Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 919


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After fifteen minutes of intermission.

The final Life and Death Battle of Thousand City Alliance and Indian Ocean Alliance will soon be ushered in.

The 5V5 team battle is arguably the most test of the overall strength of an Alliance.

In a team battle, the influence of the strength of the individual will be weakened to a large extent, and the last thing depends on the overall strength.

There is also a certain lineup tactics, which can completely make five Pokemons unite to complete the skipping grades to challenge.

In the solemn atmosphere of the audience, a total of ten players from both Alliances took to the battlefield.

This is the last battle, and both sides will naturally come up with their strongest formation to fight.

After taking the stage, the eyes of both players are looking towards the opposite, trying to guess the opponent’s lineup from the opponent’s team.

There is no final release of Pokemon. If you can see from the opposing lineup, changing the formation on the spot is also allowed.

“It’s that Hani, he actually also played.”

Luo Chen’s gaze looked towards the opposite side, and suddenly he saw an unexpected person.

It can be seen from the whole game of the last game that Hani is not strong enough, and he is a little puzzled why the opponent will play.

“It seems that Hani hid a hand.”

“However, it can be seen from the opponent’s performance in this Terri World Tournament that he will definitely not be too strong.”

“Then there is only one explanation, that is, one Pokemon in the opponent’s lineup is far more powerful than the other Pokemon.”

Captain Jiang Zhelin also looked towards Hani in the opponent’s lineup at this time, and said his guess.

A Trainer’s energy is destined to be very limited. Compared to breed five Pokemon, it is obviously easier to specialize and one Pokemon.

With all the resources tilted, this Pokemon may not be able to keep pace with other Trainer Trump Cards, and may even surpass it.

“Ailin, Ari…”

Looking at the other players in the opposing lineup, Luo Chen stroked his chin, feeling that there was no problem with his formation.

At the same time, on the opposite side, everyone from the Indian Ocean Alliance also took a look at the formation of Thousand City Alliance, looking at Luo Chen’s body for a long time.

In the previous battle, whether it was Ailin or Ai Rui, they all lost terribly in the hands of Luo Chen.

And this time is their last chance to Retaliate, because the loser will be eliminated directly.

Because of the Life and Death Battle, the atmosphere on both sides seemed very solemn.

“Please decide which Pokemon you want to play.”

At the beginning of the battle, the referee also announced directly.

Seeing this, a Poké Ball appeared in the hands of both Trainers and threw it out under the referee’s order.

Along with the flash of white light, a silhouette of Pokemon slowly appeared.

The first thing that appeared was Gourgeist, and this also allowed everyone in the audience to guess the possible formation of the Indian Ocean Alliance.

Immediately there was a Trevenant. This Pokemon looked like an actionable Dryad. The Attribute is the same as the Gourgeist. It is a Ghost and Grass Attribute.

What appeared after Trevenant was a Decidueye.

Decidueye looks like an owl wearing a large cloak. Its body is covered with feathers. Its feathers are green, and its body is white, with a bow tie-like ribbon on the chest and top of the head. The feathers are different in color, and the head is darker, shaped like a hood, looking like a gentleman Normal.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Decidueye’s Attribute is also Grass Attribute and Ghost Type, which immediately made everyone’s eyes more serious. There must be something between these three Pokemons with the same Attribute contact.

What followed was a jellyfish-shaped Pokemon Fat Doduo, a Pokemon of water and Ghost Type, and the appearance of this Pokemon also shows that the opposing Pokemon lineup must be a lineup with Spirit Territory power as the core. .

However, the last Pokemon that appeared surprised everyone, and this Pokemon was released by the opposite Hani.

Breakout mushroom, this is a mushroom-shaped Poké Ball umbrella with large, light color and warts. At the same time, it is waving two Pokemon shaped like Poké Ball shields. The Attribute is Poison Type and Grass Attribute.

“The purpose of the first three Pokemons is easy to guess, but the second two Pokemons do and so on.”

Looking at the Pokemon lineup on the Yinyang Alliance, the audience was talking about it, trying to use their knowledge of Pokemon to analyze this lineup.

And this is also the favorite thing for those self-proclaimed genius spectators in the field, which can add a lot of fun to the game.

At this moment, the Pokemon lineup of Thousand City Alliance also appeared. The Pokemon who played were Tyranitar, Steelix, Metagross, Empoleon and Aggron.

An absolute core of Sandstorm weather plus four Steel type Pokemon, it is very obvious that it is a Sandstorm team!

However, when I saw that the Pokemon lineup on the Thousand City Alliance had up to four Steel type Pokemon, I still let everyone’s eyes shrank.

The opposite Pokemon lineup, whether it is Ghost Type, Grass Attribute, Poison Type, will feel very tricky when facing Steel type Pokemon!

Obviously, in the team game this time, the lineup of the Indo-Ocean Alliance was completely defeated by the lineup of Thousand City Alliance!

“Huh, it turned out to be the lineup of Steel type Pokemon.”

When I saw the opposing lineup, the face of the coach of Indoyo Alliance changed slightly.

Actually, when Luo Chen faced Ai Rui and Ai Lin, they all used Fire Type Pokemon as the Rival segment.

Moreover, most of the Indian Ocean Alliance are good at Attribute Pokemon, and the Fire Type Pokemon team has a great restraint effect.

In addition, in the data, the two lineups Luo Chen is best at are the two weather teams, the sunny team and the Sandstorm team.

In this case, Luo Chen sending a sunny team should be the best choice!

In order to cope with the sunny team that Thousand City Alliance might send, they even added the Fat Doduo Water Type Pokemon to the lineup.

But who would have thought that the Pokemon lineup sent by Thousand City Alliance would be the Sandstorm team, and in order to deal with the grass Attribute Pokemon in their lineup, all except Tyranitar sent Steel type Pokemon to match the Sandstorm weather!

“But even so, we are not without a chance.”

Aylin’s eyes narrowed, and his gaze looked towards his Trevenant. Their lineup was not as simple as imagined.

Amidst all the discussions, the Life and Death Battle between Thousand City Alliance and India-Ocean Alliance officially kicked off, igniting the atmosphere in an instant!

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