this time, so that it doesn’t affect their subsequent team battles.

“It seems that this battle is won, but unfortunately it can’t have much impact on Luo Chen.”

Anni across from Luo Chen is also relaxed at this time, but it is a pity to breathe a sigh of relief.

Originally, relying on this poison-centric lineup, he was confident that even if he lost in the end, the opposite Pokemon would be eroded by Toxic, and the battle strength was greatly reduced.

Moreover, it is very difficult to crack the Poison Type lineup, and his Pokemon also has a grass Attribute, and the recovery ability is absolutely very strong.

When the time comes, relying on the combination of poison and grass, it can also consume Luo Chen’s energy to the maximum, which directly affects his subsequent performance in the team competition.

“Is it okay? Actually, there is some relationship.”

Luo Chen saw this also slightly shook the head, looking towards the six Pokemon in the field.

These Pokemon can be said to belong to the weaker functional Pokemon in Luo Chen’s lineup, and it is difficult to play under normal circumstances.

It can’t be said that in order for them to also be on the world stage, Luo Chen really thought of a lot of ways, and finally decided on this team battle formation.

At this time, looking at the surrounding stadium, these Pokemon realized that the stage they were on was the stage of the world game. They couldn’t help being very excited, and looked towards the six Pokemons opposite.

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