Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 921


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“That should be Pollen Puff’s move?”

Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed, thinking of the powders that suddenly drifted away during the explosion.

If you don’t look carefully, it is very easy to confuse these powders with sand and dust, but Luo Chen has discovered some abnormalities.

The role of Pollen Puff is to produce explosive powder clusters, causing damage to the enemy, which is exactly in line with his guess.

However, the explosive formidable power of this Pollen Puff move seems a bit too strong. With Steelix’s defensive power, it has been seriously injured. It can be seen that this Pollen Puff move should have been specially developed by the defensive power. of.

While thinking, Luo Chen’s gaze also looked towards Hani on the opposite side, and suddenly he saw a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Now Hani’s Pokemon has lost the combat capability, but the other party is still laughing in this situation?

While Luo Chen was puzzled, Ai Lin and the others also issued an attack order suddenly.

Decidueye’s attack is the fastest. It used the Leaf Storm move to generate a glowing Leafage around him, and then set off the Twister wrapped in the leaves to attack the opposite Empoleon.

In the face of this formidable power horrible Leaf Storm attack, Empoleon did not make any response, no matter how his Trainer called, there was no response.


Next moment, Leaf Storm’s move sturdily hits Empoleon, rolls its silhouette into the sky, and countless leaves begin to cut Empoleon’s body.


After the Leaf Storm moves, Empoleon’s silhouette fell heavily from the air!

“What is going on?”

The audience was very confused when they saw Empoleon’s abnormal behavior.

How did this Empoleon suddenly seem to be stupid, and it directly accepted the opponent’s attack.

“Pollen Puff…fan.”

The corner of Luo Chen’s eyes twitched when he saw each other.

Suddenly, he realized that the Characteristic Trait that exposed the spore mushroom seemed to be the Spore Characteristic Trait, right?

The function of the Spore Characteristic Trait is that when it is attacked, it sometimes turns the Rival that comes into contact with itself into a poisoned, paralyzed or sleeping state, and this Characteristic Trait belongs to the powder class Characteristic Trait.

The reason why the Pollen Puff formidable power, which exposed the ball mushrooms before, is so strong, seems to use the spores on his body as a medium for explosion, making Pollen Puff a Special Move similar to the Self Destruct move.

Afterwards, through the explosion of Pollen Puff, the dew mushroom used the aftermath of the explosion to spread its spores into the air.

The reason why Empoleon didn’t respond to Leaf Storm’s attack was apparently falling asleep.

“Our situation is still not optimistic.”

Wen Xiaochuan looked at the situation in the field, his eyebrows were all clipped into the word Sichuan.

Now, although there are only three Pokemon left on both sides, the state of Aggron who is paralyzed is not very good.

If Tyranitar hadn’t arrived in time, Aggron might have been defeated by Trevenant now!

In contrast to the lineup of the Indian Ocean Alliance, due to the previous presence of Grassy Terrain, the state is maintained at this time.

Comparing the two, it is the Indian-Ocean Alliance that has a relatively large advantage.

“Damn it, careless.”

Looking at the situation on the court, Guo Lun clenched his fists fiercely.

From the scene, Thousand City Alliance is really at a very big disadvantage.

He didn’t expect that it was just a scleroderma, relying on the combination of Pollen Puff’s moves and the Spore Characteristic Trait, it would directly shred their Sandstorm formation!

Let’s go back and see now, this Hani’s Gloomy Mushroom can really be said to be the opponent’s biggest Trump Card, and it changed the situation with strength of oneself.

The only thing I can be grateful for now is that the two tactical cores of the opposing team’s lineup, Lukeball and Gourgeist, have lost their combat capability, making the opponent’s formation less perfect.

Although it is still a 3V3 battle, their Sandstorm team is fairly complete, so the Thousand City Alliance stabilizes the formation.

huhuhu ~

In the field, Sandstorm continued to scrape.

Without Grassy Terrain, Sandstorm seems even more unscrupulous.

After seeing this scene, everyone’s hearts relaxed a little. The scene is not so bad, there is hope.

“Gourgeist was replaced. It’s really a mistake.”

“However, the tactics to expose the ball mushrooms are really beautiful. Although the opponent has three Pokemons, how much battle strength does that Aggron have?”

“Inhaling a large number of spores at such a close distance, it may be difficult to move now.”

Compared with the solemn atmosphere of Thousand City Alliance, the Indian Ocean Alliance is much more relaxed.

For the world game this time, they have prepared a lot of tactics!

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