Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 918


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“Now… the game begins.”

Seeing that both parties are ready, referee also directly opened the mouth and said.

“Grassy Terrain, Crazy Plant, Poison Powder…”

After the battle started, Anni on the opposite side quickly took command.

The Roserade on the opposite field directly used Grassy Terrain, and the green grass Growth came out, full of vitality.

At the same time, Venusaur also used crazy plant moves, with countless thick roots rising from the ground.

Grassy Terrain is used in conjunction with crazy plants, and the tree realm is immediately present on the field!

Ariados and Poison Powder Butterfly, the two Poison Type Pokemon are also the venues where Toxic began to be arranged.

“hmph hum, I won this round.”

Hanni laughed as he watched his Pokemon quickly set up.

At this time, looking at the Pokemon lineup on the opposite side again, he found that the speed of these Pokemon was really not good.

Faced with these enemies, his Pokemon arrangement looked so calm.

When the time comes, when the opposite Pokemon attacked, his team battle lineup was already ready!

He really doesn’t know why these Pokemon are here!

Even if you want to mix up, send some decent Pokemon up!

“Trick Room!”

Looking at the intensive preparations on the other side, Luo Chen just spit out a few words.

After its voice fell, the blue light flashed in the eyes of Didawang, and then it enveloped the entire venue.


In an instant, all the Pokemon in the field were shrouded in the Trick Room.

In this Trick Room, all the Pokemon in the field feel vaguely that some rules have been changed.

“Shuckle, Shuckle.”

There is no need for Luo Chen’s excessive command. The Pokemon already knew what to do.

Like Luo Chen said before, there is still some relationship between the Pokemon he sent.

That’s speed!

Including Shuckle, who has the slowest speed.

Didawang, Mamoswine, Metagross, Dusknoir and Aegislash are all very slow Pokemon.

When Luo Chen was considering the lineup, he happened to discover this characteristic of his own Pokemon and directly let them form a space team.

In the next training, a few Pokemons can really show the power of the space team very well.

It’s like now, in the envelope of Trick Room, a few Pokemon showed a speed that stunned everyone.

Especially the leader Shuckle, before the start of the battle, it also plans to use Acupressure moves to strengthen all aspects of the body.

Finally, through the Power Trick move, Shuckle exchanged his own attack power with defensive power, and obtained extremely terrifying power.

The strongest speed combined with the strongest strength resulted in a terrifying matchless Shuckle, which swept the audience directly by relying on Gyro Ball moves!

“These Pokemons…what a terrifying speed!”

“so that’s how it is, the Trick Room, combined with these slow Pokemon, can actually exert such a powerful force!”

“On the other hand, Anny’s Pokemon lineup still has very good speed, but it is completely suppressed in the Trick Room!”

Looking at the almost one-sided situation in the field, the audience showed expressions of surprise, and then began to reminisce about Luo Chen’s Pokemon lineup, and soon discovered the magic of the space team.

“The most terrifying thing is not the space lineup, but the Shuckle.”

“With the combination of Power Trick and Trick Room, this Shuckle is almost invincible!”

After analyzing the space lineup, they quickly set their sights on Shuckle, who played the brightest in the field, sucked in a cold breath.

“Space teams… a brand new tactical system has appeared.”

A group of players and coaches had more ideas at this time, and they all began to analyze them in detail.

There seems to be a lot of tactics that can be developed around the trick of Trick Room.

It can be said that the teamfight value of Trick Room this move is not inferior to any weather and venue moves.

“Call, you did good.”

Looking at Shuckle and other Pokemons who were crushed by absolute speed, Luo Chen also laughed.

At this moment, looking towards the opposite side, Anni’s face has become gloomy for a few points.

All this happened really suddenly.

The team battle formation on his side has not been set up yet, Rival has already attacked and destroyed everything.

At this time, the thoughts in his mind at the beginning of the game could not help appearing in his mind, and his face turned white.

The speed he tried to mock at the beginning, now under the influence of Trick Room, has become the opponent’s greatest advantage, relying on absolute speed to directly sweep everything.

Before he had time to react, he froze the result of the game!

All this is because he himself was too careless. If he knew the opponent’s lineup so early, he would be impossible to lose so thoroughly!

“Luo Chen, good job.”

After Luo Chen stepped down, everyone in Thousand City Alliance gave thumbs up.

They can also naturally see that these Pokemons of Luo Chen are not strong, but the cooperation is really very good!

“It’s really good, they all work very hard.”

Luo Chen held six Poké Balls said with a smile in his hand, and the six Poké Balls also shook slightly in response.

“It’s really good. If we can, we can actually develop the team lineup of the space team.” Coach Xu Hao also opened the mouth and said at this time, and it feels the same for the space team formed by Luo Chen. Very satisfied.

After that, everyone chatted again, returning their attention to the team game that was about to start next.

This game is directly related to the qualifying places in the next world game. The losing team will be eliminated directly, which is unacceptable.

“Luo Chen, what’s your opinion?”

After some discussions, Coach Xu Hao looked towards Luo Chen again.

Through this battle, Luo Chen’s opinions have become their most important reference.

In addition, there are a few Pokemons that Luo Chen can use as the core.

“Let’s use the Sandstorm team.”

“It can be seen from the Attribute and tactics that the other side is better at.”

“Grass, Ghost and Poison, these three Attributes are the Attributes the other party is best at.”

“However, these three Attribute Pokemon have one common weakness, that is Steel type!”

“So we can send a Steel type lineup to deal with the opposing lineup.”

“However, the opponent is also very good at Fire Type. It would be too risky to rely solely on the Steel type Pokemon lineup.”

“Therefore, the final choice is to use Sandstorm team with Steel type lineup, so that you can play the strongest teamfighting ability.”

Luo Chen thought about it for a while, and said his thoughts. After listening, everyone was nodded and gave Luo Chen a thumbs up.

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