Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 920

At this time, they rushed to Grassy Terrain and trampled on Grassy Terrain directly.

And this also caused damage to Grassy Terrain to a certain extent, causing the quicksand to engulf Grassy Terrain a little bit.

Faced with this situation, the Concealed Ball Mushrooms on the opposite side also used their full strength and began to use Grassy Terrain continuously.

At the same time, Trevenant, Gourgeist, Fat Doduo and Decidueye also moved.

Under the power of Spirit Territory and Grassy Terrain, one after another long-range attack raged in the field, blocking the pace of the steel armies.

As the two sides collided, a fierce battle officially began.

“The really strong steel army, in conjunction with the Sandstorm weather, the grass army was suppressed.”

“The strength of that demon ball mushroom looks surprisingly strong. Under the influence of Grassy Terrain, what kind of injury did the grass-based army not at all suffer. On the other hand, the steel-based army seems to consume more than the grass-based army at this time. Bigger!”

“Look, the steel armies have acted. They seem to be planning to kill the scorpion mushroom first!”

As the voices of these audiences fell, Steelix suddenly drilled out of the ground and rushed directly to the dewball mushrooms!

At the same time, Aggron also broke free from Trevenant’s obstacles in front of him, and at the same time approached the squash.

The two Pokemon one after the other directly formed the double-teaming force, and they used their big moves to directly crash into the defeated ball mushroom that was still using Grassy Terrain in the field!

Faced with the attack of the two Pokemons, the reaction to the dew mushroom was also very fast, and immediately released all of their power, the grass attribute energy turned into green light and shone out.

For an instant, the Grassy Terrain at the foot of the exposed ball mushroom seemed to be alive, and countless grasses continued to grow out, like vines, directly entwining Steelix and Aggron, making two Pokemon His actions are slightly blocked.

But just when everyone thought that the dew mushroom had escaped, a flash of water suddenly flashed, and then Empoleon suddenly appeared, and the normal wings in his hand slashed, directly smashing those raging The grass of Growth was cut away.

After quickly breaking free from the shackles of the grass, Steelix slammed straight into the squash mushroom and used Double Edge.

At the same time, Empoleon and Aggron also stopped the attacks of Decidueye, Trevenant and Gourgeist who came to the rescue.


With a roar, Steelix slammed heavily into the squash mushroom.

Afterwards, a violent explosion suddenly sounded in the field, matching the Sandstorm weather, setting off a terrifying Sandstorm.

The terrifying Sandstorm obscures the sky, making the entire sky gray, and no one can see the situation clearly.

“Well done, the lobster mushroom was hit by the Double Edge on the front of Steelix. If you die, you must peel off!”

Looking at the situation in the field, Jiang Zhelin Captain also waved his fist with a little excitement.

As long as the defeated ball mushroom is defeated, the Grassy Terrain tactic can also be said to be completely cracked!

But when Jiang Zhelin Captain’s voice fell, an explosion suddenly appeared in the field, and the aftermath of the terrifying explosion directly lifted the dust cover.

After that, I saw the huge silhouette of Steelix suddenly flying out of the sand and heavily planted in the sand.

The aftermath of the battle was also raging in the arena instantly, and the storm directly blew away the dust!

At the same time, the battle in the field is also visible to everyone.

“Break mushrooms and Steelix have fallen.”

Looking at the two Pokemon lying far apart in the field, the audience are all startled, not knowing what happened.

“Is that Explosion just now?”

At this time, the audience couldn’t help but focus on the explosion behind.

This explosive formidable power can directly blow up Steelix, which is absolutely terrifying.

However, before the speculation of these spectators was finished, they saw Steelix in the distance standing staggeringly.

Although the body looks riddled with scars at this time, but not at all directly loses the combat capability.

On the other hand, I lost the combat capability at this time. After the referee was announced, the Poké Ball was taken back directly.

“Steelix is ​​getting up!”

“It seems that the attack was not an Explosion.”

Seeing the explosive formidable power not at all is as strong as imagined, the audience has other guesses.

If it is Explosion, Steelix will not be so comfortable under close-range attacks!

But if it wasn’t the Explosion move, what would it be?

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